What are the steps and supplies will i need to paint?

What are the steps and supplies will i need to paint? Topic: What are the steps and supplies will i need to paint?
July 18, 2019 / By Jessa
Question: Can anyone tell me what supplies and steps i would need to paint my bathroom and my living room? What would i do first ..............would i just start painting the walls, or do i do something before that? And what would i need? Please someone help!!! step by step instructions would be good
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Florinda Florinda | 5 days ago
primer (tinted for dark colors) paint paint pan painting sleeves painters low tack paint painting frame (its what you put the sleeve on) tarp (to cover area in case of paint splatters) brush (at least 2") 1) for bathrooms best paint is a semi gloss (because it is best for wiping down and wont mess up the paint if it gets hot and steamy) as for living rooms best paint is a flat or satin (it looks real nice and hides wall defects better) 2)you should place the tape where you dont want painted and use the paint primer to get the walls ready for the good paint by painting area you want painted.(try not to go all the way to the tape because you will use your brush for that later.) you dont have to get it perfect because you will do that with the good paint. 3)get "the good paint" and take your brush and do all the edges close to the tape, that way you dont have to worry about paint seeping to an area you dont want painted. 4)after doing the edges, place paint in pan, attach a paint sleeve to frame and dip it in the pan taking off excess(you do that so it wont run on your wall like down like on the side of a can) 5)when you apply the paint you will have to use even pressure and not go just up and down, it will create lines and blotches on your wall, so use up and down and zig zags. i usually do a letter "W" and fill in and do that repititiously till the area i want covered is done. (you might have to do 2 coats or more depending on color, hence the tinted primer for darker colors) 6)when you are done, remove all the tape.(you want to do it before it is completely dry so the paint wont peal off the wall.) 7) enjoy hope this helps
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Dalya Dalya
I use a damp sponge to wipe the walls down so no dust and thing get caught in me brush. then you need to use a primer you hardware store Will help you with that. Next you need put the color on , most people recommend a semi gloss paint gives is just a little shine. You will need a roller and a roller pan, a small paint brush to do the trim work and a plastic tarp so you don't spill in the floor. HAVE FUN!!
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Blossom Blossom
It depends on your walls. If its new construction you might want to prime your walls first. If you are doing a dark color get the primer tinted towards your wall color. You can prep the area first by using painter tape around areas you don't want painted.
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Aisling Aisling
strip the place properly , sand the walls, paper or paint the ceiling first do all your gloss skirtings, door surrounds etc, then do the walls and remember always look after your tools properly and clean your brushes
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