Yellow jacket In the back yard?

Yellow jacket In the back yard? Topic: Yellow jacket In the back yard?
July 20, 2019 / By Alethea
Question: I have a nest of yellow jackets that built they're nest in an old box that I didn't know was back there. It was a rather large box. I have used everything I can think of to kill them but they keep coming back. I can't get to the queen. I would just douse with gas and set on fire but its rather close to my house. Am I kind of screwed and just need suit up and move the nest while they're alive so I can burn them or is there another way? HELP!!!!!
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Tucker Tucker | 7 days ago
There are all kinds of sprays you can use to kill them. Once they're dead, remove the box. If you don't want to remove the box then the nest will be rebuilt. I had the same problem with ground nesting bees ( the large kind). I tried everything and they kept coming back with days. I finally poured a small container of fuel injector cleaner ( can be bought at any auto store, Walmart, etc.) and that solved the problem. Another product is Pyganic Dust AKA Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust.
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Rhett Rhett
you dont have to kill them to get rid of them... a simple solution to remove them is by purchasing a pound of dry ice and putting it as close to the box as possible, then spraying it with a hose so you can be at distance... the cold from the ice will either drive away the wasps or freeze them so you can then remove the box thus removing the nest... REMEMBER, they serve a purose in nature & destroying them instead of rezoning them can cause damaging effects......
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Melvyn Melvyn
i suppose you could call a professional exterminator, they handle this sort of thing all the time. just google "pest exterminator". you want to be very careful when dealing with yellow jackets - they are a lot more aggressive in protecting there hive than other bees and wasps
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