I jus wanna stop all of this?

I jus wanna stop all of this? Topic: I jus wanna stop all of this?
July 18, 2019 / By Eli
Question: i just wana stop eating 12,000 calories a day...i have ocd-and my obsession is 2 eat! and ive also been diagnosed with depression 2. im constantly feeling sick,stuffed,full, nauseated, and depressed. i cant an wont stop eating...its my life! im not allowed 2 leave the house an i cant exercise due 2 medical problems...i also look pregnant! i drink lots of water(along with chocolate milk and orange juice) but im constantly dehydrated...so all i do all day is eat an drink...i barely sleep and im now failing school...im 2 sick and tired. I WANNA EAT NORMAL AGAIN! and i wish i could exercise! WHAT CAN I DO TO KEEP BUSY AT HOME(and be active but not really exercise)? how can i stop binging and what are some filling low calorie foods? and what r healthy alternatives to ice cream, pasta, cereal, peanut butter/peanuts, dried fruit, and sugar? i want to feel better and not look pregnant and get my grades up and sleep again! I C A THERAPIST AND I MITE BE PUT ON PILLS(side effects r weight gain!) i am in therapy and im only 13...i have been through lots of family abuse and my weight has gone up and down...i laso have severe stomach problems and ive had them since i was little and now i look pregnant! i also have mild scoliosis and have backaches often...its hard to explain why im NOT allowed toexercise and i lost all of my friends...i cant take feeling soo sick soo much and i hate consuming oo much food...im a compulsive eater with ocd and depression!
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Cenric Cenric | 2 days ago
First, 12,000 calories is an amazing amount of food. Are you SURE you are eating this much? Second, if the OCD is what is driving your behavior, I wouldn't worry so much about the possible side effects of weight gain from the medicine. Why? Consider this: If you are eating all of these calories because of an underlying psychological condition that can be successfully treated with meds, then you will likely find yourself eating much less than now. Even if the medication slowed your metabolism slightly, you would likely LOSE weight just from not eating as much. From what you describe, I don't think traditional behavior modification alone is going to solve your problem. Work with the therapist and see if the medication can allow you to get back on the right track. Overtime, you may be able to ween off the meds. By that time, you'll have established more healthy patterns of eating. I really wish you the best of luck here. I'm sure you are going to make this happen. Matt
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Allyster Allyster
See a doctor. There are plans there. If you can't get help there then....try to eat better. Here are tips: Alternatives? Icecream-slowly eat 2 tablespoons of Reddi-whip. Only 15 calories and it's super sweet! Sugar-equal or splenda works Peanut butter-mix low cal low fat cream cheese with a small amount of low fat PB and only eat a little, add splenda if it tastes terrible Eat lots of fruits. Apples are good alternatives to sugar and candy. Eating the apple raw instead of dried is best, and cut it up into tiny bites so it lasts longer. At home, clean the house to burn calories! Filling snacks-Quaker mini rice cakes: cheddar or sour cream and onion flavored. Count out one serving and put the servings into little snack bags. ONLY EAT ONE SERVING AND EAT IT SLOWLY. DO NOT EVER EAT WHILE WATCHING TV, READING, OR ANY OTHER TIME WHEN YOU ARE DISTRACTED FROM WHAT GOES INTO YOUR MOUTH. Instead of chocolate milk and orange juice try diet cranberry juice or low cal apple juice. If you think they aren't sweet enough add 1 pkt of zero calorie sweetener. Oh and when you are in the house and do NOT want to eat any more, STAY AWAY FROM THE FOOD AT ALL COSTS. Do your homework in a room on the other side of the house, etc.
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Terry Terry
ok im gona try help you. these are some tips.. take the ones you like. 1. get a new therapist. clearly she is not helping or getting through to you. find someone you connect with and you will understand WHY you do what you do. this will make you stop and reassert control over your life. 2. find a hobby, even something in your house. try: reading, writing, painting, pottery, scrap-booking, dancing, yoga 3.when you get a craving, write it down. are you really hungry? or confusing it for the need to fill something else. try to figure out what that something else is 4. do something that feels pleasurable that isnt eating. phone a friend, take a hot bath, read a magazine 5. some foods that are low-cal and filling: -steamed veggies with spices (spicy things make you feel full!) -things with lots of fiber: whole grain bread and cereal, dark greens -lean proterin: turkey breast, chicken breast, tofu -egg whites: scrabled or fried with pam spray -pickles! they have 0 calories -fruit. for a treat try frozen fruit microwaved for like 10 seconds sprinkled with splenda -fat free sugar free puddings, jellos, yogurts, frozen yogurt, popsicles go on the internet to look up actual recipes but those are easy snacks persevere and you will get better. stay positive. good luck!
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Rosalina Rosalina
First you did not say how old you are? Why are you not allowed to leave the house to exercise. Can you not exercise at school. If you feel dehydrated drink water you do not need to drink juice and chocolate milk they are empty calories. You sound extremely depressed and need to be in therapy.
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Morgan Morgan
please ..please..please YOU ARE ONLY 13 YEARS OLD...you have to do something about you...i have to love your self ..before someone else could love you too! you life it's only one and you are going to distroy everything because the past ...which probably it's not even your fault... listen dear you have to stop now .TODAY not tomorrow to love yourself... eat salads... grilled chicken ...steamed veggie or grilled with only oilive oil ..not salt not sauces..you don't need any of that fat stuff. drink only flat water..and go walk or play something ..walk ..you can walk we don't have to be all champions on something....but you should be champions for your self...do this little thing for two months i KNOW YOU WILL LOOK PRETTY ALREADY ...START NOW ..I WISH YOU THE VERY BEST!
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