why invest your life in one religion when you havent studied all of them?

why invest your life in one religion when you havent studied all of them? Topic: why invest your life in one religion when you havent studied all of them?
July 19, 2019 / By Kristin
Question: Lots of people with their religions, simply practicing that religion because their parents did. But why invest your life in that religion when you havent studied all of them to come across the best decision for you? My guess is because its too much reading, and would take years to study the major religions. Besides, its much easier to disprove the existance of god wtfz, and be atheist. In my case I am agnostic because we really cant 'disprove' the existance of god
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Jeanette Jeanette | 9 days ago
I found so much more wisdom in learning about different religions after years of sticking to one. And you know what? I found that the meaning behind the words of all scriptures is basically the same. Yes, theologians will argue about major details that differ between religions and what not. But it's besides the point...of God!! I don't think God meant to separate people in allowing them to cultivate different ways (religions) to be at one with him. Now everyone wants to say that theirs is best... The worst part is, just like you said, most of them have never opened up to really know what other religions are about... So if you're one of these people, put the little different details aside and be assured that in ALL religions, GOD IS LOVE. If only we could make one religion out of all religions....called LOVE....
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Jeanette Originally Answered: Serious question for people who have studied religion formally?
MLA does have a standard for using a personal interview as a source in your Works Cited section: God. Personal interview. 17 Nov. 2011. It'll make you look like a lunatic, but hey - that'll be your problem...

Fanny Fanny
People do this not just because their parents passed it on. Some cases are like taking a pill of acceptance first. Religions like islam ask to trust first and then get into religion. However the choice should be ours as we are going to believe it all our life, so better have a right right thing to believe or stay agnostic with your own principles of god.
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Coral Coral
In many religions and martial arts you are not to think so much and flow like a stream. Studying and knowledge is so futile, want the answer to your question, it is not in a book, it is not in a school. you hear that voice in your head, telling you to do good, do you. I know you do, you study and you search but just can not find, you are tiring your self, thinkers are not effective fighters. that voice is Jesus, think it is this religion or that, well go to them, GO, you will come right back to the same empty place you are in. Heard words, heard threats, but nows here's some confidence for you, go to Jesus and he will prove he exist, I know, don't think, don't stop, just flow into his arms like a river to the mouth of an ocean.
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Beryl Beryl
There are only two religions. I know, I know, people don't believe that. But, it's true. There is true Christianity, which acknowledges that man can't do diddly squat to please God, earn His favor, meet His holy standards and so forth, and they accept the work Christ did in their place. THEN there are all the other religions that believe that man is capable of one way or another getting to God. One religion is God reaching to man through Christ because we're all lost in sin. The other religion is man trying to prove his worth to God. That's IT
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Africah Africah
i cannot say that i studied all religions before i chose one. but i did spend 5 years studying religions after i decided that there was a higher power. i have studied christianity, catholic, mormon, Celtic paganism Wicca Paganism. high magic satanism' demonology astrau egyptology Native American Spirituality. Voodoo Vodun santeria and chaos magick (did not study much) and i decided on Celtic Paganism because it made me feel good about myself and other people. and it just felt right to me.
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Thutmose Thutmose
i do studies in differnt religions.Read what the their morals/rules are and some the stuff is common sense(to check if its wrong) and i check if it all falls in to the right time periods. Try it,its not alot of work,i'm only 13 and not some old historian.
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Quinton Quinton
That's why I don't hold with organized religion. I have a belief system, but it does not include following an organized religion.
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Mannix Mannix
cuz we have already been called to His truth...i know a little about the others just for into but the truth IS IN THE TRINITY
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Mannix Originally Answered: Are there any Christians out there who have studied the theory of evolution and still think religion is legit?
I'm personally an atheist, and a Paleoecologist. My research focuses on the evolution of prey species in response to their predators, and I will cheerfully acknowledge that I am what many of my relatives would call a "godless heathen". However, I do know, within my field, several very brilliant scientists who are religious. In particular, there are a few people who do very good work on the paleontological record (and evolution therein), that also maintain a strong element of religious faith. I think the key to doing this falls under S.J. Gould's concept of "non-overlapping magisteria"--the idea that science and religion are two very different ways of seeing and knowing things. The people I know are not young-earth creationists, and they of course do not deny evolution (not even the Pope denies evolution--the Catholic Church has officially accepted it, with the caveat that God created the soul). They are very good geologists. They just keep their belief separate from their science, and accept that the Bible was never intended to be a literal translation (and at least in one case, that God is likely not omniscient and omnipotent). Personally, I'm not sure how they do it, but I'm glad they do. One of the best scientists in my field, after all, also teaches Sunday school. I think they're actually a really valuable part of the discourse, too--while I do not feel a need to "believe" in anything (I prefer knowing), many people gain a lot from their religious beliefs, from an emotional perspective. I'm making it a goal to get a better idea of how people manage to be great scientists and people of faith, because goodness knows we need more good scientists! And we can't convert them all to atheism.

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