What would i argue in a essay about slavery in ancient Rome?

What would i argue in a essay about slavery in ancient Rome? Topic: What would i argue in a essay about slavery in ancient Rome?
June 20, 2019 / By Aletha
Question: This isn't cheating since we are allowed to pick anything we want on ancient Rome. Anyway if i were to pick this topic what would i argue about in my essay, also what would some body paragraph ideas?
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Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain | 6 days ago
Hello Arya, Slavery In Ancient Rome Ephesians 4:1-6 states, “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of the peace. There is one body and one Spirit –just as you were called to one hope just as you were called to one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is the over all and through all and in all”. This scripture is so powerful, yet so simple. Selected this passage because it pertains to everyone’s problems and daily issues. Drama does not discriminate by color, race, sex, age or class, it is a universal issues that we all must go through and learn from. I also selected this passage because of I am working on in my personal life. My mother always told me that you have to have patience, that is was a virtue. As a young girl I had no idea of the magnitude the characteristics of patience would be worth. I have a young son and with children you have to learn to be patient. Children have the ability to make you proud, however obtain the same ability to work you down to your last nerve. But over my several years of parenting and growing with Christ I’ve learned that I must first acquire patience with my child. Children are more prone to listen and be obedient when you use a warm and soft tone, rather than a yelling angry tone which in turn will scare them and discourage any type of obedience. This scripture is most important to me because I’ve learned so much from it. Not only have my son and I regained a strong relationship, but my husband has also reaped the benefits from my progress and spiritual gain. The passage says that you must bear with one another in love. Meaning that in order to gain progress and work on our own problems we must do it out of love and not malice. Read more info here: http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Slavery-Ancient-Rome/165507
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Tubal-Cain Originally Answered: Compare and contrast ancient Rome and ancient China?
Religion: Rome:First many gods,then one god.The religion can affect the politics. China:No single god.No single religion.No religion wars.Emperor can ban any religion if he wants.Religion has no influences in politics. Trade: Both trade a lot.but China limits trading since late Ming dynasty. Laws and govern: Rome:has slaves.has parliament. China:No slaves.Emperor and officers(scholars) rule the country,officers come from all people except merchants who can pass the imperial examination. Military: Rome:Most are infantry and short range combat. China:Most are crossbow,cavalry and infantry.Focus on mobility and long range combat. Social class: Rome:Noble,people,slave.Woman has few rights.Can't vote. China:Emperor,officer(scholar),people.... also has few rights,most in moral area.however,woman has great rights when her son get married,or in palace,they become the empress dowager.Old woman is the second highest powerful one(lower than husband) in a family.Empress dowager can also abolish the Emperor.
Tubal-Cain Originally Answered: Compare and contrast ancient Rome and ancient China?
religion: - rome: they belivined monotheism which is the belief in multible gods like sun gods and stuff- china-: they had cathlic ministries come in around the ming dynasty to try to convert them to cathlicism trade: rome actualy traded with china across the silk road ....... they traded pottery.spices,etc... also they exchanged history and storys of they're countrys in exchange for items laws: the romans put they're laws up in public for all of rome to see ( roman laws were very strict ; actualy one of the most stricktest) china: i havent looked at that yet were still in the china unit militia: rome rome as every one knows has one of the best military's in the worlds history because of there intence training and smart military leaders; they also had iron weapons and armor, china..: they had a navy of hundreds of fleets. the fleets had up to 60, 300 foot ships and up to 25.000 sailors per a fleet. social classes : in rome they had emperors and military leaders that were of the highest but... priests i belive could overthrow the emperors requests because the gods said that is good or bad.. women had bearly no rights , they couldnt vote, and they couldn't eat with men ( the men ate with other men around a boys teenage life the boy could eat with the men .. ) women could eat only with children ... they mainly stayed at home watching children and doing chores... slaves were of the lowest some romans took the countrys that they took over and took they're men and made them a slave army other slaves just were servants..... in china allll i know is that there were emperors

Reynard Reynard
You could talk about the economic effect,and how that went on to have a social and political effect. As the territory controlled by Roma expanded,particularly in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC,there were more and more slaves,who eventually ended up doing the jobs previously done by the lower classes.This was particularly true in agriculture,where rich Senators from the aristocracy appropriated the land of many plebeians,using slaves to work land that was consolidated into huge farms called latifundia on a profit basis.This left a lot of lower class Romans unemployed and without any means of subsistence,so caused economic,social,and political unrest that culminated in the overthrow of the Republic - by a rich aristocrat who gained the backing of the army and the common people by promising much needed social and political reforms that removed much of their political power from the aristocratic Senators.
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Melvin Melvin
some have been, some weren't. If a slave became right into a craftsman or provider provider before enslaved, or discovered the talents and talents, then the owner ought to enable the slave in truth stay aside (if depended on) to coach the craft. In such circumstances there must be a residing allowance. Frugality there, or superb provider, ought to bring about adequate for the slave to purchase his or her (or toddler's) freedom. no longer all had such jobs. in case you have been interior the grimy jobs or untrusted, you have been fed a ration of nutrition and chained up at night (or maybe on the activity). This became into no longer the placement to earn a manner out, frugal or no longer. presently a patrician (greater type) mansion became into explored in its basement section. there became right into a honeycomb of little caves and a low-ceiling tunnel way for the slaves to stay in at night. The residential caves have been glaring by utilising the carved flat section the size of a mattress, and a steel setting up for the ring to which the slaves have been chained each and every night. One tale must be exciting to you in spite of the indisputable fact that. a minimum of one census became into made, however the outcomes by no skill introduced for concern that the slaves would comprehend how diverse they have been and upward push as much as kill their masters. We do have one occasion, the Bible, New testomony in specific. interior the letters the Christians have been inspired to evaluate themselves as God's slave, in the event that they have been unfastened, and comprehend that before God they have been freemen, in the event that they have been slaves. In the two experience, they owed their very final possession and allegiance to God. This, in spite of the undeniable fact that, says no longer something approximately chaining your self and your loved ones in a cave each and every night. The hint is that slave or unfastened, human beings have been given around. nonetheless, in case you have been a slave and did no longer come back out of your appointments, nicely, there would be hassle. Paul got here across that certainly one of his followers became into an escaped slave, and that Paul knew the owner, so Paul wrote a letter to Philemon as he despatched Onesemus residing house the place he belonged.
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Melvin Originally Answered: Ancient Rome vs Ancient Egypt?
How are these? Art, Entertainment, Language/Writing, Pharaoh power versus Roman Emperor power, Calendars, Transportation, Houses, Cities, Compare the role of women, Irrigation, Taxes, Burials, Clothing, Trade, Slaves (rights and lack of freedoms), And the Environment (Rome versus Egypt's Northern and Southern capitals).

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