My grandma doesn't drive, doesn't drink, has the same checking account for years, why does she need an ID?

My grandma doesn't drive, doesn't drink, has the same checking account for years, why does she need an ID? Topic: My grandma doesn't drive, doesn't drink, has the same checking account for years, why does she need an ID?
July 19, 2019 / By Kizzy
Question: according to all cons on here, she's a fool for not having one... why should she get one though? hey, lets just make her go to the DMV and wait in line for no reason just for fun... why not, right? who cares? she has most of her relatives do her shopping for her... and who uses checks anymore anyway? your TOTAL LACK OF REASONING baffles my mind... the fact that you just blindly defend this idea based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... "just a good idea" wow... how intelligent and well reasoned? she has a SS card... it's not like she has NO ID... she had an ID YEARS AGO... she just has no reason for one... do banks close accounts if you don't have an ID anymore? of course not... made up excuse for someone who has no brain... again, WHY SHOULD SHE GET ONE... in case she wants to open another account? lol... lol... I always find it so amazing how cons never think something is a problem unless it DIRECTLY IMPACTS THEMSELVES and thus can't understand why I may look at something else as a problem even if it doesn't impact me? what if one day I won't need one? I don't want to sit for an hour at the DMV just to make you happy for no reason... by YOUR silly logic... HOW DOES IT IMPACT YOU IF SHE DOESN'T NEED ONE? lol... her SS check is DD... her daughter pays her bills for her and is a joint holder on the account... she's had SS for YEARS... you guys really need to work on your pathetic attempts to foil my story and actually ANSWER THE QUESTION... lol lol... so because YOU NEED ONE... SHE HAS TO HAVE ONE... if your basic total point it seems? again, cons can't think outside their own personal box...
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Jarona Jarona | 9 days ago
No one has been denied the right to vote by the Voter ID Law. The record clearly establishes without challenge that 99% of the Voting Age Population in Indiana already has the required ID, in the form of driver’s licenses, passports, or other identification. Of the remaining 1%, senior citizens and the disabled are automatically eligible to vote by absentee ballot, and such absentee voting is exempt from the Voter ID Law. the slight burden of additional paperwork for a fraction of 1%, to show who they are and thereby prove their eligibility to vote, cannot come close to outweighing the interests of all legitimate legal voters in maintaining their effective vote. I lived in South Carolina so I can explain what South Carolina's voter ID law amounts to in practical terms. I enter the polling place and approach a table where people are sitting with books that contain the names of registered voters. Since my last name starts with and S, I get in the line for the letter "S." When it's my turn, the woman at the table asks me for my name and checks to see if I am listed in her book. Once she finds my name, she asks me for identification. Since I live in South Carolina, I have a South Carolina driver's license. I hand it to her; she makes a notation in the book; and I vote. That's it. o_O
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Euna Euna
While there are many benefits to possessing an ID, as listed above, can I ask you what she gains by not having one? If you can name one other than the slight one time inconvenience of obtaining one, do these benefits outweigh those listed above or the fact that requiring a voter ID would ensure that she is not disenfranchised? Lets say she votes for Obama and someone through voter fraud cast 5 votes for the opposing candidate. The devaluation or even nullification of her single legal vote for Obama is the true disfranchisement. It is the legal voters rights which must be protected by ensuring fair elections in which their vote counts. Voter fraud victimizes us all and the requirement of an ID is a small price to pay to ensure that every legal voters rights are protected and that every legal voters voice is heard. As to "thinking outside of the box", in simple matters of reason and logic, only the irrational benefit from straying beyond the confines of reality.
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Cleo Cleo
I bet she doesn't vote either. If she is that disconnected from the real world then odds are she doesn't vote. Not to mention the fact that she can be asked for ID for any of several other reasons. Travel, verifying debit card purchase. 99%of the population carry an ID of some kind with them at all times. Why should we be held back by anyone to lazy to go through the very minor effort of getting an ID.
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Belinda Belinda
Why should she get an ID? Because its the law. We have new laws all the time. You didn't need a drivers license at one time to drive. You didn't need insurance at one time to drive. They didn't issue birth certificates for people born at home at one time. Soon you will be mandated to have health insurance and prove it or be fined. Its the law. Why doesn't it bother you to be mandated to have expensive health insurance? Because YOU THINK ITS BETTER. WE HAVE TO HAVE IT. I'm a grandma and I have an ID which is just my drivers license. If I move or change my name, I must take my birth certificate, SS card, marriage license, and something else with my name and address such as a utility bill or a current passport to get a voter ID that proves I'm a citizen. Its free. People who don't have the ID can get an absentee ballot and vote anyway.
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Adrea Adrea
Without an I.D., how does she go to a store and write a check? I have to show my I.D. every time I use a check in any store. Your grandma must be an exception to what goes on in every place in this country. By the way, if everything is done for your grandma and she never does anything, she must be completely and totally unable to get out of the house. As far as I know, you don't have to have an I.D. to obtain an absentee ballot. Your objections fail on the common sense rule, Skippy. And by the way, if you read the back of your social security card, it plainly states that it's against federal law for your social security number to be used for identification.
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Terance Terance
My County had a volunteer drive for all the elderly who are in care homes, assisted living, and are disabled. They have buses load up everyone and take them the DMV so they can get a state ID. The DMV also waived its fees for ID's. Our DMV is in a rural area, and they are open one day a month, otherwise all other transactions are done online. It's disgusting what Walker has done to this State. Last night I talked about a couple who live off the grid and have 12 kids. All born at home never ID or acknowledged in life. I was called every name under the sun for saying they were bad parents for not having kids Birth Certificate, in school, or medical care. Now all of a sudden they are all for ID and the such...HYPOCRITES!
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Pierce Pierce
Funny you cry about this when, even after her vote is cast, it's likely to end up in a dumpster somewhere if it's cast for the wrong candidate. Democrats are the main threat you should be concerned about and we all know it. The only point I disagree with this source on is the electronic voting machines with no paper trail. I have no reason to trust them. Humans should count the votes under strict supervision w/ all interested parties represented. http://pjmedia.com/blog/voter-fraud-watc...
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Madison Madison
Because she needs one. Just because she never needed one before, she still needs one. Your grandma is a special case. One out of millions does not make a rule. The facts are that voter fraud is very real in the USA, whether you believe it or not. The very fact it is being fought over so much makes me believe they really rely on this fraud. No one can tell me they are worried about a person not voting because they have no ID. In Canada I have to renew my OHIP, social medicine card, this month. I already have a card, with my picture on it, but they will not take that as proof. I have to bring 3 pieces of ID, just to renew. Anyone in this day and age without a picture ID has a real good reason for it. Otherwise why would you not want to have one? Makes no sense.
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