Homework Help 10 points best answer!?

Homework Help 10 points best answer!? Topic: Homework Help 10 points best answer!?
July 18, 2019 / By Sybald
Question: please help me with this math prob. the most detailied and exact answer gets 10 points and added to my contacts. Two pipes are used to fill an initially empty watertank. pipe A can fill the tank in ten mins and pipe B can fill it in six minutes. pipe a us used alone for one minute then both pipes are used in tandem for two minutes. pipe b will finish fulling the tank by itself. how many minutes will it take to fill the tank? thanks! have a good night and happy early christmas!
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Patsy Patsy | 6 days ago
x= volume of watertank y= min needed to fill up the rest of the tank Pipe A= x/10min Pipe B= x/6min x/10min*1min + (x/10min + x/6min)*2min + x/6min*y min = x; 6x/60 + (6x/60 + 10x/60)*2 + 10xy/60 = x; (try to make every denominator as 60) 6x/60 + 32x/60 + 10xy/60 = x; (combine the known numbers) 38x/60 + 10xy/60 = 60x/60; (combine the known numbers, again) 22x/60 = 10xy/60; (subtract 60x/60 by 38x/60) 22/60 = 10y/60; (x was divided on both sides) 22 = 10y; (multiply both sides by 60) 2.2 = y; (divide both sides by 10) So you have 1min for using Pipe A, 2min for using both Pipe A&B, and 2.2min for using Pipe B. Total: 1 + 2 + 2.2 = 5.2min
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Lorn Lorn
At the time pipe b is left to fill the rest on its own, pipe a and pipe a and b together have filled up 3/10th's and 1/3 of the tank. Find a common denominator, such as 30, multiply the numerators then add the fractions. subtract the sum of the fractions for the remaining fraction. divide into 6th's, each 6th represents one minute left before the tank is filled. so...9/30 + 10/30 = 19/30 11/30 remaining. Let each '1' value of the numerator equal 10 seconds. so you know you have 1 minute and 50 seconds before the tank is completely filled. The answer is.. 1 minute 50 seconds remaining, 4 minutes 50 seconds total.
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Jayden Jayden
A alone fills 1/10 of the tank in 1 min. So it filled 6/10 in 6 mins. B alone fills 1/6 of the tank in one min. A and B together fill 1/10 + 1/6 = 16/60 of the tank in 1 min. In 2 mins the fill 2x 16/60= 32/60 6/10 + 32/60 = 68/60 of the tank have been filled. So 32/60 has been filled by B alone at 1/6 per min Time spent = (32/60) / (1/6) = 3.2 mins Total time = 6 + 2 + 3.2 = 11.2 mins.
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Gaige Gaige
1/10 + (2 * 1/10 + 1/6) + B 6/60 + 12/60 + 10/60 + B B = 32/60 because 6/60 + 12/60 + 10/60 + B must total to 60/60 =S. 1 minute 2 minutes 3.2 minutes my guess is 6.2 minutes...or 6 minutes 12 seconds i don't think that's right, but hey i haven't done any math for ages... Don't thumb down a person for saying "It will take as long as it wants." Because technically it could...cos you don't know what will happen during the filling up of the water tank (pipes explode etc...)
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