Which discipline do you think.?

Which discipline do you think.? Topic: Which discipline do you think.?
July 18, 2019 / By Ashley
Question: Ok I am hoping to get a horse. I have done tons tons of research on all kinds of disciplines. I want to pursue western competitively. Here are 3 disciplines I am interested in. What do you think is best and why? 1. Western pleasure/horsemanship/riding. I think this looks really fun. I have ridden 2 western pleasure horses and thought it was fun. The downside is that my trainer isn't very into western pleasure, and although she could help me some, she won't be able to help with showing prep and stuff like that. And I have checked there are NO trainers that do western pleasure. Plus, I will only be able to show a little bit, because I can't afford it. Show clothes, plus show tack and schooling tack, and all the extra costs of showing (gas, food, trailer, etc) is a TON, plus a good horse is expensive. 2. Team penning. I have always though it looked fun. I like it and my instructor knows a lot about cutting, if not team petting its self. And my dad and sister would be perfect team mates. The problem is that my sister wouldn't be ready for that, my dad works in a different state right now, and we can't afford 3 horses. So I would probably have to try and find different partners. 3. Competitive trail riding. This is something I could probably do right now. I love trail riding and am uber competitive. The only downside is I don't know much about it, but with more research that would obviously be solved. So, which discipline do you think I should go for? At least for now. I'm still young, and could eventually get into something else some day if I want. There are no other trainers I can go to. One place is just a snotty dressage lady and the other place is insanely expensive and only does dressage and natural horsemanship. I just wanted to address some other suggestions people made. Jumping-I tried jumping, and its just not my thing. I like to go over a cross rail now and then, but I don't want to pursue it. Dressage-I actually love learning dressage movements, but I don't want to do it competitively for 2 reasons. First, I am not a good memorizer. I would get out there and forget everything. I even tried to memorize a dr test once adn perform it on foot, I got totally lost. And also, I experienced a lot of pain in my knees and ankles riding english. Dressage or jumping, Idk what it is, but western doesn't cause those problems. Endurance- eh, not really my thing. I don't know why, but competitive trail sounds more fun to my tastes. Barrels- My trainer is a barrel racer primarily and almost everyone at my barn does barrels. I am just not into it.
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Zerah Zerah | 2 days ago
I vote you try it all! It is a bit more of a challenge to find a horse that can do all kinds of sports, but it is possible. It doesn't have to be amazing at any one discipline to try it all, and then make your decision. Or if you get like a tennessee walker, they are soo versatile and can easily be trained to do all kinds of stuff. Less exersize, but no less than jogging on a quarter horse. So yeah, get an all rounder and try a bit of everything. Good luck!!!
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Never hit a dog or use a shock collar. Both are useless and cruel. I discipline my dogs by teaching them the behaviors I *do* want to see -- come, sit, go lie down, etc. Besides these calm behaviors, I also teach fun, silly behaviors and tricks. I make it worth their while, so that obeying me is something they do willingly. I teach them with positive reinforcement (clicker training), and gradually fade food rewards for real-life rewards, until the actions I consider "good behaviors" are habit. That way, I have lots of things I can ask for, *before* they do something I wouldn't want. Doing basic potty training, by tethering the dog to you so you never miss his pre-pee moves, taking him out much more often than he needs to go, rewarding his going outside, etc., will solve the house training problem. Teach your dog to come when called, and call him to you when he starts after your little brother. Keep him busy with activities you want.

Skyler Skyler
I think that if you chose either a western pleasure show horse (very rewarding btw) or a team penning horse, you could cross over into the competitive trail riding with a little practice. I doubt that you could cross a team penning horse over to western pleasure, but with a little training from your trainer, you could cross a western pleasure horse that hasn't shown too long over to a beginner team penner. I personally show western pleasure horses and have done so for many years, so I'm slightly partial to that. It is very fun and rewarded if you do it right. I think that team penning would be equally fun if you enjoy working fast with a team of people. I think to do it right, though, you will need a good team. The show horses are pretty expensive, but what you could do is buy a young well bred horse and train it yourself. You can always google/watch youtube videos or post another question on here if you have a problem with it. I wouldn't buy it too young/green though, since you don't have much experience.
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Ormond Ormond
Well your selections are all solid choices! When you're thinking about training a good horse, you have to start by making them a good trail horse. A good trail horse is calm and has a steady way of going. Once they have that, you can move onto having an obedient horse who listens, then you can get competitive. The great thing about all 3 choices is that you don't have to have a fancy horse to do any of them! Just a good natured one without any health problems. I would start with Competitive trail and team penning, I do some team penning with my filly and it's a blast, though we never win anything... Oh well! Any who, you can always get into pleasure later, pleasure classes aren't judged on confirmation or anything like that.. again, you don't need to buy an expensive horse to be successful and have fun. Trail horses can make nice pleasure horses as long as they are polite and responsive. The 3 disciplines you chose can be done together, or progressively. Also, as a side note, a cutting horse is way different than one that does team penning... Cutting horses are amazing and terribly good at what they do however, they are taught to fix on one cow at a time, and you don't have time to do that while penning. There is many trainers so maybe you could work with another one and remain friends with the current one? It's not about making friends, it's about getting what you want out of your horse and the overall experience... So that's what I think!
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Leighton Leighton
These are all personal preference and you have time to decide on one, then buy the horse more suited to both you and the discipline :-) I just wanted to chime in that there is a difference in competitive trail and endurance riding and offer up a website for each to help you learn about them and help with your choices! http://www.natrc.org/ http://www.aerc.org I personally much, much, much prefer endurance over competitive trail, but different strokes.... so check both sites out and see what you think! Also, if your instructor does well at cutting, consider doing that until you find a team penning partner, it will likely help your horse with working cattle! And you may meet someone locally who needs a penning partner as you go to events and practices. Good luck!
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Jadyn Jadyn
I think that you seem like you would do best in team penning. The thing is, your horse needs to know how to do team penning. They do all the movement. And since your instructor knows about team penning or cutting, then that would be very good for you. Its not hard to find other team penners, you could go to a local barn or even put an add on craigslist. I have found that Craigslist is very helpful. My second choice for you is competitive trail. I have actually never heard of it before, but with some research on the internet, it would be great. You might want to find some friends and instructors that know about just to learn more about it and to help you out. I personally like barrel racing. That's because I like the speed and turning around the barrels and competing. So if you like speed and competition, you might want to consider that. I you like to just have fun, go for team penning. If you like adventure, go for competitive trail. If you like to just relax and just go slow, do for western pleasure. Hope I helped and good luck:) Lexi
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Jadyn Originally Answered: How do you discipline your 2 yr old? PLEASE HELP !?
I learned a very valuable lesson the other day. As I was sitting in the doctors office with a one year old throwing a tantrum and a two year old refusing to let the doctor touch her and not listening to anything I said. I walked to my car, got the kids buckled in their car seats and just sat there and cried. Getting a toddler to listen is much harder than I ever imagined it would be! My kids fell asleep shortly after and I just sat there in the doctors parking lot thinking about what I could possibly do to make things easier. Spanking wasn't helping, shouting no wasn't helping, even time out had run it's course. Then it hit me, something I heard numerous times that had never really struck me until that moment, positive reinforcement. It's not about finding the right punishment for poor choices our toddlers make. It's about teaching our children to listen and encouraging them when they do. As I sat in the car, tears clouding my eyes I wrote down a list of all the things I could do to make life easier with my toddlers. And I decided the best method for positive reinforcement was a reward system. I went to the store and let my two year old pick out a package of stickers and construction paper. Then when we got home I made a good listening sticker chart and let her color it. Then I researched ways to help my children to learn the important skill of obedience and I came across some very helpful tips. -When telling your child to do something get to their level, if you tower above them your message won't be heard. Don't scream no from a different room, but go to them, kneel down and tell them no while looking at their eyes. -Keep your message simple and with few words. -Listen to your child when she talks to you, after all if we don't listen how can we expect our children to listen. -Don't phrase your commands as a question. Instead of saying "Can you pick up your doll?" Say "pick up your doll". -When telling your daughter to do a task make sure it's not overwhelming. If you tell her to pick up all the toys on the floor she will think, boy that's a lot. No way! Instead make it a game, "pick up all the purses" then when she does say "good job, now pick up all the yellow blocks". -Always remember to make a big deal when your child listens and praise them! If they don't listen, follow through with your threats immediately. For instance, pick up your spoon or you will have a time out. Your daughter says no so immediately put her in time out for two minutes. After researching and finding out the helpful tips above I put the advice into practice. All day yesterday I used the method and it worked amazingly! When my children listened I praised them and let them pick out a sticker for their sticker chart and a sticker to wear on their shirt. When they didn't listen they went to time out. When my husband got home, my older daughter was so proud of all the stickers she earned that she took her chart off the fridge and proudly ran to daddy and said "look daddy, stickers!" I know I've only been trying this for a day, but I was amazed by the difference it made. I went to bed feeling accomplished instead of defeated. Try it!

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