Having a Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Party and I need ideas!?

Having a Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Party and I need ideas!? Topic: Having a Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Party and I need ideas!?
July 19, 2019 / By Erwin
Question: The party is going to be held by our local library and we need ideas for the party. It will be a party for teens. I need some ideas for food, games, ect.
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Connell Connell | 10 days ago
Well, first of all sort all the teens into a separate cataloger either twilight or harry potter then for the harry potter side put them into houses, and on the twilight side put them either into team edward or team jacob or just do a werewolf vampire thing, like which would you rather be. For food easily done for harry potter use this recipe Harry Potter - http://www.yumsugar.com/Top-10-Harry-Potter-Related-Recipes-383049 ( just click on each top 10 some where deleted) Twilight - http://www.squidoo.com/twilight-party-food ( just scroll down until you see page content. then walla ) party ideas Harry Potter - # Play a version of Quidditch, Harry's favorite game, by providing the kids with a ball, some broomsticks, and a large area to play in. Divide the group into two teams, set up two goals on either side of the yard, and have the kids try to brush the ball over their own goal line. # Have a Harry Potter Trivia Contest and ask questions based on the book - or a 'Who Said What?' game based on Harry Potter quotes. # Have a Flavor Bean Tasting Contest. Buy a variety of jellybeans and place them in small paper cups covered with foil so they aren't visible. Pass one cup around at a time and have each player taste a jellybean without looking at it. Players must try to identify the flavors. # Make Potter's Magic Potion by combining 2 cups white glue and 1 1/2 cups water together. Add a few drops of food coloring. In a separate container, dissolve 2 teaspoons borax in 2/3 cup warm water and mix well. Mix the borax and glue solutions together, and let the kids watch what happens to the mixture. Pass out handfuls and let the wizards work their magic. Wear smocks for this activity - it's messy, but fun! # Let the kids create their own Wizard Capes and Magician Caps. For capes, cut length of inexpensive silky lining fabric and let the kids decorate it with felt-tip pens, glue-on glitter, and decals in the shape of stars, moons, and lightning bolts. For caps, give them lengths of felt, cut into rectangles. Fold the felt into a cone shape, staple it closed, trim off a straight edge, and decorate with glue-on sequins, glitter, puffy paints, and decals. For twilight - Test your guests’ Twi-hard status with a challenging game of trivia. Create flashcards with questions that include all types of fun Twilight trivia. Break guests up into multiple teams, and have them use little service bells to ring in when they are ready to respond; similar to Jeopardy!. Here are some trivia ideas to get your started: - Read a passage of the book, and ask guests to correctly identify the color of Edward’s eyes in the passage. (Only do this in passages where Stephenie Meyer specifically writes what color his eyes are!) - Read a quote from the book and have guests guess which character said the quote, and who they said it to. - Read a quote from a flashcard and have guests answer which book the quote came from. - Purchase a gift to give to each member of the winning team; preferably something Twilight-related. Give the winners copies of Bella’s favorite book, Wuthering Heights, a classical CD that includes Clair de Lune, a Muse CD, or Stephenie Meyer’s latest book The Host. HOPE I HELPED!!!!!!!!!!
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Connell Originally Answered: Is Harry potter or twilight better?
It's a good question, but most people would agree that the Harry Potter series is much better written and more literate. The characters and overall plot are much better thought out and developed, and the different creatures and gadgets are more creative. The Twilight series is basically a group of romance novels with a special setting and their audience is more limited, in that girls really like them. However, any reading is good, so if people prefer Twilight to Harry Potter, that's fine.
Connell Originally Answered: Is Harry potter or twilight better?
OMG YES SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE ME!!! I'm so with you with what you say. But I also find Twilight's plot line is rather thin compared to HP's Harry Potter took many years to write Twilight was thrown together in a couple years

Arlie Arlie
Harry Potter kicks Twilight's butt! Who was Rob Pattinson first? Cedric Diggory! I'm rereading the series so I remember EVERYTHING for the first part of DH. I think it comes out November 19th not 17th. You all better be watching Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family! Happy Potter FOREVER!
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Twyla Twyla
you could have everyone who is coming pick a side. then you should divide the room and then have everyone on the opposite team check out the other side.
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Twyla Originally Answered: Harry Potter vs Twilight?
Unhealthy obsession-Voldemort's wish to live forever and Bella and Edward's whole relationship. Money-Harry, the Malfoys and presumably the Dursleys all have a good bit of it. The Cullens are absurdly wealthy. Werewolves-Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback and the Native American (incidentally, Meyer completely ignored the fact the Quilleute have real customs and legends that do not center on the Cold Ones)

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