How easy is breeding cockatiels?

How easy is breeding cockatiels? Topic: How easy is breeding cockatiels?
June 26, 2019 / By Albina
Question: i am getting a pair of of cockatiels. one female and one male. the previous owner had them for 3 year and they have only had one cluch. how often should they breed? is there anything i can do to help? i am not experienced with breeding cockatiel but i am experieced w/ handfeeding. how do you know if you can do something unless you try. i am a big animal lover and have enuff time and confidence to breed theses bird. people i know cannot take care of them anymore so i have decides to take them. these people have no time for them. i think im doing a good thing. im a stay at home mom and can spend lots of one on one time with these wonderful birds
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Trey Trey | 9 days ago
Are you experienced with this? Are you doing it to make money? Are you prepared to watch a baby die? A parent bite off their toes? To take over two hour feedings if the mother rejects it? There is so much to consider with this. Time, money and love go into breeding these birds. It is also very easy to kill the young ones if you do not know what you are doing. They do not have to breed and if you encourage the female to lay then she can become egg bound and die. The best information you can get for this is on tieltalk, a message index for cockatiel owners/breeders/lovers. I have seen them post on this a thousand times. If you are certain you want them to have a clutch they can give you advice and a list of things you will need before hand to make sure that they survive and are healthy. Just remember it is a big, time consuming process. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Trey Originally Answered: I'm thinking about getting cockatiels. Good idea?
Hopefully my answer will help you decide! I've written out tips and some of my own experiences. I've had my cockatiel for 17 years now and I love her to death. She's outlived all my past animals and will probably outlive my current ones, and maybe even me! You need to understand cockatiels live for years upon years upon years upon years - they aren't just something you can buy and lose interest in in a week. Think of it as a life-long commitment. You also need to know the difference between the males and females: Males can talk; females can't talk. Females do whistle, but males copy the sound of your words. My late male bird, Petie, would actually finish my whistle for me. Chloe, my current cockatiel, she would mate with Petie every day, laying eggs up the ying yang! But having this happen took its toll on her body forcing her to rip her own feathers out from the stress of having two male birds in her cage. You need to be aware of this factor if you plan to have 1 male and 1 female together. Now that she's outlived the 2 males, her feathers have grown back and she's as happy as a lark! Cockatiels can get loud with their chirping. My cockatiel stays quiet mostly, but she can get pretty loud if she's excited or hungry. If she doesn't get enough sleep, she will be quite the grumpy birdie and will hiss, scream and bite. Familiarize yourself with the moods of a cockatiel to keep your fingers safe and your bird happy. My cockatiel also gets loud of she hears a familiar sound like the rattling of her food bag or the sound of the family car pulling up in the driveway. Keep toys in the cage to keep their little bird brains stimulated. They like to come out and frolic and explore their surroundings. They're snoopy! Be careful when eating food around a cockatiel out of the cage - my cockatiel actually flew to my bowl of cereal! Handle your cockatiel with care. If your cockatiel doesn't want to come out, don't force him/her right away. My cockatiel loves to come out on her own, but doesn't want me picking her up - so I never get to hold her. She allows me to pet her and hand feed her, though. They are very loving birds if you treat them properly. Treat them like a family member - like any animal, treat them how you would want to be treated. Aside from Craigslist and the other resources you mentioned, you can also go to your local pet store like PetSmart to look at their selection of cockatiels. Oh, and to answer your question as to if they're a good idea - yes! If you're a bird lover, you'll love cockatiels. I never potty trained mine, but she does go back to her cage to do her business sometimes (usually she'll just poop wherever she's sitting). Do more research; there's a lot more information on them!
Trey Originally Answered: I'm thinking about getting cockatiels. Good idea?
I consider the obstacle along with your hen is that the previous proprietor in no way paid it any awareness. that used to be the case with my cockatiel. When I first received her she did not say something and he or she had no toys. Now it's been a few months and he or she is already announcing hey, sure, and ank. She additionally likes to whistle. The factor to grasp is that the extra time you spend along with your hen the greater your hen will get at speaking. Also the hen will simplest repeat phrases that draw in it is awareness. Try establishing it out with small one sylable phrases. It will ultimately come round. Be sufferer and when you've got some other questions touch me!
Trey Originally Answered: I'm thinking about getting cockatiels. Good idea?
Yes, it's a good idea to think about it. Cockatiels are dusty - you might want to avoid cockatiels if you or anyone you live with have respiratory problems. Before you decide, check the websites below: http://www.starescue.org/htm/articles/ten-reasons.htm http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww21eiii.htm

Rehoboam Rehoboam
Give them a breeding box that is large enough. Give them treats and other supplements. Mainly, just give them a little time to readjust. They should start breeding in not too long
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Rehoboam Originally Answered: how to breeding a dog?
The fact that you are asking this questions shows that you are not ready to breed your dogs. Sorry, but we don't need more unwanted puppies. There are plenty of dogs in the shelter who are looking for good homes, responsible owners should know that. If you had spent last "few years" planning on this, then why are you asking us here in Y!A? You could've done your research throughout the Internet and asked experienced and reputable breeders. Saw your other answer. Yelling at a dog or smacking the dog on the butt will NOT help a dog. It will only create fear. It just shows us even more that you do not know how to properly raise a dog.
Rehoboam Originally Answered: how to breeding a dog?
*sigh* 1. Yes. This included GENETIC health tests that specialist vets must perform, not some simple wellness check from your normal vet. Genetic health tests cannot be properly performed on dogs younger than 2 years of age. 2. Genetic health testing can run into hundreds of dollars. Call around and ask 3. Call and ask 4. Genetic health tests - usually they take bloods, check thyroid function, x-ray hips, elbows and knees, test hearing as well as sight etc 5. Ask your mentor 6. Yes 7. Ask your mentor. If you don't have ANKC kennel papers for both dogs, fail to do any genetic health testing, dogs don't have a CH or working title, then sell them for no more than the cost of having them vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped. 8. Puppies should not be sold before 8 weeks of age. 9. YOU'LL have to be responsible for that by screening potential buyers thoroughly. 10. Being a good breeder, you should have people lining up to buy puppies off you. Right? 11. Yes - don't breed. 12. On leashes 13. Of course you have your vet on call and your emergency vet's number handy 14. Too long to list 15. You should know this since you own them 16. Yes - IMO you should reconsider breeding. Just take a look at these websites: http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/breeding.ht... http://www.learntobreed.com http://maltesedogs.com/breeding.html Cost of having a litter: http://firedragon.warpspeed.com.au/firedragon/littercosts.jsp

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