What were the Negative effects of the Cold War?

What were the Negative effects of the Cold War? Topic: What were the Negative effects of the Cold War?
July 19, 2019 / By Richarda
Question: I'm writing an essay on the effects of the Cold War for history and i I can only think of two negative effects -the increase in nuclear arsenal -created internal conflicts (in Korea, Vietnam, Germany) Help? Please and thank you :)
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Milly Milly | 6 days ago
The US and USSR were never actually going to fight each other since their awesome nuclear arsenals ensured mutual destruction but there was no hesitation for them to fight each other by proxy. Multitudes of third world countries were armed either by the USSR or USA. In many cases uprisings were funded and armed in a bid to topple the standing governments. The only real function these instances served was as a testing and proving ground for new weapons and with that the bragging rights and propaganda over whose weapons were better and whose style of government was superior. The after-effect was to create powerful despots in these third world areas who, once armed and powerful, often rejected their initial sponsor and became what is now affectionately referred to as "rogue" states. The best example of this is Saddam Hussein who was armed and funded by the US to attack Iran after the Ayatollah seized power there and went fanatically anti US. As a matter of fact the only WMD's that Saddam ever had were the ones that the US gave him to use against Iran. On the other side of course the best example is North Korea funded and armed initially by the USSR and then later by China. It is actually unlikely that North Korea is able to manufacture its own nuclear bombs or missiles but it is very likely that they are able to purchase any of several that are listed as "missing" after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The possible availability of these "nukes for trade" is of course is another negative effect and probably the most worrisome.
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Lilianne Lilianne
during the cold war ,the east and the west fought proxy wars to agitate one another.Both the korean ,Vietnam wars were to prevent the spread of communism(so they say).the soviet union helped the vietnamese,china helped the north Koreans.This put economic pressure on the United States and cost a greater lost of American lives.When the Soviets went into Afghanistan the United States helped the Afghans fight to remove Russians from Afghanistan and cost a larger lose of lives and money for the Russians.The cold war cost so much money that the soviet Union went broke because of the price of the arms race..It also caused nations with the same ideology to band together against nations who's ideology was opposite.It made the world more dangerous because it increased the likelihood that there would be another world war.Because if one nation was attacked by a nation of the opposite ideology that would mean the the whole group would come to its aid and start a domino effect.Each would come to the aid of its friend and before you know the whole world would be involved.Nato vs the Soviet Bloc.The more money spent on military build up the less money spent on education and health care.The military industrial complex got richer and richer.When the cold war ended the war industry saw less and less of the taxes payers money.That lasted until following the 911 attack in New York,now with the wars in Iraq and Afganistan they are seeing a greate increase in the tax payers money being spent on weapons of war.During this time America has replaced all of it oil burning aircraftcarriers with nuclear powered ones at a great cost to the tax payers.The cold war was a cash cow to the military industrial complex on both sides, the longer it lasted the more money they made.
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Justy Justy
For more than forty years, the Soviet-American conflict hung heavy over global affairs, shaping the world with massive military buildups, a never-ending nuclear arms race, intensive espionage, and fierce technological competition as each side tried to gain the upper hand in preparation for the thermonuclear "hot war" all humans feared would someday come. From Shmoop
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Gretel Gretel
It drove the Russian economy into fiscal ruin trying to keep up with western technology. We simply outspent them.
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Diamanda Diamanda
beneficial: the value of caviar and vodka is far less unfavourable: there is lots poverty in Russia that that breed threat for a fanatical chief to take cost of that united states of america.
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