Accepted into Harvard but can't afford it?

Accepted into Harvard but can't afford it? Topic: Accepted into Harvard but can't afford it?
July 19, 2019 / By Stevie
Question: I'm 17 and I was just accepted into harvard university but i can't afford it. what kind of job could I get that could help the situation?
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Quilla Quilla | 1 day ago
Congrats! It's called 'taking out loans'. For a Harvard degree, it's probably worth it. Don't bother with a job; Harvard classes are a full-time job, and then some (in the right subjects). You'll never make enough working full-time to pay even half your yearly tuition, and you'll just be taking time away from your coursework. You'd be at Harvard - take advantage of the fact! Get involved in research! Volunteer in a lab! Or just wait for another great school to offer you a full scholarship - because if you got into Harvard, a state school is likely to give you a full ride.
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Quilla Originally Answered: Could I be accepted to Harvard?
Doesn't matter if your uncle is an alum, really only parents, and grandparents (somewhat), matter. Also, what most people don't understand is that legacies usually must be at the top of their class, even if their parents donate a lot of money. While legacies have a higher percentage of getting admitted, it's because they are better prepared and qualified than the typical applicant, and 85% of the typical applicants are highly qualified, but only 6% are admitted. It's actually tougher to be admitted as a legacy, they really must be at the top of the applicants. 25% of Harvard applicants score over 2350 on the SAT. You really don't have much of a chance unless you are a top athlete, and you'd likely know by now if they were interested in you for a team. However, it's always worth applying, because one never knows until they get the envelope! But 3.5 GPA is low for a Harvard applicant, unless they are a star athlete, or have a great backstory, like homeless for years, but still got good grades, etc. Unless you studied a lot for the SAT, it's highly unlikely you will score more than about 1900 on the SAT if you're going by your PSAT score. To score 2300 you can only miss a few questions on the whole test! 176 PSAT is low for a Harvard applicant, most would at the very least be commended (around 200), or a finalist (200 - 223 depending on the state and year). AP classes taken in senior year, while they count, they kind of don't in a way, not as much as those taken earlier -- because they won't know your AP test score until the end of the year when you take the test and admissions are already done with. The AP test score is more important than the grade, as many teachers don't teach AP classes correctly (too easy), so students get A's, but 3 or less on the test. If one gets an A, they should get a 5, maybe a 4. That's what Harvard is looking at. 120 hours of community service is very good, but low for a Harvard / Ivy applicant. Most will have double that every year for 4 years, and that's for the kids who are not counting on community service as a way in. My dh participates in the admissions process for his Ivy alma mater and he sees resumes that are 5 Excel pages in 10 font of extracurriculars and community service. At my son's private school (high Ivy matriculation), it's common for kids to do 200+ each summer, plus more during the school year. But no one really gets in based on community service. There are so many great colleges out there, think outside the box! Good luck!

Melanie Melanie
a million. extremely some white adult males get federal and state components and pupil loans. Many scholarships are based fullyyt on academics. 2. Do you recommend to declare which you haven't any longer even finished intense college and you have poor credit? or your mom? 3. Arizona State and Michigan State deliver graduates directly to scientific colleges (own information); why can't Cal State? 4. Med colleges are no longer likely to care the place you get your first 2 years of introductory point courses. look into your community community college. they're lots greater fee-effective, the educational are smaller, and the instructors are regularly as stable as those on the colleges. many of the instructors in all probability teach at interior of reach universities to boot, and a few of them would be MAs pursuing their doctorates at interior of reach universities. 5. If no longer now, then after ending intense college, see in case you may get a activity in a well-being middle...doing something. Hospitals have been customary to assist workers with scientific examine... mentoring and such. Or get qualified as a paramedic, or in scientific billing or as a scientific expert's assistant, or something comparable which will pay greater effective than maximum jobs that scholars artwork their way via college with. That way you would be wanting a activity interior the scientific field till now you even commence on the college. and you may take your self off your mum and dad' earnings taxes, so their earning and credit won't influence your economic help eligibility. stable success
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Lea Lea
Don't work off campus. Fill out your FAFSA, and let the school know you want to work off your tuition costs. they'll give you a job, but you wont be accepted by your peers...if you cant afford it, why not get a free ride somewhere else?
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Jody Jody
if they wont give you enough financial aid, dont go....harvards pretty expensive,and youll be working years to pay off that debt.
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Jody Originally Answered: How difficult is it to be accepted to Harvard?
They only have so many spots and 25x as many overqualified applicants. If you have a 4.0 UW GPA and lots of EC's, and yet still get a rejection, it's nothing personal. They reject the vast majority of their applicants simply because there aren't enough spots for all of them. Don't think being a rich kid will entitle you to anything there, because a lot of their applicants have connections. edit: i think your grandparents would be proud of what you're doing with your money. i wasn't trying to insult you or anything, but obviously your ego took a hit there. wasnt intentional. was just trying to get my point across without simply placating you.

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