What are some plant eating fish? PLEASE ANSWER!?

What are some plant eating fish? PLEASE ANSWER!? Topic: What are some plant eating fish? PLEASE ANSWER!?
July 18, 2019 / By Belle
Question: i have this biology project and i need plant eating fish. Im not suppose to feed them bcuz they feed off of the plants. We're doing some ecosystem project. i heard that guppies eat plants, but there are like a billion species of guppies. I dont know which one to get. and are there any other types of plant eating fish!
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Adria Adria | 6 days ago
There isn't a billion species of guppies... There are fancy guppies, and wild "feeder" guppies. What kind of project is this? High school? College? What will you be keeping them in? Guppies need a 10 gallon tank with a filter and a heater, end of story. I've heard of lots of "ecosystem projects" where the teacher required the students to keep them in 2 liter bottles. This is wrong, and the teacher hasn't done his own homework if it's what they are asking of you. Fish can not live in just anything, they need proper space to simulate their natural ecosystems. And LOTS of fish eat plants. BUT, they all need proper filtered (for tropical, heated) tanks. But most livebearers (guppies, platies, mollies) will eat plants. Goldfish are piggies and eat plants.. But a goldfish is the least likely candidate for this project. Fancy goldfish get 10-12 inches and one needs 20 gallons. Common, comet, and feeder goldfish.. Even though they start tiny, will get 14-18 inches and one needs a 75 gallon tank. I don't agree with this project unless your teacher wants them in proper homes that will actually be simulating an ecosystem... Not a tiny bottle with one fish, which is NOT a simulation of its ecosystem.
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There seems to be a fair amount of evidence that garlic or at least the addition to the fish food of a 3% portion (quite a bit) will inhibit the spread and of even presence of parasites and harmful bacteria within fish studied. They also had a lower mortality rate than control groups (fish treated the same way, but without a garlic content in their diet.) At least one commentator suggested that the garlic content must be relatively considerable and not a trace quantity of garlic or the chemical allicin in their food. On a forum elsewhere (the late and lamented guppylog) I was dismayed by the number of cases of Cammalanus that seemed to show up a from a few days to three months after purchasing new fish. Quarantine, without treating with for broad spectrum of parasites while the fish is in quarantine (which darn few places do) is useless against those nasty intestine-gnawing bloodsuckers. Because of the damage wrought by these worms, by the time they are discovered, it is almost too late to save the stricken fish, though treatment of the whole tank with the anthelmintic (anti-helminth or anti-worm) chemical Levamisole or the less expensive Flubendazole is worth it to save tank mates and fry. On guppylog, almost more discussions on "Camallanus/Worms/Red "strings" coming from anus" were saved than on any other topic Being able to feed all of one's fish with a garlic added food is a terrific way to head off the very contagious Camallanus. And it is cost-effective. I looked at the ingredients of the 4 or 5 flakes I rotate in the fish room. At the moment, only the veggie flakes don't have garlic, which by the way seems to also be a taste attractant. It is also to the manufacturer's advantage to include it because often the fish take the flakes enthusiastically. The only flake I can give our dog (inclined to follow me around and beg) is one of those veggie flakes. Onions and garlic are very bad for dogs too. They will show no harm and suddenly, even after years, because something accumulated, they will get very sick or even die painfully. (And look at all the prepared meals for people where meats have garlic in them.) As a few of you may have noticed, taking garlic supplements has become more popular with humans. That second study mentioned below concluded that "it can be suggested that adding 3% Allium sativum to fish diet can promote growth, reduce total bacteria, and improve fish health." Some of the same things claimed for humans, a more efficient immune system, more efficient digestion, a more efficient liver = the ability to remove more harmful things from the blood, can be claimed for the fish. Another great reason to use garlic is that commercial fish farmers (both for food fish and ornamental fish) have been adding antibiotics to their food. That scatter-shot approach hasn't been as effective in keeping the fish healthy as using the garlic extract. Also, and this is increasingly important, we aren't helping lots of pathogens to become resistant to antibiotics. That way if antibiotic help is needed, but rarely, "they" will not have to come up with new antibiotics at such a frenetic pace.

Terrell Terrell
theres not a billion species of guppy, just guppys and fancy guppys. plecs do a great job at eating plants, also do apple snails, most fish will nipple at the live plant but it also depends on what plant it is
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Pip Pip
Please opt not to do this! I have disagreed with this project for years! It is cruel to the animal and many develop disease or die of ammonia poisoning. The "bottle closed system" is not a closed system at all and does not give adequate care to the fish. The water inside the bottles will reek of ammonia and have an almost sulfurous odor only a short time after the fish is placed in the bottle or jar. Take it to the school board if you have to! No one would do this with a dog or cat, there's no reason to do it with fish.
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Mahali Mahali
i have 3 fancy guppies and i have a plant in their tank and they are nipping at it every once in a while. i think it kind of depends on the plant you get, some fish might not like the plants' "flavor! lol i feed my guppies Flake Food but since they have a plant in their tank i dont have to feed them very often. you could do a google search and put in something like this: "list of plant eating fish" or "popular plant eating fish" and i am sure something will come up. :) hope i helped -KDD
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Jehovah Jehovah
you could set up at tank with plants and algae eaters such as ottos, plecos. Put the tank in the sunlight and that will make lots o algae for them to eat. they dont actually eat plants but they can live off no added food that way. Also here is a list of tetras that are omnivores http://www.associatedcontent.com/article... Id think that they would more than just aquatic plants even if they are omnivores
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Just stressed out, he should be fine. Either sees his reflection or isn't used to his new tank yet. I've had many new additions do this for awhile. Another time, my black background moved and slightly came off the back of the tank, creating a mirror effect. Half of the cichlids started doing that. Frantic circles on the back of the tank until I fixed it. Pictus also need a decent sized tank, even when small. Minimum when young, but you're looking at a large tank as it grows.

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