What should i do? need help! ASAP!?

What should i do? need help! ASAP!? Topic: What should i do? need help! ASAP!?
July 18, 2019 / By Menahem
Question: yesterday when i went to my mom house i hear my cousin talking on the phone with her boyfriend (i think)she was tell him how she went to teen clinic and found out she was pregnant so only 13 years old what should i do? i cant tell her her mom because we don't get along, and we just get in a fight and bad things would come out about her (my aunt she sleeps around). or should i waite and see what happens she was crying on the phone and i think i hared he talking about suicide. what so i do? i think but I'm not sure that dad might be 19 years old and if he is i will turn him in. i don't want her to get an abortion just to m save him from jail. is it even legal for her to get one with out her parents knowing? i live in california. but then she two young she will be 14 in jan.30 then i ask my self why does he mom let he be with a 19 year old i should turn my aunt in!
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Jonah Jonah | 9 days ago
I would talk with your cousin and make sure you heard her right. Let her know that you are with her. Let her know that there are good homes she can go to and be taken care of until after her baby is born. Then she can decide if she wants to keep the baby or give it up for adoption to some couple that can't have children of their own and will love her baby as their very own. There are many of these houses for young pregnant girls the following is just one. Bethany House, A non-profit home for expectant young women Providing a loving home and services for single pregnant young women ... young girl is left on her own to face the critical issues concerning the baby as ... www.bethanyhousenet.org/whyneeded.html - Cached If she does not want to talk with you about it, then tell your mom since you don't get along with her mom. Some one needs to know about her talking suicide.
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Haig Haig
No, you probably shouldn't turn anyone in at the moment because you're probably just mad and want them to get what they deserve. You need to talk to your cousin ASAP and have a heart to heart and give her a chance to tell you what's going on. Just be nice and listen and don't judge her or her choices. Also let her know the risks of abortion, not to mention how horrible and inhuman it is. If that's what she wants to do, I think abortions cost around $1,000 if you're under 18 without a parent, but if your Aunt doesn't seem to care, then it should be about $300. Try to talk her out of getting an abortion before her Mom might talk her into it. She made a bad decision, so she should have to pay the consequences. Let her know her other options, such as adoption. If she refuses to listen to you at all and just blows you off, then it might be time to turn her boyfriend, or your Aunt, or both, in. I hope it gets better :)
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Easter Easter
You are in a tough position, but it sounds like your cousin is in real trouble. First of all whether or not she tries to get an abortion she won't be able to because she is too young to sign the paperwork, her mom would have to. Second of all you should turn this guy in for statutory rape. If he is 19 years old and not only have sex with a minor but has impregnated her as well his butt should be in jail. And trust me the law will handle your aunt for her neglect. It may sound harsh but your little cousin need help and she needs it now. Good Luck to you
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Cadence Cadence
Talk to your cousin,tell her you over heard he on the phone.ask her if you can help. Where are the fathers (yours and hers)Can you talk to them Or to your mother?I would not wait.Just letting her know you love her and will try to help her do the right thing. Even at the clinic there should be a councilor. someone 19 should not be with a 13 year old.But see if the adults handle it first.good luck
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Aleck Aleck
first of all your not sure about what you heard on the phone. if you think she is in trouble then talk to her let her know that your there then get more information to make the right choice.
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Tameka Tameka
i think that you do what you heart tell you to do if you really fell you cousin is in trouble then i would turn you aunt in
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Rexana Rexana
Do what u feel right and what fell good OR IF U DONT CARE because she shoulda "KEPT HER LEGS CLOSE" take it or LEAVE IT
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