What are some good products I can research made out of Natural resources?

What are some good products I can research made out of Natural resources? Topic: What are some good products I can research made out of Natural resources?
July 18, 2019 / By Sheri
Question: I have a science project due tomorrow and i need some help finding a product that uses natural resources. (For example candles paper) I cant think of any please help. A list of products that are made out of natural resources that are easy to research. Please and thank you
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Peggy Peggy | 4 days ago
Paper sacks are made out of recycled paper. Then there is aluminum and plastics! C'mon you didn't even put on your 'thinking cap', did you!!? Here's one that might ruffle your teachers feathers, Products made from hemp, you know, marijuana! It makes great rope, clothing material AND it's pretty good to smoke on! Just kidding. About the smokin' part, the truth is it will be the next great resource for a LOT of things! Now get going, you only have about 17 hours left! Good luck and good grade! (I hope!) C-ya!
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Peggy Originally Answered: Global warming is happening, but is it primarily man made, man made trigger, or only natural?
The earth is billions of years old. It has been through untold numbers of cycles, including molten and eras where the earth has been covered in rain forest. Areas that are deserts now were once forests and vice versa. Humans have been around for only a minimal amount of this time, and to presume that we are having an effect on global warming is ignorant of the earths natural history. This issue is just political football for the media and Washington.
Peggy Originally Answered: Global warming is happening, but is it primarily man made, man made trigger, or only natural?
My first question to you is, is it truly a question or are you using Answers to state your opinion. I do think that nature causes a share as nature has proven heat and cooling periods, but the world is extremely sensitive. Our gases are tearing holes in the Ozone, and the CO2 gases are forming layers in the atmosphere. It is both natural and human made. To say man's "short existence" on the earth can not affect the earth is naive. There has never been a creature before man that has had such an impact on the planet. More animals have gone extinct, more lands destroyed because of man then any other living organism. Nuclear and Hydrogen powers have become cornerstones of civilization and it say radiation is not harmful and lasting is naive. No place remains as scarred 50 years after a natural occurrence similar to Japan with the acceptance of super volcanoes.

Maris Maris
POLITICS my friend and overpopulation. Corruption plays a function too. The primary component is Politics. Now we have a large population say a billion - a majority is beneath the poverty line. Govt spends crores towards uplift of this sector (however unluckily all goes to the pockets of policians and govt servants) we have now a strange structure - hindu regulation / muslim law and so forth and so forth. A muslim can have a number of wifes and each wife has atleast three children. We have a significant pouplation called 'scheduled castes and scheduled tribes' . These sector of pouplation is called underprivilaged and so they revel in reservations in all fields. Which means that despite the fact that character from this sector gets 36% in a quailifying examination he can take a MBBS (scientific) direction. But a individual belonging to a natural caste cannot get a seat even supposing he gets ninety% now we have a just right infrastructrue. Building of roads etc are given to substandard contractors. These roads dont final even for six months and fresh tenders are referred to as for again. We've got enough stocks of grains which will feed the nation twice over - but these rot in storage yards - because of inefficient public distribution procedure. Tonnes and tonnes of grains are hoarded via tremendous industry tycoons to jack up prices. Core guys devour 75% of the gains and give nothing to farmers leaving them as they have been. 30% of energy generated is misused or wasted. Govt servants and politicians woe croers to govt in terms of late expenditures and incometax The record goes on...................................
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Kristi Kristi
Wood, steel, cotton, and plastic. Pretty much covers everything except how you are going to research this and prepare a paper in 24 hours.
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Kristi Originally Answered: To preserve natural resources, which of the following should be recycled?
Coal, oil, food, and natural gas cannot be recycled in the conventional sense. I suppose carbon dioxide produced from burning coal and oil can be recycled and converted to methanol. Food waste and human and animal waste (the product of food) can be composted. Natural gas produces carbon dioxide when burnt and that could be converted to methanol and reused. In the conventional sense of recycling none of those choices is actually possible. In the unconventional sense, almost everything is recycled eventually by geologic cycles whether we make any effort or not. Nature has been recycling for about 14 billion years now. Oil spills do contribute to increased global temperatures in the strict sense because most of the oil evaporates and is broken down by photochemical reactions in the atmosphere to carbon dioxide and water vapor, both of which are greenhouse gases. There is technically no correct choice for that question. Oh, and oil spills will continue because they are naturally occurring events that have taken place for at least the last 400 million years or so, often catastrophically, but commonly on a daily continual basis. The third question has three examples that are not recycling: reusing plastic bags or furniture, which is actually repurposing or reusing, not recycling. Buying compact fluorescents is not any sort of recycling or repurposing. It is simply different technology that has its own serious environmental issues and can easily be argued to be much more hazardous than using an incandescent powered by solar, wind, hydropower, or natural gas fired power plants due to the mercury vapor that eventually escapes from the compact fluorescent bulb. Only in the case of coal generated electricity does the mercury become a net gain, and the distribution of the mercury emissions will be much more widely distributed and much more difficult to contain, so it represents a long-term hazard from my point of view. The whole promotion of compact fluorescents is simply a statistical lie based on the false assumption that electricity is produced only from coal and the myth that there are actually ways to prevent the mercury in them from entering the environment. I myself am stocking up on incandescents before they are banned in the US at the end of this year. I don't like mercury in my indoor environment no matter how diluted it becomes after the bulb breaks or leaks- and I've experienced both of these issues already. Hopefully the whole compact fluorescent industry will go the way of 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and whale-oil lanterns in a few years and be replaced by LED's.

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