Chances of me getting accepted to UCLA ?

Chances of me getting accepted to UCLA ? Topic: Chances of me getting accepted to UCLA ?
July 19, 2019 / By Kaolin
Question: i am currently a junior. these are all weighted my freshmen year gpa (3.2/3.4) my sophomore year gpa (3.33/3.67) (family and personal problems which led to 2 Cs in the 1st semester hence a 3.33) junior(1st semster: 4.4) sat math II :780 (should i retake it because i want to be a engineering major in college ) sat II us history : 670 (didn't take AP US HISTORY) planning to take sat II chem in may and sat II physics (and may be math ) in june going to take the SAT REASONING in october/november thanks for ur help guys i guess i am just very nervous !!!!!
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Havilah Havilah | 4 days ago
I'm a senior and I just got accepted a few days ago. Here's my profile for reference/comparison. Freshman GPA: (although it doesn't count for anything for the UCs) 3.92 sophomore: 4.00 junior: 4.14 senior (doesn't matter) : 4.50 CP weighted when application was sent: 4.08 sat reasoning: 2090 sat math II: 780 sat chem: 750 sat phys: 700 I had a few dozen hours of community service in two different organizations and spent a lot of time doing varsity tennis and marching band. I also studied abroad freshman year in the Caribbean and based one of my essays on that experience. I believe I was a little bit lucky to get in, but you can make your judgments. Try and maintain that 4.4; it will look very good and raise your CP weighted tons, good job. Try and aim for over a 2200 SAT by studying a lot, since your sophomore year looked a little bit low. Or maybe talk about the family problems in your essay. And don't be too nervous; all of the UCs are high-quality places to study.
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Havilah Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting accepted to UCI, UCSD, and UCLA?
Well, your chances for UCLA are pretty low. Your GPA is below the average and your SAT score is far below the average. However, if you wrote a Nobel Prize worthy essay, you might have a shot, but it's unlikely. Due to the budget cuts, UCSD will be decreasing its freshman enrollment. Your GPA is a little below the average and your SAT is far below the average. If it were a year earlier, you'd probably be right at the cut-off, however, because of the cuts, I wouldn't count on getting in. Especially if your major is in the sciences, which I'm assuming it is from your extensive course work in the sciences. Since you received the letter that guaranteed admission to UC Irvine, Riverside, and Davis, you will not be rejected from Irvine. You are actually a prime candidate for UCI. Good luck, and if you have any more questions, feel free to email me.

Eliasaph Eliasaph
First, disregard freshman year b/c colleges don't look at that. If your grades were subpar due to family issues, then you should address them either in your personal statement or additional info box next year when you apply. sat math II: 780 is very good and the 20 point difference to UCLA won't make much difference. However, if you aiming for even more prestigious colleges with higher ranked engineering majors, then maybe you want to retake it since so many people get perfect scores and colleges know that even a 780 means you got 6 or 7 questions wrong. (I got a 790) It's very impressive you got a 670 in sat us history considering you didn't take apush, however, definitely focus more on chem and physics (depending on what field of engineering) since those subjects pertain more to your major. Also, I would strongly recommend you take the sat II chem and physics in the same day so you can take the SAT I earlier. I'm a senior this year and was surprised at how heavily colleges weight the SAT I. (I got a 2260) If you are currently taking ap chem or physics, then take the sat IIs in may since it's around ap season and then you won't have as much to study for. Don't be intimidated by the thought of taking more than one subject test since they let you take 3, I devoted one day to the subject tests and took three and did fine. (math II: 790 latin: 740 us: 730) Really do study for the SAT I, it's very important in distinguishing equally qualified students. Also, you didn't mention extracurriculars. Do NOT expect your grades to get you into UCLA because of all the UCs, UCLA places the most emphasis on your activities and your life outside of the classroom.
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Chance Chance
if u continue to ace ur 2nd semester,and get 2000+ on SAT or like 30+ on ACT and do a whole crapload of extra activities,luckily for you,admission chances are supposed to go up starting next year. However,it may not because of the recent proposed budget cut for2008-2009.
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Alpin Alpin
calm down looks like any university would gladly accept you gpa and the sat scores looks really good! and no you don't have to retake the sat math II because it's just 20 points away from a perfect score. unless you want to get the perfect 800, than by all means go for it.
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Tessie Tessie
Just saying I second KKT. You should be fine. If not you can always go to a community college and transfer. Heaps of people who can get direct entry are doing it to save money. It may be a blessing in disguise. At least some people find it comforting. Thanks Bill
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Tessie Originally Answered: What are my chances of being accepted into Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD?
Your good to go with the UCs, but you should've tried again on SAT. But you'll make it. Maybe Stanford and Cal Tech. It really depends on these schools. Your SAT and SAT II might not stack up. Only one or two students in one big school gets to go to Stanford. Stanford: Percent applicants admitted: 9% Cal Tech: Percent applicants admitted: 17%

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