Do you think i will get an A on this report?

Do you think i will get an A on this report? Topic: Do you think i will get an A on this report?
July 19, 2019 / By Ananiah
Question: STOP GLOBAL WARMING There's no need to preserve the environment and help stop global warming or at least slow it down. Why would we? We are not going to be here in 100 years any ways. Guess what its not 100 years it could be 50 maybe less. Its happening right now. The world is changing right before are eyes, animals are dying out never to be seen again. Does this mean nothing? Does this just mean they were to weak to survive, they weren't fit for life, since they've never heard of self-preservation. We took there chance away. There way of life relied mainly on the existence and help of ours. we are the cause of loss and grief. We are the cause of floods and heat as well as relocated precipitation. We are the cause of drought and famine and yet no one does a thing to control it. we sit and wait for the pot to boil over before we turn down the heat to return it back to normal. As an American we don't realize that we are the number one contributors to global warming. We are the ones who send up the most Co2 into the atmosphere every year. And knowing this we sit around and continue on with the same routines and change nothing. One major way to change this statistic would be the cars that we drive. In America alone there is over 600 millon cars in use not including buses, trucks, and other transportation devices such as trains. Then you have to include other causes of Co2 such as the smog sent out from factories. Some may say that they have been creating cars such as the Prius that runs on hydrogen rather than on fossil fuels. But not everyone is driving these cars and the relators are keeping the same old gasoline powered engine cars on the car lots. If they where truly trying to help this cause they would be using the parts for the cars they are selling and begin to build this new car model. They need to stop the production of gasoline powered cars and begin selling hydrogen powered cars. On top of this fossil fuels are limited and the price for gasoline has raise substantially. In a few years gasoline will no longer be affordable for the middle class or poor any longer. Gasoline powered engines will no longer be a problem when this happens. But why would you want to wait to run out and be stranded. On top of the increased Co2 and human population growth levels we are taking away are only source of filtration. OUR FORESTS TREES! Any tree in this case. We all know the process of photosynthesis and how oxygen is released after a complex transformation through the leaves of a tree. Co2 is taken in, then released again as Oxygen. And after every year half of our natural forests have been cut down for are use or because of forest fires and other accidental situation. Why are they aloud to cut down are forest with no substantial or evidential reason for doing so other than profit? It is Because more money is made cutting down the trees then working in the act against deforestation and helping to preserve them. Wikipedia says "Unless significant measures are taken on a world-wide basis to preserve them, by 2030 there will only be ten percent remaining with another ten percent in a degraded condition. 80 percent will have been lost and with them the irreversible loss of hundreds of thousands of species." There are many causes of deforestation they range from slow forest degradation to sudden and catastrophic clearcutting, slash-and-burn, urban development, acid rain, and wildfires. We can help! Why not try? The main thing that scares us all is weather; it is so unpredictable and uncontrollable. So why do we do nothing about the global warming that is going on today? We know of the effects it will cause if we continue letting it go on. Do you want to be baked by the sun, be swallowed by the sea, or freeze I know for sure that I don't. So why do we do nothing about this current situation? Once again, to much money. Frankly money should not be the important thing. More likely it should be the well being of the worlds inhabitance but sadly its not. We have seen many disasters and not only has the amount increased but the force of the storms have become greater. In america there has been several natural disasters and extreme flooding's in many of its regions. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina on the south coast in louisiana is the main one that hits us all. Although there was many more with equal and devastating effects. Such as the indian ocean tsunami and the pakistan earthquake. Last year in 2006 there was an estimate of 21,796 disaster related deaths. And the worst part about this death toll is that the thing that raised it most was the deaths cause by the extreme temperatures mostly in Europe. The most of last years deaths occurred in Indonesia where an earthquake killed 5,778. In the Philippines a landslide caused the death of 1,112 people. As you can see the most deaths have occurred in foreign countries Guha-Sapir says “European countries are by far not protected adequately against natural disasters.” This might mean that we are protected slightly but who knows when a disaster hits you could be the one of 50 people to die. It could be someone you love. You never know. Now do you see why protecting and preserving are environment is so very important. Global warming is an unnecessary experience and should not be are gift to are children. We should do our best and do in our time what is possible to help clean and bring the Earth back to the way that it was. Turn off the flame and bring the boil to a slow and steadying pass so that it does not over flow. Deforestation has gone on long enough and one day only 10% of are forests are going to be left. Then animals that once inhabited this world will no longer be. Why take this chance. Help reduce the chances of global warming getting to its peak. Don't let natural disasters control our everyday life live worry free. You don't have to give up driving or stop production of specific products but change the way things are done. Not only will the world be a better place but it will insure a longer and saver way of life.
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Topsy Topsy | 5 days ago
Not sure why I've done this as I seem to have done your homework for you. I've gone through your aticle, corrected the errors that I saw (there may be others I missed) and added some comments and suggestions. It's colour coded, red = errors, blue = corrections and magenta = comments. It's online here - http://profend.com/temporary/Sarah.htm To copy it, open the webpage, click and hold down CTRL then press A (select All) then press C (copy). Paste it into Word or whatever programme you used to write it. A suggestion, there's a lot of small errors which I think you would spot if you carefully read your work once you've written it - things like capital letters and confusing the words are and our.
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Ryanne Ryanne
Well you link natural disaster with global warming. Katrina? Very little evidence that GW had anything to do with that. Earthquakes? Absolutely not a shred. But your teacher won't know the difference. Bad capitalization and misspelling will get you about a C but your teach probably wont catch that either.
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Nena Nena
Barring the actual content of the paper, you have quite a few mechanical errors that will probably keep you from getting an A, and generally it's best to refer to sources rather than pull random "facts" out of the air with no basis for them. I don't know what grade you're in, but I'd say a B/B- for early high school.
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Luann Luann
Global warming is not cause by humans. The sun's frequency is increasing. Just ask why Mars and other planets in the solar system are heating up as well. Here on Earth it is only recovery from the Little Ice Age that ran from 1300 to 1850.
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You said Prof. That would indicate that you are in college, so hopefully yours is aa trick question. In journalism, they have what is called a slant. So, what professor? Biology? English? what subject? That makes a lot of difference in writing your report. In other words, is it an essay? If it is for biology, perhaps you are to indicate the possible connection between using DNA for genealogical purposes and biology. You said Family Tree DNA...So go to www.familytreedna.com and follow their tutorials to see what they are claiming. See what the advantages/disadvantages of using DNA for genealogical purposes. Family Tree DNA does the DNA testing for the National Geographics Genotype Program, so check their sites. It is also a member of the I.S.O.G.G., so go to www.isogg.org to obtain more info. Depending upon what you mean by "report" and how long it is to be, you should have sufficient info after going to those 3 sites. If you still need more info, look up the various terms, such as mtDNA, yDNA, mutations, etc.

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