Wanting to go for SERE Instructor in the Air Force: secret security clearance question?

Wanting to go for SERE Instructor in the Air Force: secret security clearance question? Topic: Wanting to go for SERE Instructor in the Air Force: secret security clearance question?
June 16, 2019 / By Alannis
Question: Ever since i thought about joining the Air Force with my buddy, i have always wanted to be a SERE instructor. But the more and more i read, the more i question if i could literally obtain my objective. the physical and mental im sure i can push myself through, its the secret security clearance im worried about. I know a lot of the tactics, torture, POW course, etc is classified training hence the "secret" clearance needed. ok so here is the deal.. im 21 years old. i have about $18,000 of debt. my criminal history is just speeding tickets.. so do i file bankruptcy before i join? or do i go in with debt? i really want to be a sere instructor more than anything. any info or encouragement? i will appreciate greatly. thanks
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Trev Trev | 6 days ago
The reference Dustin provided is a bit misleading. SERE selection isn't actually that stringent. By claiming 13K screened, they are talking about general people simply inquiring about the job .. they are most often disqualified from it before even enlisting due to the clearance requirements, failing medical screening at MEPS, not scoring well enough on the ASVAB, etc. SERE training is quite reasonable, physically, for someone that's in semi-good shape .. the biggest issue they have is people not coming physically prepared and the classroom portion, kids don't study or bother to learn the material and therefore wash out. If you're in decent shape and have the discipline to learn what you need to learn, you can make it through the SERE course. If it's truly something you are interested in, you won't have a problem at all. As for your debt, filing bankruptcy is a horrible idea. Are you currently making payments on your debt or have you let it accumulate without even trying to pay it? Your debt doesn't have to be less than 10K, many people have vehicle debt that far exceeds that and they get clearances. The key is making ACTIVE payments, if you're defaulting and missing payments .. THAT is the warning sign. If this is the case, I suggest you work with your creditors and get payments started, even if it's just a little bit a month. If it looks like you're proactive in taking care of the debt, you can get a secret. Secret clearances are not that strict, it's the Top Secret you have to worry about and since you don't need that .. you won't have a SSBI to deal with. Your speeding tickets may prove to be an issue as well. This shows a habit of being irresponsible, so try to make sure you don't get anymore. Again, it's not such a big deal with a secret as that clearance is pretty common, but you need to start ensuring you clean your record up now .. there are some SERE assignments that will require a TS clearance, esp. support jobs for Pararescue/Combat Control, etc. Worst case scenario you can enlist into the AF with an AFSC that doesn't require any clearance, make sure it's one you can transfer out of easily (ie, not a critical AFSC) and after a year, apply for SERE. They'll scoop you up as they're always looking for people. I would not recommend enlisting into another branch of service until your debt is caught up because the AF doesn't like to take prior service, you have a better chance of getting into SERE if you're already in the AF than you do if you're coming from another service.
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Trev Originally Answered: Top Secret Secuity Clearance chances ANG?
I want to make sure I understand - you are looking to go air guard in 2016 - 3 years from now? I don't think traffic infractions will be a concern. How long do they stay on your driving record in your state? I want to say 3 years is the average, it may be 5. If it is 3 - and you have no others - your driving record will be clean. But your TS investigation goes back TEN years (or until your 16th birthday, whichever is soonest) and there is a section where you list civil actions on your record that involve fines over a certain amount. $250 I think (I haven't had to fill one out for a while). If you are asked to list ALL civil litigation and the result. You list them. If they ask for civil matters resulting in a fine of over a certain amount, then you list the ones over the amount. Pretty straight forward. Credit sounds good. They are only concerned with delinquent debt and what you are doing about it. As long as it is listed and you are making an honest effort to pay it (if you have it), fine. If a butterfly knife is illegal in your state (and last I knew, a Butterfly knife is only legal in 5 states: Nevada, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Nebraska), this could be an issue depending on the other conditions surrounding the charges and the adjudication. Forget the expunged part - makes no difference, especially for a TS. It WILL be seen as well as all the details. Don’t even attempt to hide it. Shoplifting? The general rule is if it is not on paper or there is no paper trail, it didn't happen. I think this could be a problem. Not for getting in the guard, but for getting the clearance. Not convicted or arrested? Sounds like there is something missing from this. I don't think Kohl's could say, "Tell you what. You give us $200 and we forget the whole thing, or we call the cops". That's called extortion. My sister-in-law works for Kohl’s (in management) and she said company policy is to call the police for all shoplifters, and they DO prosecute. So there is LIKELY a paper trail on this one - just be honest about what happened and what there result was. I will take you at your word you were not arrested or charged, but I would find that hard to believe. Marijuana - you are aware it is against federal law - right? Question: were you ever CHARGED with marijuana possession, use, transport, etc? If there is a paper trail - forget the air guard, stay where you are and pray the army guard does not kick you out or deny re-enlistment. If there is no paper trail – it didn’t happen. Student loans and other debt? As long as they are well managed, being paid upon, not in default. No worries. Social life: You can be a loner. But when it comes to a TS clearance, you never really know WHO they are going to talk to or interview. For my last one, they actually came by to talk to my wife (but she was not home), so they knocked on the doors of the neighbors and asked them about me. They talked to my former supervisor, to people I worked with (past and present) even though these people were not listed on my application for the clearance. on your SF 86, they will ask for your work history for the last 10 years, to include any period of unemployment, your supervisor, phone numbers, and anyone that can verify you worked there (non family - but if that is all you have...be advised, that WILL delay your investigation). They will ask where you have lived for the last ten years to include any temporary locations exceeding 30 days (and references to verify). They will ask for the names and contact information for your IMMEDIATE family (and they WILL contact them), spouse (or anyone you have a ‘spouse like’ relationship with, so if you are LIVING with your GF – you’d list her, if you are just dating – no). They will ask for personal references from 3 people (non family) that know you WELL to cover that ten year period. The longer – the better. these are questions OUTSIDE of criminal activity and other civil issues. Will they talk to a former best friend that wanted to lay the pipe to your GF? If you don’t list him, probably not. All together, will you get the clearance? You never know and I would be guessing. You DO have some red flags. The shoplifting will not help, the ‘knife’, and the marijuana use will KILL you if there were charges or a paper trail on it. I think these are your BIGGEST ‘hurdles’ if everything you have given is as is stated. I have concerns about your driving history, but that alone won’t be enough to deny a clearance. You’ll really have to take all this to a recruiter for their ‘gut’ feeling. If there is no paper trail on the shoplifting or weed, I think your chance of getting the clearance is pretty good. if there IS a paper trail - might be tough. But it’s not my call.

Reggie Reggie
Bankruptcy is a bad idea. A lot of people go in the Military with debt. I'd suggest either waiting as long as possible before enlisting, enlisting in another service first (until you pay off your debt), or [edit: as the other guy said, try and get your debt below 10k]. As an E-1 in the Air Force (http://www.airforce.com/pay-chart/) you make approximately $17,000. While that's not a lot, living VERY frugally you could clear your debt in a few years. Realize that selection criteria for SERE Instruction is stringent, and not exactly fair. Out of the 13,000 they screen, only 100 get taken for the indoctrination course. (That's about 0.75%) See here: http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/milarticles/blafsereinstructors.htm You might also look into joining an MOC that would allow you to go on SERE training as well, so that you would at least get the knowledge. Good luck!
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Mayson Mayson
In my adventure a secret clearance does not immediately flow from one company to a diverse. the often will purely do an study of the time because of the fact the previous clearance grew to become into granted, no longer an entire history. i don't understand what is going to happen if the drug history seems interior the verify. If I had to guess they're going to hold out a little greater advantageous checking if there have been any issues linked with the drug use and furnish the clearance if there have been none. interior the great scheme of issues a secret clearance isn't that confusing to get whilst in comparison with precise secret and particular get right of entry to clearances.
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Johanan Johanan
your debt needs to be under 10,000 dollars. If you file for bankruptcy, then you wont a security clearance. You just got to get your debt down. Look into programs like debt consolidation. As far as speeding tickets, the government will most likely overlook them unless you really have a lot of speeding tickets.
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Johanan Originally Answered: What do I need to do for a top security clearance?
why do you need a TOP SECURITY CLEARANCE?! are you in the military as well, and YOUR job demands a Top Security clearance?!

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