What School Supplies do you recommened for next year?

What School Supplies do you recommened for next year? Topic: What School Supplies do you recommened for next year?
July 18, 2019 / By Ira
Question: I'm trying to get a 90% GPA in School. Please post school supplies that you think would be really helpful and useful for next year. Thanks
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Ewen Ewen | 8 days ago
Here is my list: 1) 5 3-ring binders with dividers and appropriate labels on them 2) looseleaf (to keep track of notes and tests) 2) If you have PE, then you can just have an ordinary folder. 3) a pencil box, with at least 3 pencils, a highlighter, a RED pen (for marking), a ruler, and an eraser 4) It would help if you have scissors and glue, but they are not necessary. 5) a homework folder (to keep all of your daily homework in, so that you don't have to carry around all of those huge binders) 6) an agenda (to mark all of your assignments and exams) 7) a cloth bag (in case if you have lots of textbooks) 8) 5 notebooks (maybe 1 for each class) Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Ewen Originally Answered: School Supplies for Sophmore Year?
notebooks pens pencils folders colored pencils calculator [scientific unless told otherwise] thats all my brother really needed they should tell u on orientation

Cowal Cowal
The other answers are good, but don't buy anything expensive until your teachers TELL you what they want. A calculator is all very well, but some teachers want a specific brand. Start out with notebooks, pencils and paper and the teachers will probably give you requirement lists within the first week.
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Ashley Ashley
I dont think of so simply by fact it is extremely awkward to place in writing/kind with kinda like the iphone. plus what if it gets stolen? your proper guess might to purely get a 5 difficulty computer from 5 megastar. it has folders inbuilt so as that could be the only factor you employ. And a north face bag (jester)
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Valorie Valorie
Step one (Make a list) Get red pens, blue pens && black pens (5 of each) Pencils (Get about two packs of 12) High Lighters (7 of them) Coloring crayons (All you need is the colored penciled one's for art (Each color) Erasers, the white one's are best (about 6 of them) Pencil Sharpener (1) Very handy Graphic paper for math (1 pack) Line paper (3 packs) White paper (1 pack) A Good back pack (Bigger the better) Gym Shoes (White at the bottom, black will make marks on the gym.. lol) Shorts and te-shirt (for gym, this is optional the school usually gets you to order some) Note book (You need about 4 for the year) five star binders (Expandable, make sure they got a pocket area to put things in, 3 of them) Normal binder (one for art, gym or info depends on your courses) Calculator (has all the symbols on it. One of them) Geography set (For math... one) Ruler (A big enough one) A lock for your locker (One) Dividers (Four packs for each binder) And thats about it. Step two: Go to the store and look for these item's, try getting cheaper things but you still get a lot of them. Make sure you like the stuff you get to. Cause you will be using it the whole year. Step three: Get some thing to add to your locker that will make it look better and nicer. These things are optional but can be really handy. 1. A mirror 2. Clean ex 3.A cell phone holder (I found one at walt mart, in the school supplies) 4.A container sorta thing to put extra pens && pencils. 5.Pictures of yourself or anything you want to put up. This will make your locker look much better then just with a bunch of binders and stuff. Step 4: Now, once your home put your binders together but some pens, high lighters, pencils && erasers. In the little compartment of your binder for your course. Also put some line paper, white paper, your dividers && note book. And your all set
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Valorie Originally Answered: What are school supplies I'll need for freshman year?
****SCHOOL SUPPLIES****** BASICS - No. 2 pencils - Mechanical pencils - Colored pencils - Pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings) - A large pink eraser - Ballpoint pens (Get a few red ink ones too, because some teachers have students do peer editing.) - Highlighters - Spiral-bound or composition notebooks - Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Some ask that students use the college-ruled variety.) - A ruler with English and metric measurements ORGANIZATIONAL HELPERS - Several three-ring binders (Some teachers require that a binder be used exclusively for their class.) - A three-hole punch (a regular one or one that fits in a three-ring binder) - A pencil case that fits in a binder - Binder dividers (The kinds with pockets are good for loose papers.) - Pocket folders - Folders that fit in binders - Agenda/Planner - A calendar for scheduling assignments - A sturdy, supportive backpack (Some schools do not permit rolling backpacks because of space considerations, so check with your school before considering this option.) - Two combination locks (If the school lockers do not have built-in locks, you might need one for the hallway and one for the gym.) - Flash Drive to save any important documents STUDY AIDS - Index cards, ruled and unruled (These are great for making flash cards.) - Highlighters - A calculator (Check with the math teacher first before investing in an expensive one. Graphing calculators, for example, are required in many high school math classes. Teachers advise parents not to buy a calculator with more functions than students will use.) *****WHAT TO BRING ON THE FIRST DAY**** Folder - for all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing Paper - Again for the small activity Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items. Binder - Just a 1" Backpack - To carry everything and sometimes teachers give out textbooks Money - For lunch of something --And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.)

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