How hard is it to double major in college?

How hard is it to double major in college? Topic: How hard is it to double major in college?
July 18, 2019 / By Gertie
Question: I plan on going to college fall 2014 and I want to major in Athletic Training and Music Education which involves two things I absolutely LOVE (music and sports/athletes). I also want to play college softball. Would this be too much of a workload? By the way I enjoy being busy but I'm more worried about the workload.
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Delta Delta | 7 days ago
Those majors are quite irrelevant. I'd look at the coursework for each and take into consideration what gen ed courses you will have to take as well, then see if it can be done in four years. Music education is a heavy workload because that takes the entire education curriculum and adds it to the music program...so it's almost like a triple major. If I were you, I'd see if you can just get a major in music or something relevant, or maybe a music minor? The only reason to get music education would be if you were to teach, since you'll be in classes with others under the assumption that your goal is teaching-- education tends to be a serious commitment at many colleges. This all depends on your career goals. Easy, no. Common, no. Possible in four years, maybe. Practical, probably not-- that's what minors and electives are for in such fields. Consider your career goals. Declare the major that you can most see yourself using after graduation, then take courses in the other and consider adding later.
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Delta Originally Answered: Is it even possible, and if so how hard would it be to double major in Business and Acting?
Doing a business major is a good idea but if you wish to do both then you must check with the university if they will allow your to do both together. If they do then good for you, however you must keep in mind that both will have their respective coursework, assignments and exams. Even though it is not impossible it could be difficult. There is another option of pursuing one of the courses online, which could be helpful due the flexibility of study that online universities offer and which allow the student to study at their own pace. All the Best

Caitlyn Caitlyn
well i'm a music (performance) major so i can honestly say that im having trouble with the workload now with a minor in business. I guess it depends on the school you go to and how well you handle work and organize yourself (which i suck at). So go for it if you want to! Check the school to make sure that you are able to drop one without repercussions in case its too much though!
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Alva Alva
That will be harder (take more time) because the majors don't overlap much in terms of the required coursework.
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Vance Vance
Easy if you don't have to get a job and support yourself. If your parents are willing to support you and give you money for your needs, then do it!
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Vance Originally Answered: Is college tuition more expensive if you do a double major?
First of all, neither of those are majors. Those are sets of classes you'd take if you eventually wanted to apply to either medical or law school after college. It can be a lot of classes (premed is at least 12) but they're all introductory classes, and do not constitute a major. A major is in a specific subject, like biology or philosophy, and includes a lot of upper-level (more challenging) coursework. You'd pick a real major and then take pre-law or pre-med along with it. A double major does NOT necessarily mean you're taking extra classes. To graduate with a bachelors, you need to (1) pick a major and fulfill the requirements (usually around 10-12 courses), (2) take any required general education courses, and (3) meet a minimum number of credits by taking the rest in electives. Most students take about 32 courses total. So if instead of taking random electives, you took specific ones that made up another major, you can double major without spending any extra time in college or taking any extra courses. That's if you had two real majors in mind, but you don't even have one. But you can certainly do pre-law and pre-med along with any one major you choose.

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