Truth about North Korea ?

Truth about North Korea ? Topic: Truth about North Korea ?
July 19, 2019 / By Hue
Question: Hello guys, so we saw USA and other countries go to iraq, afghanistan because it wasn't a democracy and now we see they are going to syria because of the chemical weapons used by assad the DICTATOR so again its not a democracy. But North Korea who has camps with around 200'000 people in them where they are treated like **** seems to be fine from any western countries. So I was wondering why didn't western countries went to north korea show them what a democracy is and I think I just found the answer to it : KIM JONG UN IS AN ILLUMINATI and because obama, david camerom, merkel, etc. are illuminatis they let their illuminati friend (kim jong un) quiet. So my question is : could someone working for the CIA could give us top secret files about it ? dont worry i won't tell the government, you can release theses documents without matter, thanks
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Enosh Enosh | 7 days ago
Forget the illuminati crap. Ask yourself this question. Would Obama be thinking about using force if Russia would have used poison gas on some of the countries that broke away from the mother country? I think not. We seem to only pick targets of opportunity. China, Russia, North Korea can commit all kind of atrocities and we don't even raise an eyebrow. Africa dictators rule with a bloody hand and we look the other way. Why worry about Syria? Can you say Israel?
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Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea?
Finally someone has got it in the head. The problem is not everyone is going to likely want to fight North Korea now cause they have what Saddam didnt when the Yanks decided to get him. Iraq was in a sense a critical mistake considering the inadequacy of the USA forces sent there and the circumstantial evidence which links Bush to the popularly contrived "invasion for oil" agenda of some loons in the White House as well as the blatant lack of sufficent WMD evidence (not counting the supposed chemical IED found some time ago). There isnt much really to profit from invading North Korea, and the fact that the wretch leading them is supported by the Chinese only makes the risks worse (remember that the Chinese do not think as Westerners or even other East Asians do, so they probably do not realize the threat that they are coddling and may even see him as an asset). However the World and the USA has a lot more to lose now if they let North Korea get away scot-free (or even worse with incentives like what some of the more naive are suggesting). Something must be done but what exactly and will it be enough remains to be answered (hopefully it will be soon before it is way too late).
Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea?
I totally agree i am not even sure why we went to war with Iraqu i know one thing it wasnt to liberate them from sadam.... i never bought that line.. if we wanted to liberate every country that had a evil dictator there wouldnt be enough soldiers in this country we would have to draft. of course we didnt go to iraqu or any war with good intentions we always have an alterier motive like my dad says there has never been a good reason to go to war, war only benifits the rich man and we are the pawns but lots of people still buy into that crap.i never did.... i took alot of harrasment about it especallly when 9-11 fist happend but now everyone is a little more open seeing that the facts are SLOWLY coming out...you notice Bush isnt all up in arms about n. korea #1 i think because they arent a 3rd world country that would be defeated in 1 day # 2 if he talked tough to ill xau kim or however you spell his name, would basically say fu and fire some more missles, which could only hit their nieghbors japan but still he not so tough with this guy is he?
Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea?
Yes, the whole North Korea deal is out of hand, especially with the news. They won't start a fight, they know their government will be wiped off the map. THe leader just wants to rattle his cage for attention. And he's getting it. Oil prices are controlled by speculators. The more we panic, the more that is profited by speculators. Systems stinks, I know. We, as a people, need to be more rational about these things. That's a starting point.
Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea?
No, Kim Jong Il is just mad that the US underestimates him, the worst thing he could do with a nuclear weapon is drop it on S Korea (that would suck for me) but they dont have guidance to get a nuke anywhere near the US they cant even fire missile out of thier country let alone a nuke. There is no threat from N Korea, thats why we arent at war with them., and technically if you want to think about it we are still at war from the Korean war because it ended in an Armistice.

Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea; research on essay?
i'll be brief ... 1. republic of north korea... as in totally a communist country controlled by one individual. 2. i dont think so if they did. they are too scared. 3. no, during the korean war, an armistice was signed. US took the south (it became democratic) and Soviet union took the north (it became communist). US fought back to control the entire country from communism but they kinda failed so they split it in half. 4. blame it on china & soviet union who fought back from the north and succeeded to a certain point. 5. check wikipedia. i believe during the 1950s
Enosh Originally Answered: North Korea; research on essay?
It grew to become into the down-edge of capitalism, who taken care of labors as their slave. additionally U.S. is in comprehensive help to Japan who're getting decrease back to its Imperial Japan invading the Asia. besides the incontrovertible fact that the edge of militia tension is smaller in S Korea. although, while S Korea is growing to be to be a member of tension with Japan and U.S. The weapons are plenty more advantageous than N Korea (proved in Iraq and Afghanistan wars). The joint tension might have plenty benefit. at cutting-edge, the placement is equivalent to the chilly conflict. James 5:a million-6 pass to now, ye wealthy adult adult males, weep, and howl to your miseries that shall come across you. 2 Your riches are corrupt, and your clothing are moth eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered, and the rust of them would be a witness against you, and shall consume your flesh, because it have been hearth. Ye have heaped up treasure for the final days. Behold, the hire of the individuals, that have reaped your fields (it is of you stored decrease back by ability of fraud) crieth, and the cries of them that have reaped, are entered into the ears of the Lord of hosts. Ye have lived in excitement on earth, and in wantonness. Ye have nourished your hearts, as in an afternoon of slaughter. Ye have condemned and function killed the merely, and he hath not resisted you.

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