What do you think of my 'gonna-be-boyfriend'? rate 1-10?

What do you think of my 'gonna-be-boyfriend'? rate 1-10? Topic: What do you think of my 'gonna-be-boyfriend'? rate 1-10?
July 18, 2019 / By Kiersten
Question: PERSONALITITES ASIDE GUYS. I know a lot of you might be inclined to say how its all about personality at the end of a day, but I just want to know what this sounds like (ON THE SURFACE). Am I going to have a lot of competition? 5'10" 167 lbs athletic (played football in HS and tennis, inter-fraternal football, fencing in college, lifts weights) in pike fraternity (became president of the 3rd biggest and second oldest frat in collegeat age 19) graduated with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (4 years) accepted to architectural engineering masters at age 20 (graduated high school at age 16) worked for shell and chevron (oil companies) at age 20. community service for poor, help for haiti. Funny guy, kind and considerate. great artist (4 years of painting) and has his own automotive design website. gifted musician (3 instruments plus vocal and songwriting) was in two bands made 28 songs that you can buy on itunes. On fb has 2445 friends. speaks 5 languages. And even took certificate exams to prove his skills descended from an old noble family from southern europe. Very sensitive and caring. Had only 3 gfs (or more than a year) and cared abt them dearly.. this is for real. I checked all the facts and they hold. IS HE GONNA HAVE A HUGE EGO THOUGH?? PICTURE: http://s257.photobucket.com/home/sj281708/index on the third one he is the one with the black shirt in the bottom.
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Jamie Jamie | 3 days ago
he's in pike? hahaha! On my campus, they give the rest of us frats a bad rep. They are notorious for putting roofies in chicks dranks. They scare off so many girls cuz of that stuff. They are a disgrace to the fraternity way of life! Whatever, you don't need ppl to give u an ego boost by ratin ur bf.... Side note: That dude with the pop-collar in the pic, he is a douchebag.
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Jamie Originally Answered: Can you rate my 'soon-to-be-boyfriend'? 1-10?
I hope he finds this page someday. He sounds pretty into himself, especially since he's telling you all this. His friendcount is kind of disturbing. People at Facebook call people like him, "whales." Check out the source article.

Epiphany Epiphany
I can't see the picture, but from what you say it seems like you will have some competition. If you think you can snag him though, who cares about the competition? Go for it, and he doesn't seem like he'll have an ego. He may be uber-confident in some areas, but I don't think he'll be a cocky jerk in general. Seems like a good catch!
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