Why do people not like country music?

Why do people not like country music? Topic: Why do people not like country music?
July 18, 2019 / By Antonia
Question: I am starting to write in essay for English 101 and I am trying to find out reasons why people hate country music. I just need some different opinions from people who like it & people who don't.
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Zackary Zackary | 10 days ago
People have different preferences, for one thing. Classic Simon and Garfunkel can sound boring to younger minds, while Hip-Hop or Electronica from the likes of Kanye West to Skrillex can sound mindless to older folks. I think people see "Country" as meaning "Hillbilly" music, while it's quite the contrary. Sure we have the pop-country Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum releasing the same unorignial songs and recycling the same messages. And then there's the Rascal Flatts or Garth Brooks kind, so country it's become plain and mediocre. This is what the media has made country, something we can hate on. But if you look up the country likes of Alan Jackson or Geroge Strait, from long long ago, it paints a completely different picture. I have no problem listening to Folk to Dubstep, albeit a few minor genres I'll stay away from, but keeping an open mind when listening to a song dosen't hurt.
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Zackary Originally Answered: Ideas for an article on country music with a list of country songs about america.?
I think your thesis is flawed because country music would have to go away in order for it to "come back." Country music has ALWAYS been popular. The first million-selling country song was in 1925; and, to give you some indication of just how popular the song was, one-third of the U.S. population (based on the population and the number of records sold) owned a copy of that song -- "The Prisoner's Song" by Vernon Dalhart. That's from a time when both phonographs and records were new, novel items. Country music was so popular that during World War II Japanese kamakaze pilots would taunt soldiers with cries of, "To hell with Roosevelt! To hell with Babe Ruth! To hell with Roy Acuff!" as they attacked. Even the ENEMY knew who Roy Acuff was! Country singer Al Dexter was so popular in 1943 that his success caused Billboard magazine to inaugurate a new chart: the "Hillbilly and Western" chart, which debuted in January 1944 (and Dexter songs were the first two #1 songs). Eddy Arnold, Red Foley, Johnny Cash, the Wilburn Brothers, Porter Wagoner, Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dean, and Ernest Tubb are but a few of the country stars who had weekly syndicated or network television shows between the 1950s and early 1970s. The number of rock stars who had shows during that time: ONE -- the Monkees. At a time when Capitol Records had both the Beatles and the Beach Boys, the biggest-selling act on Capitol in the U.S. during the 1960s was a country singer: Buck Owens. In order for you to prove that country "came back," you first must prove that it went away.

Shimhi Shimhi
Good question! I have always enjoyed country music. It's fun to listen to, and many songs are very romantic. It's probably more appreciated in certain parts of the country more than others, like here in South Carolina. Although, it is very much appreciated in other countries as well. Bottom line -- you either like it or you don't -don't even need a reason. It's just the way the world is. Some people like ketchup on their hamburger, others prefer mustard, or mayo. ;o)
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Oberon Oberon
I just grew out of it. I grew up listening to country and loved it all through my teen years. Then when I was about 20 I discovered classic rock, and now it's the ONLY music I listen to. It's not that I dislike country music now, I just don't ever feel like listening to it. I think people who say they hate it have never really listened to it or feel like it is 'hick' music.
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Lanny Lanny
I LOVE country music, but a lot of my friends don't. When I ask them why, many of them tend to say it's because of the "twang" in the singers voice. One of my other friends said it's because they only sing about beer. I personally think their CRAZY. Country is the best.
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Itai Itai
I like it because it's pure, and it's always got me in a good mood, but maybe that's just me, because its what I was raised listening to. Instead of rapping about "hoes, fur boots, and dranks" Country is all about fun, and living the American life. I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! (:
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Ferdy Ferdy
I love ir no matrer who u are u can relate to it& it's good some stuff is same old stuff seme beat etc not country it's just unexplainable but it's good music
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Daley Daley
I love country music most people who don't like have never even listen to it before. They don't listen to it because their friends don't think its cool, and they stereotype country music.I like all music but rap is getting kind of boring all it is is BIG BOOTY BITCHES DRINKING LOOK HOW MUCH SWAG I GOT it bores my ***. These days country music isn't the same like that new jason aldean song dirt road anthem wtf is that?????? Country music makes me feel good and relates to me , country music is yes i am hill billy and i dont care what nobody thinks you either like me or gtfo
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Austen Austen
it just sucks I am from the country a small town in Maryland called Denton. I have never like country music. I do like the country girls now they are sexy I just don't want to hear them sing.
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Vina Vina
Because tone deaf people think its old old old, but its not, actually it is amazing. They just sucks cause they hate it. Actually, you can always relate to country songs.
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Vina Originally Answered: Help!people who are good at music,who know music notes,or who have taken music class plz answer?
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