I am so sad i need comfort?

I am so sad i need comfort? Topic: I am so sad i need comfort?
June 16, 2019 / By Alesha
Question: it's about my decision I made as I entered college.. im so depressed or something.. i dont know what's the right term for this.. I am now studying Accountancy but I am not really sure if it is that what i like.. for the first week, it seems like things for me are really hard.. i am not comfortable with my classmates, the lessons,.. participating in the class.. i never raised my hand because i am afraid to speak, i cannot speak really straight english or even my own language when it comes to discussions.. i envy my classmates who could share their ideas in a very organized way and speak really straight. i blame myself for being so relaxed when i was in highschool.. now i cannot take the pressure.. i am quite like suicidal but i always remember my dad that he worked to send us to college... i am so worried in the course. i have to get an average of 85 and above.... what if i don't get to pass in my first year.. the money spent would be really wasted... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... T__________T in the course, i have to get an average of 85 and above.. tank u for the quick response.. :)
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Truman Truman | 5 days ago
Don't worry about speaking in class. That doesn't really improve your overall grade anyway. Just listen and take it all in. Focus on the text and what the professor says. Get someone to talk to that speaks your language if possible. A counselor who has the time to see you once a week would be best. Most young people have some difficulty adjusting to college life. It is to be expected.
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Rex Rex
Im an accountancy major too.. yah, it's tough, but you should get friends to help you~ if you cant speak in class, make sure you speak to your prof afterwards, else u dont gain at all
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Melville Melville
Please go to the Counseling Center at your college. Make an appointment to talk to someone. The person can help you figure out what steps you need to take to help yourself feel better. Good Luck and hang in there.
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Jolyon Jolyon
Quote from Micheal Jordan ' I have failed over and over that's why i succeeded' Think girl there is people who live under poverty. They might not be alive next hour. Just think how lucky you are. Your parents are still alive You have foods for tomorrow Access to medicine and clean water Be happy Don't worry
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Jolyon Originally Answered: How can I get some comfort from my mom?
If you are actually sick you are gonna look sick so people will believe you. And your mom, don't worry about her, she is maybe too busy or just thinks its an allergie. I don't reallu know, uou should ask someone like ur dad about hows mom actinh, or somone thta knows well uour mom. Well, this isn't gonna help much but I h ope you the best. G Good luck and do ur best

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