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July 19, 2019 / By Gracie
Question: I have to write a narrative suitable for a seventh grader and I do not know what to write about. It must be fictional with no outrageous fantasy stuff...more towards realistice fiction, from any perspective, and develope plot componets. I can be very dramatic, and creative so I am looking for something in that field. I have many ideas but none seem good enough. So please help me out on some topics. Here are a few brainstorming titles to help you think of a prompt: Her Last Breath The Terrible Storm Just a Fly on the Wall Accused, But Innocent There are Two Sides to Every Coin The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence Our New Home on the Other Side of the Galaxy One Day of Invisibility Adventures in a Foreign Land Friends for Life Don’t Go Into the Attic Hay in a Needle Stack I HAVE TO READ THIS ALOUD TO THE CLASS!
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Devon Devon | 7 days ago
She walked into the room where her two best friends were leaning in close and whispering. They both looked up, startled, and then pretended to be doing nothing. Why were Anna's friends being so secretive? You make up the rest.
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Devon Originally Answered: 10 points vest answer: Is thetruth different for each person? i want some points on the topic.?
yep. For example, the germans and the allies in ww1. the germans believe (rightfully) that the hungarians started the war, but the allies belive that the germans started the war. Everyone has a different "the truth"because everyone is biased and tends to either leave stuff out or invent new stuff or excagerate other stuff. watch an argument between two kids, for example. One of them broke the other's glasses. kid one has his gklasses broke. he will say that the kid 2 ran into kid 1 and stomped on his ghlasses. kid 2 will say that he was walking and accidentally ran into kid 1 when he turned a curve, and say that kid 1 tried punching kid2 when he ducked and kid1 fell, falling on his glasses as well somehow. examine how there are two "the truths" . hopefully this helped :)

Candis Candis
The school bully has gone to far. The victims of the bully are plotting to teach the bully a lesson he/she won't forget. The plot becomes more and more dangerous and some of the victims want out. They are afraid to said anything because the ring leader won't like it and has become a bully as well. Now they are victims again.
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Ambrosia Ambrosia
Accused, But Innocent. Imagine the school bully who wants someone who's a "model student" (your protagonist) suspended, so she vandalizes the building and destroys school property, and gets rid of any evidence, all while no one is looking. Then she points to the model student as the one who does it. I'd avoid "Our New Home on the Other Side of the Galaxy." That sounds like the type of fantasy stuff your teacher will frown upon, as I see it.
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Walt Walt
One day of invisibility A girl, known as miss popular at school becomes invisible for one day. As she listens to everyone talk, she hears what other people think about her! She finds out she has a bad reputation.... so she desides to change for the best! Hope you like that idea !!!
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Rudyard Rudyard
I think you should go with adventures in a foreign land it sound good and everyone likes a good adventure. and you can make something up like your character got chased by monkeys or your character got stranded on an uninhabited island and has to survive and then one day is rescued.
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Morty Morty
I think the green grass one is much too long. Love the first one and the Invisibility one! I suggest...mysterious topics.
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Morty Originally Answered: High School Dating Advice? Ten points for best answer and I will answer yours. (:?
You usually don't have classes with upperclassmen at all unless your taking AP classes maybe or advanced math or science. They try not to mix them up. Also to be honest Senior boys really don't look at dating freshman girls unless they are super desperate. The best advice anyone ever gave me for high school is wait for your time. I didn't listen to it but I'm telling you its worth it to wait. I made some choice's in high school I wish I wouldn't have like dating an older guy. Don't worry about dating and make up and trying to look amazingly hot for boys. A guy who really honestly truly likes you with like you for your personality looks are just a bonus. Also don't try hard to be 'popular or well known'. Just be you. You will find friends who accept you and you will make friends for lifetime. Everyone around you may be dating and partying and drinking/smoking and other stuff but don't feel pressured to fit in. Honestly I never really cared to fit in. It's benefited me. I know this might sound cliché but just focus on your schoolwork. I mest up really bad my sophomore year the year I was dating and I fell behind on my credits. So now my senior year I was really overly stressed out trying to make them up. Forget the boys. I know its hard lol. I mean if someone asks you out and you really like them go for it but don't do anything you might regret. Honestly waiting is just the best advice I can give you.

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