Is it possible to get a Master's in Creative Writing and a Doctorate in Psychology?

Is it possible to get a Master's in Creative Writing and a Doctorate in Psychology? Topic: Is it possible to get a Master's in Creative Writing and a Doctorate in Psychology?
June 20, 2019 / By Aleen
Question: I want to double major in Creative Writing and Psychology, and get my MA or MFA in Creative Writing, an then get a PhD or PsyD in Psychology. I want to go into Clinical Psychology as a career, but I also want to pursue my interest in creative writing, and I figure this would be a good way to do it. XD I asked several teachers at my high school, and most of them believed it was possible to get a doctorate outside of the field of your master's, but I thought it would be a good idea to pose the question here as well. Thank you for any information you can add on the subject!
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Triston Triston | 2 days ago
I know the field of clinical psychology very well, and I would say this: Getting a Masters degree in Creative Writing can really decrease your chances of getting into a PhD clinical psychology program, though it may not hurt you as much for a PsyD program (which is less research oriented and competitive than PhD programs). PhD programs are extremely competitive, and it is generally the case that you are expected to demonstrate solid commitment to psychological research and practice. So, unless you work in psychology research labs and gain more relevant experience in between undergraduate/MA/MFA programs and applying for a PhD program, I would say getting a Masters in something else can hurt your chances of getting in. Successful admits to clinical psychology PhD programs generally have 2-4 years of post-graduate (i.e., after your Bachelor's) research or academic experience in psychology before applying. This may not apply to a PsyD program. However, there is also the concern of cost: Masters programs and PsyD programs generally do not provide funding, so you would need to pay for them through student loans (or your own money, if you are really rich). So, I would make sure that you absolutely need these degrees before pursuing that route. I wish I had more encouraging news, but I hope that this is helpful to you. Good luck!!!
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Triston Originally Answered: Do you think creative writing degrees or courses enhance or hinder writing ability?
They really do enhance, definitely. It's absolutely nothing like taking an English class at school. They don't teach you formulaic technique at all (unless it's a terrible course). They show you how make the best possible story from your ideas and also teach you new ways of thinking which are great for developing plots and drawing inspiration from what you see and hear around you. They also show you where you're going wrong and teach you to avoid certain pitfalls. They're really, really good for refining raw talent into something much better. They might hinder someone who was a bad writer to start with and refuses to accept that good writing is actually *hard work*. People who think it's just all about spewing 'inspiration' on to the page and letting their 'muse' take over, and refuse to accept that they might sometimes actually have be analytical about their own work and put some effort in, might not gain much from a creative writing course. But frankly, those people are never going to be good writers anyway, with help or without it. BQ: Up to a point, yes, in the same way that I believe in natural musical talent and natural artistic talent. But I also believe that anyone with any talent in anything absolutely MUST work at it and improve it and refine it if they're going to get anywhere. Talent isn't enough on its own. Equally, all the training in the world won't make someone brilliant at something in which they have zero natural ability. I, for instance, could never be a professional musician even if I practised eight hours a day for thirty years. Some people could never be professional writers even if they took every writing class in the world. . BQ2: No, not in the slightest. I'm one of the many British people who is against the whole concept of a monarchy and couldn't give a toss that a couple of Sloanes I've never met are getting married. I'm sure they're perfectly nice people and I hope they have a long and happy marriage because I'd hope that for any couple. But the security and so on for this circus is costing the taxpayer a fortune. The only upside is that we're getting the day off work.
Triston Originally Answered: Do you think creative writing degrees or courses enhance or hinder writing ability?
Yes, creative writing course open your mind to things you don't even know, y'know? The thing is, you have to learn how to separate creative witting and technical writing. Formulaic techniques work for a reason: everything you need to work with is already laid out in front of you. Once you become familiar with a technique is when you should move away from it to develop your own method, y'know? It's there so a writer can get the gist of how something works. I don't believe you need a degree to become a great writer, but it does help you gain experience along the way. BQ: No, I believe in natural story-telling talent. I could be the greatest technical writer on earth, but if I don't possess any story-telling skills, then I have nothing interesting to write about, do I? That's where creative writing classes come into play. Writing, like any art form, is a craft that has to be learned and can only get better with practice. Some people may have a better affinity for writing than others, but that goes with anything in life. I believe it's about passion and the discipline to *want* to get better that makes all the difference. BQ2: I could really care less.

Reuben Reuben
A Doctorate could be greater useful for psychology careers, yet you decide on a Masters in the previous going for a Doctorate. A Doctorate is an somewhat, very significant degree while in comparison with a Masters.
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Mel Mel
You'd need to do a masters in psychology as well; you can't skip the masters work and go straight to a PhD. It doesn't matter if you have a masters in another field, you'd also need one in psychology, or at least the coursework. And you absolutely need the psychology major to get into a masters or PhD program in psychology (you can enter a PhD program with a bachelors and you'll do the masters work en route to the PhD).
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Mel Originally Answered: Does my poem make since? I am writing for creative writing and everyone in my family says its really good.?
Yes...It's good you are writing, and you certainly have something to say. However, the poem as is, needs editing. For a start, the double spacing does it no favours, and you are using too many 'small' and unnecessary words. In this context, you also do not need to capitalise so much. Finally, breaking it up into stanzas, will create a greater impact! Having said all that, do not ever be put off by criticism, and please carry on writing. Your poem is worth working on :)) -------

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