This is for the girls- I'm gonna propose to my gf to marry me. But I have some problems so i need your advice.?

This is for the girls- I'm gonna propose to my gf to marry me. But I have some problems so i need your advice.? Topic: This is for the girls- I'm gonna propose to my gf to marry me. But I have some problems so i need your advice.?
July 18, 2019 / By Jan
Question: I want to ask her on Christmas when we're with her family. But there's one problem her cousin just filed for divorce from her husband like two days ago and she's very emotional right now so I don't think that would be best for EVERYONE. My other idea is at disneyland she loves that place close to christmas in front of the huge castle I think that would awesome. One last thing I want to present a ring at the proposal but I want her to go with me to pick out the one she'll love so I was thinking of buying one for cheap just for the presentation, or should I just get her one I think she'll love cause i want to get the engagement wedding set.... Thank you i need your help
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Best Answers: This is for the girls- I'm gonna propose to my gf to marry me. But I have some problems so i need your advice.?

Epona Epona | 6 days ago
Don't worry about what's going on with her family - the upset involving the cousin has nothing to do with you two. Christmas is still 2 months away, so the initial sting associated with the divorce will be gone by then. Don't let the cousin's divorce influence where/when you decide ton propose. If you decide to propose at Disneyland, I recommend getting one of the Disney photographers to take pictures. There are always a half dozen or so hanging around the castle. Quietly let them know what's about to happen and ask them to take as many pictures as possible. They'll use either your camera or their pro one that you can order prints and/or photo DVD online from Disney later. You could get some great pictures! Also, there is a cute wishing well next to the castle that could be a cute area too. As for the ring, I think you're very smart (and considerate!) to let her chose her own ring. No matter how many friends and family members you ask, no one really knows what she wants except her. You don't NEED a ring, but if you feel weird without one you can buy the stone, have it set in a cheap (~$100) setting, then have the stone reset in a setting of her choice. Alternatively, you could propose with a cocktail ring or cubic zirconium and tell her it's just a placeholder until you buy the real ring. If you have the money, it could be cute to get a ring she could later move to her right hand engraved with "Will you marry me?" or something. Congrats! Good luck! EDIT: I disagree about princess cut. I know several women who do not like princess cut. That's not 100% safe. Also, I don't think that proposing at Disneyland is necessarily public. It's crowded, but people are concerned with themselves. It's not like you're going to be on a jumbo-tron or you're making a scene in a quiet restaurant. I think you can give your proposal speech and propose without making a big scene. Plus, you already said she loved Disneyland and, as a Disneyland lover myself, I know that the lack of intimacy can be overlooked at the happiest place on earth.
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he definitely likes the hell out of you. if you don't ask him out, he'll definitely ask you. damn, that was an ESSAY. u like to write, eh??

Cis Cis
Disneyland is better. For the ring, buy the diamond first and get a quality one and put it in a solitaire setting (about 60-100 depending on where you go). when you propose, tell her that you want her to choose her setting but you hunted down a diamond for her. Even if you got a engagement ring that you chose, she'll love it. It's not about the shape, cost, or how many diamonds are on the ring, it's the fact that you love her enough to say forever.
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Bailee Bailee
Don't ask her on Christmas, nor with her family there. Keep it a separate occasion, and ask privately. If you are into the Disneyland thing, that would be great. And get the engagement ring ahead of time - if you get a set, just present the engagement ring, and keep the wedding band for the ceremony. It's special when the guy chooses the rings - that's what my husband did, and it was wonderful.
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Ada Ada
ahhhhh this is so precious!! I think that you should do the disney thing. That would really make her feel like a true princess!!! Just purpose with no ring and tell her that you want the two of you to pick the ring out together. You are very smart with going with a bridal set they are usually more reasonable and i love the symbolic value behind them. Just make sure to only give her the engagement ring not the guard. The guard goes on after you get married. So if you are going to sup rise her keep the guard at your house and don't even let her know it is a bridal set and then surprise her on the wedding day!!
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Tad Tad
For the proposal.. it really depends on the type of person your fiance is. I personally wouldn't like to be proposed to in front of my whole family- but she may love it. Given the circumstances with her cousin though, I'd avoid this one! Disneyland sounds like it would be really meaningful for her so I would go with that. Make sure to take a camera and you can get someone to take your photo after you've proposed in front of the castle! As for the ring, if you know her taste well or could ask her mother or sister or someone who knows her taste really well then it would be nice to buy one for her. If you're really not sure if she'll like it or not then I'd just get a cheap one and you can go engagement ring shopping together to pick another one out- lots of fun!
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If you two are both virgins (I can't be completely sure from what you wrote), then maybe, maybe not. You both might just be getting brave and suggestive simply because you have the protection of a computer screen. It's possible that one or both of you will be too shy when you meet up in person again and will freeze up. If you two aren't virgins, then yeah, probably.

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