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June 16, 2019 / By Albertine
Question: A base ball team has 5 pitchers and 3 cathcers. how many different pitcher-catcher combinations are possible?
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Trevor Trevor | 8 days ago
15. To solve this problem you can use a tree diagram. < 3 5< 3 < 3 < 3 5< 3 < 3 < 3 5< 3 < 3
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Trevor Originally Answered: Can you please answer this question related to CPU of my computer (very clear and easy-to-answer question)?
I'm guessing the message you got was a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) followed by the computer automatically restarting. In my experience, those are a common indicator of a system overheating, especially if you never get them under normal circumstances and you suspected heavy system load at the time it crashed. Now, to address your concerns point-by-point: - Yes, changing the graphics settings on a particular game will increase system load substantially; - Yes, your buddy is probably right -- the CPU probably overheated; - Yes, your CPU appears to have two CPU cores and runs at a clock speed of 1.87 GHz (and, in fact, has a 3MB cache, as well as integrated graphics) - Yes, as you point out, the P4 processor is faster but is assumed to be a uniprocessor chip (i.e. one CPU core), and would typically have only 512KB to 1MB of cache. Here's where things get tricky: Your assumption that one dual-core CPU at speed X is equal to a uniprocessor CPU at speed 1.5X to 2X isn't necessarily true for all situations. This would be the case if, for example, the program being run was capable of being broken down into two independent sets of threads, but this may not be the case for your game. In any event, because the CPU cores have to share the same bus to access the system devices (hard drive, RAM, graphics output port) you may have a situation where your CPU will only run as well as 1.87GHz, but it could conceivably run twice as many things-at-once as a uniprocessor. That's all immaterial, because there's an even more pressing concern: The second sentence you posted used the word "laptop" and for those of us who service computers regularly, we all know that laptops are more prone to overheating for at least two reasons: a) miniaturization and the spatial density of all the heat-producing parts, and b) the advent of graphics adapters placed on the same chip as the CPU. Normally, on a desktop computer, at least part of the heat generated by running your game -- (and really, it has to work extra hard to run at 1.87GHz a game that runs best at 2.4GHz or above -- heavily loaded CPUs generate more heat than when idling at 1 to 5%, even if the work is numerically simple) -- would be dissipated by the GPU on the graphics adapter. As you're using a laptop with a CPU featuring integrated graphics, the two processing units share the same chip and thus heat each other up more than they would individually. Put at its simplest, laptops are made to be portable, not to play games on. True, you can play *some* games on them, but when you get into playing a game or trying to find a very high prime number, the issues are the same -- how much heat will this generate, did the manufacturer take this into account when designing the heat-dissipation system, and if not, how hot will the system get. Sometimes it takes tweaking (i.e. you strip the system down to the lowest number of background and foreground processes running at once) to get a game running decently (or at all) on a laptop, and in other situations it's an impossibility. So basically, your situation is this: If you were playing the game with low settings for three months, and you had no issues, you really ought to have let it be. At present, because you're still getting crashes on the lower graphics settings, it's entirely possible that you caused some permanent damage to the CPU, GPU, or both. Failing that, the cooling system on your laptop might have been strained (e.g. a heat sink got so hot that it now no longer makes quite as effective thermal contact with the chip as it once did) and now can't deal with the excess heat generated by normal system use. I just hope that your warranty covers this kind of situation. Tips for the future: Where possible, review your laptop's power settings and see if it's possible to have the system automatically shutdown at a given temperature. Ask around with your technically-minded friends to see where a good threshold would be. My rule of thumb is around 65 degrees C -- about where silicon-based chips start to do interesting things. Also, if you really want or need to adjust the graphics settings on a program that's running well, try letting it idle for a while (e.g. 5 to 10 minutes) and see if it doesn't heat up, before diving in and using the program full-tilt with the new settings.
Trevor Originally Answered: Can you please answer this question related to CPU of my computer (very clear and easy-to-answer question)?
I'm not sure your calculation is correct, but it doesn't really matter - if your computer is randomly shutting off, then either some setting in the game is causing it (so you need to change it back), or the problem really isn't related to the game at all, and you just think it is, because it started happening around the same time you changed the settings in the game. So... does this problem *only* happen when you are playing the game but never at at other times? (It may be hard to answer this question if you are basically only playing that game when you're using the laptop). If it only happens during the game, and you are also using the laptop a lot for non-game stuff, then I would check other things, like: did you install or update any other software or Windows or drivers or hardware around the same you changed the game settings?
Trevor Originally Answered: Can you please answer this question related to CPU of my computer (very clear and easy-to-answer question)?
"So from my understanding, my processor, because it's 2 CPUs, should have a capacity of roughly 3.4 GHz." No. Clock speeds are *NOT* a measure of CPU capacity or performance. They are simply how fast the core clock runs. The minimum requirements for the game are a 2.4 GHz P4 processor or better. Your CPU, even if you disabled one core, would still drastically outperform a 2.4 GHz P4 processor. The clock speed of your CPU doesn't matter at all, all that matters is its performance. The P6000 and the P4 have completely different internal architectures. Comparing their core clock speeds makes no sense. It's like saying a Corolla should outperform a new Ferrari because it has more seats. The issue you are having is most likely heat. Blowing some compressed air (from a can, ideally) into the vents may help remove dust and improve cooling efficiency.
Trevor Originally Answered: Can you please answer this question related to CPU of my computer (very clear and easy-to-answer question)?
Dear Emilie, I understand your computer compilation--and I sympathize with your situation, and will do my very best to solve your problem. Make sure that your computer's anti-virus program is not running while you play your game. This is a common complication users experience while they play computer games. Try a system restore. If you are using a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, revert back to a time where everything was in full working order--this has helped me many of times when my computer was acting strange. You mentioned that you revered back to the games original settings to where everything was working properly but yet the game is still malfunctioning, as another suggestion, I recommend that you reinstall the game. First, delete the game, then simply reinstall your game. If the mentioned problem solving techniques do not work, I suggest you contact the game manufacturer. This could be the result of faulty programming, and you were unfortunate to stumble upon it. I hope my information will help you get your computer game up and running! Take care and please have a pleasant day. Sincerely, Citi Best answer, please!

Trevor Originally Answered: i cant sleep every night. any good tips? (answer my question, ill answer yours)?
There are plenty of tips available, its just a matter of you being willing to do what people tell you. Here's my advice - try it for a week and then decide if it works or not. Set a routine, it helps. 1) Do your homework before you do anything else - when you first get home after school. Do not get on Y!A until your homework is done. 2) Finish dinner by 7:00, wash dishes, clean up, whatever. 3) Watch tv show or some computer or music or what you like for 1 hour. 4) Do some organizing for tomorrow - clothes, books, paperwork, backpack (briefcase), list of things to remember. Write it all down what you need to do. 5) Wash up, brush teeth and start getting ready for bed by 9:00 pm (no kidding). 6) And this is the hard part. Turn off the computer. Turn off the tv. Get off the phone. Turn off the radio. Stop talking with family. Spend 10 minutes by yourself quietly meditating - whatever form you want. Just sit quietly by yourself. 7) Say goodnight. Get a glass of water if you want. 8) Get into bed without any other stimulation - (no phone, computer, tv, etc.) and get comfy, close your eyes and starting with your feet, imagine that they are heavy heavy heavy and sinking into the mattress. work your way up your legs, butt, back, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face, eyelids... each part is heavy and relaxed - especially your facial muscles. If you do this every night for one week, you will soon find yourself sleeping and waking up refreshed. The key points: Get your homework done first (if you are in school). Eat early. Don't get on the computer after 9:00 pm. Start to unwind at that time and try to be in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 pm EVERY night for one week. period. Write down what you need to do the next day and put it aside. Relax each and every inch of your body consciously. Good night.
Trevor Originally Answered: i cant sleep every night. any good tips? (answer my question, ill answer yours)?
Hello, There could be many things that are affecting your sleep patterns. There are questions you have to ask yourself: -Do you have enough daily exercise to make you more tired and ready for sleep?? If not then exercise more. -Do you go to bed hungry?? If yes, make sure you have eaten some food no later than 1-2 hours before sleeping. -Do you think alot while trying to sleep?? If you do then (I am sorry, I know you said dont say these but........), try counting sheep or concentrate on your breathing in and out. The reason is, doing those will help rest your mind and thoughts that occupy your mind will go away, helping you rest. The other things I can suggest, are either camomile tea, or a warm glass of milk and trying to go to bed earlier than usual. I had this problem all my life. Now what helps me sleep is concentrating on my breathing which is a type of meditation. I hope I have helped. Happy sleeping :-)
Trevor Originally Answered: i cant sleep every night. any good tips? (answer my question, ill answer yours)?
As an insomniac myself I know you pain. Often times when I can sleep at all, and its gotten to the point of total and compete meltdown frustration I take a sleeping pill. This seems to help; however, I try not to make that a pattern or a habit as I don’t want to form a dependence. Some other things that help me are making the room as dark, as humanily possible, and willing myself to fall asleep. Even if I take 30 minute cap naps here in their throughout the night at least I have slept a little. The truth is, you need to go see a doctor. I maid an appointment to go take some sort of sleep study test. Don’t let yourself get into the pattern of not falling asleep like I have. Go see a doctor and discuss your options.

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