what would u do if parents wanted u to do something u didnt wanna do?

what would u do if parents wanted u to do something u didnt wanna do? Topic: what would u do if parents wanted u to do something u didnt wanna do?
July 18, 2019 / By Cassidy
Question: my mum wants me to be a doctor. she keeps ranting on me to study hard and everything. i take history literature and geography. my science is combined chemistry and biology. how the heck am i suppose to be a doctor without sciences and A Mathematics. i want to be a geologist, a lawyer a veterinarian or maybe even a climatologist. tis my mums dream to be a doctor and since my older brothers arent gonna be docs, shes pushing it on me. what would you do if your parents wanted you to do something you didnt want to do and that something had to do with the rest of your life?
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Allyn Allyn | 9 days ago
All too often families who have encountered significant prejudice over the generations will utilize their children as the means for upward mobility. I think your mother is really concerned about either her financial security, her prestige, or her lineage through you. I was raised Jewish so I know exactly what you are going through, except in my case it was my father's parents who were the most concerned. One day, my father had taken me to visit them, and they asked me straight out: "are you going to be a doctor?". I said "no, I want to be an astronaut". My dad's dad was very concerned that I didn't want to be a doctor, and my father told him: "this guy (me) has no limits". You should consider that you have no limits either. I mean, under the right circumstances, a climatologist can save thousands, possibly millions of lives tracking or predicting hurricanes. Geology can be a very profitable science, a lot of geologists are employed by the energy and gem industries. I think you are taking exactly the right subjects to lead a successful life. As long as your GPA is a 3.0 or better, your mother should have no cause for concern. But I suggest finishing high school with calculus if you can, even if you need to take summer sessions for the prerequisites, as higher math always comes in handy. Good Luck!
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just let him do what he needs to do. i am sure he still likes you, just now isnt a good time. maybe he is under alot of stress. but if talking to him hurts you, dont do it. give it time and he will come to his senses. if it was meant to be, something will hapen.

Teri Teri
I think you need some help with a counselor. You need to express your feelings to him or her first and then get some help in figuring out a way to approach your mother. This approach needs to be done carefully, as you don't want to alienate her ... you just want her to back off a bit on the doctor thing. (BTW: There is NOTHING wrong with her pushing on the grades part of it! That's the job of a parent!) A good counselor can help you formulate an approach and then can arrange a meeting with your mother. I would suggest doing it on "neutral" territory as people tend to get less upset and angry that way. As long as you are heading into a good profession, a doctor does not have to be the one you choose. You might wish to point out that the pay scale is not all that great any more considering malpractice insurance and lowering insurance reimbursement (at least in the U.S.). Good luck!
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Rosa Rosa
I would do what I want to do because in the end it's not my mom that will have to live with that choice.
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Monta Monta
simple,do what YOU want to do not what SHE wants YOU to do.. Its YOUR life NOT hers.. Tell her to leave you alone or shes going to push you away...
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