Please read before you shout at me about this. my kitty is laying around not using the litter box?

Please read before you shout at me about this. my kitty is laying around not using the litter box? Topic: Please read before you shout at me about this. my kitty is laying around not using the litter box?
July 18, 2019 / By Bevin
Question: Yes I have taken her to the vet and she wants me to put her down I had taken her to another and they said the same thing. They all think it is a neurological problem but I think she is constipated Neither wanted to do enema's on her but I think that if they just gave her an enema she would feel better and start acting normal. Please someone out there has to have advice and not criticism. I have spent almost 500 dollars that I did not have on her and if I have to put her down it will have been for nothing I am trying to find answers. I have no more money to take her to another vet or get another bill. Please some one with some sense and experience answer me. Can I give her an enema myself can I give her a suppository and her her that way I have tried Pumpkin and no one wants to eat that. Please some I just want an answer not critical and hateful remarks. I do that fine on my own. I asked for experience maybe an answer of some kind of help not your bs telling me to let her go. I think the doctors are idiots. I think all doctors are idiots even ones for humans. So listen I asked for experience someone out there has had to have had some kind of experience. why do we just turn our animals over to the ones who only want cash. please people think she is only 10 months old. and she is so cute
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Ailene Ailene | 2 days ago
It's not constipated!!! Its very easy to feel fecal matter within the intestinal tract when doing an abdominal palpation on a cat. If the cat was constipated then they - and possibly even you if you knew where to feel - would be able to feel the hard fecal balls. So, why do you think she's constipated and why could the problem not be neurological? You haven't provided any medical information for us so why should we side with you as opposed to two different Veterinarians who see and treat cats day in and day out? I realize that the option of euthanasia is a difficult one to choose, but there has to be a valid reason as to why both Vets presented that option.
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Ailene Originally Answered: Outdoor kitty now an indoor kitty?
In a way -- and this is not a nasty response -- your cat is answering your question, and because cats are all different, he really is the best one to answer it. If he is frisky and has located his tail as a replacement for butterflies and leaves, is eating even better, he likes being indoors. You may want to go to the pet supply store -- or go online through some catalogues -- (www.drsfostersmith.com) and get him a window seat. They are fleece-covered little (1.5' x 8") platforms that hook over a ridge of the window sill and have a little foot that braces against the wall and holds the seat verticle. Cats sit on them and look out the window. Just leave the window open only a little so he can sniff the breeze, and then he can participate in the outdoors without actually being outside. Put the seat in a window that has some action outside -- human comings and goings or treetops with birds -- if possible, but any window will do. Here in NYC, my cat watched helicopters. Some of them are as much as $50; some as low as $10. Get him some toys. There are some wonderful catnip cigars -- the perfect thing for a male cat -- by El Gato Muy Loco. The quality of the catnip is out of this world. There is a wonderful toy (available at K-Mart for $12 or so) the Turbo-cat scratcher, in which the center is one of those corrugated scratchers into which you rub catnip (supplied) and the outer part is a ball in a circular track. Cats loll and drool on the scratcher, and then they discover the little ball in the track, and they start to bat it around and attack it. It can provide you interactive play with the cat, but he can also hunt the ball and bat it around the track without your help. Most pet supply stores have a toy called "The Cat Dancer". There are two models of it, the $4-5 one or the $6-7 one. You want the more expensive, because it mounts to the wall (not well, and you will have to find a way to reinforce it). This toy sounds like it's not worth the money -- an in terms of materials, it isn't. But in terms of cat joy, it is priceless. It is a little, rolled piece of rock hard paper on the end of a very turgid, bouncy wire. You attach one end of the wire to the wall, and that little, rolled piece of paper bounces and flies just like one of the insects he used to chase when he was outside. He will leap for it and bound around -- but only right there in the place you hang it -- and really get his exercise. And he will forget his tail. Finally, there are some wonderful feathers on sticks, very brightly colored, and sometimes with some mylar strips in the center. These make great interactive play with your cat, and if you flap them just right, you can make them sound and look just like a bird taking off, which will permit him to do some hunting right in your living room. I'm sure other people will have other suggestions, but I think these items will wean your happy little camper off his tail, and give him that outdoor experience, in a much safer, already very loving, environment. Good luck, my dear.

Tod Tod
Can you contact a rescue group in your area (try Petfinder to locate one), since what you want to do should only be done after you have been shown how by a person with expertise. Otherwise, you can do severe damage. I don't understand why your vets would say what they did. Perhaps a safer approach for you is to get some mineral oil down her throat. Cats have a short digestive system so it won't have a tremendous delay. Sure, people will say mineral oil will inhibit absorption of vitamins, etc., but consider the alternative at this point.
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Randy Randy
Without knowing how old your cat is it's hard to say for sure but if two Dr.'s told you the same thing then please listen to them - they are the experts. You wouldn't want your cat to continue suffering, even if it doesn't see like she is. When my cat got to the point that she needed to be put down it was because she wasn't eating much, if at all, and I started finding her sitting in the bathtub or sink. She would just lay around and do nothing and yet looking at her you wouldn't think she was ill. I was so sad to have to put her down, and I still miss her, but I am so glad she is no longer suffering. I would recommend you not do anything yourself to help her, you could make a mistake and hurt her even more. As they get older their liver and kidneys fail - just keep an eye on her and good luck!
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Marvin Marvin
if there really is something wrong with your cat, an enema may hurt it more. or cause it more stress than it is in. You will have to take her to a vet, another one, and demand an enema, but a vet can usually tell these things. I know it is a lot of money, but your cat may be suffering and it is not fair to make her go through this for nothing. dont try to keep it alive just because of money. You should be more concerned of putting her out of her suffering than about money. if you take it to another vet, dont tell them about the other vets, and if they say the same thing, please have her put down. i know it is hard, but she doesnt need any more unnecessary suffering.
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Jether Jether
Wow. That's sad. I don't think the cat should be put down. It probably is constipated. Try changing the cat food to something like "Naturals" Or "Healthy Life." those kibbles usually have allot of oils and veggies which works on my cat's like a laxative. Haha. If she isn't moving much at all though, it might actually be a neurological problem and the cat might be in pain. Maybe it should be put down. *shrugs*
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Jether Originally Answered: What can I use to get cat litter and cat pee and cat litter PASTE out of the carpet?
I see you have tried to do a lot on your own. I would get a professional carpet cleaner, their products are more intense and powerful. Just call some carpet cleaners and tell them your problem, get a price quote first. You should also get a feel whether or not they will be able to handle the dilemna. I'm sure they can help you or Try going to Lowes or Home Depot and asking the sales people if they have any suggestions on products that would clean your carpet, or how to solve your problem. They are very experienced people and should be able to give you some ideas. Good Luck!

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