What can a student teacher do to make $?

What can a student teacher do to make $? Topic: What can a student teacher do to make $?
July 18, 2019 / By Maachah
Question: I want to be a teacher, so it's a given my life's goal is NOT to be rollin' in dough. However, I'm in the midst of student teaching/credential classes, and I'm wondering why there isn't a better system in place between the school districts and the universities. How can they expect someone to live if they want them to devote all their time to student teaching? I know I can't be the first to wonder about this. If you think about it, this system really sucks. I had to quit my job as a paraeducator to open up my schedule for classroom observations!!! Does that make sense to anyone out there? It just seems to me that they keep making it harder and harder for future teachers, and I have to wonder why there are so many of us still interested in the profession, considering all the drawbacks. I don't have someone paying my bills for me. No one will fork over cash to pay my student loans. What am I supposed to do next semester?????
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Kelcey Kelcey | 9 days ago
I'll give me what i should have done. I graduated Mid term. I should have gotten a fall back. I'll give you 2 choices 1. See what other degree you might be able to do in a semester. You might be surprised 2. Find an area where you want to teach and be a sub. That's the BEST way to learn about the school district. Put your name on lots of sub list. Some subs get 80 bucks a day. All student teaching experiences are different. When I student taught, I was thrown in feet first. I took me a day or so to get acclamated, but, I did. and I did everything. It was a great experience. I remember student teachers when I was in High school. Boy, they did virtually nothing in our class and I'm guessing that applied to the other classes too. Do your HOMEWORK now. Send out letters saying you are graduating and are lookin for employment March is contract month. April, they have to be in. Some already know that some aren't coming back. Get a head start and go for it
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Well technically it is his Business, and was only concerned since you have shown him that song. He wasn't trying to do anything bad, and only trying to help. Now the teacher is probably more concerned, since you said you were going to move away but, he can do nothing about it. Everything should be fine :) Sincerely Amanda Moore

Ireland Ireland
Your frustrations are heard by everyone in the teaching field! I agree that the education system for student teachers doesn't make sense. Perhaps this is why they are always claiming to have a shortage of teachers. Educators make it so hard to become one! I know a lot of people that would love to become a teacher, and they would make a good ones, but due to the exact problem that you're having, they cannot. I don't know how it is with your school, but in mine, you virtually cannot work. They think that in your senior semester, you have to devote yourself to learning your craft. Well, that's true, but in the real world, bill collectors don't seem to understand that. I wish that there would be a complete overall of the education system. There needs to be so many improvements made, especially when it comes to the salary!
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Elenora Elenora
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Cherokee Cherokee
I was in the same bind when I was in college. I found a nice family in the town that I was going to college in that employed me as a part time nanny. Since it wasn't feasible to pay me enough to support myself each month, they were able to hook me up with other families that were willing to work with my schedule. It was a nice trade off... babysitting for them, making money for myself, and still having enough downtime during sitting to do my work for school!
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Cherokee Originally Answered: Does my teacher hate me and or How can i be a better student?
As a teacher..I am compelled to answer this question. First, know one thing..you are not at school for your teacher (per se). You are there for an education and as an educator, it's her job to do that and provide you with a safe environment where you are able to learn. It makes me nervous that you are worried about how she may treat you 1 month before the start of term. If her treatment of you is at this level, please involve your parents. Let them know how you are feeling and how she is making you feel. I would even suggest that you start documenting her behavior and attitude toward you. Now..I am not suggesting you do this just to get her "in trouble" however..you are going into 8th grade (I am an 8th grade teacher) and I tell my students that they must start learning how to take the lead and document problems and attempts to solve problems (put things in writing..keep a copy)....don't accept treatment that belittles you and makes you "dislike" your class. As far as being a "better student" - your #1 job...keep your grades up...education is a competition of sorts. It's very difficult for you guys to understand how it works because your age group is so concerned about name brand shoes and image but you let your grades slip. Even in this class, where you are having difficulties, keep your grade up and make sure that you are being graded fairly. Tell your parents first...attempt to open a dialogue with your teacher..(put it in writing and keep a copy of it if you must) and than if that doesn't work...head up the administrative ladder. Do not get belligerent or disrespectful because than you will not be taken seriously and viewed as an "out of control" teen. Do it the "right way" and there is a right way. The fact that you are on here, seeking advice to how to "be a better student"..speaks volumes about your character. To me...you are already a model for many other students. Don't let this consume you...please enjoy the rest of your summer...know that it is coming...have a plan in mind...don't wait till the last minute to think about how you are going to talk to her. And...know that teachers are not always right (I tell my students that all the time) and I think sometimes...we forget that. Good luck...and again.. please enjoy your last year in middle school..it goes by soooo fast...you're going to blink and be in high school. Allow no one to take the experience away from you or make it a "terrible" experience.

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