How would volunteering at Habitat for Humanity help a company with team building skills?

How would volunteering at Habitat for Humanity help a company with team building skills? Topic: How would volunteering at Habitat for Humanity help a company with team building skills?
June 20, 2019 / By Alexa
Question: I recently started working at Habitat and need help with this presentation I have to give. The company is interested in learning how if their management team were to spend a day building a house for a needy family, how this would strengthen/reinforce/provide better team playing/building skills amongst their managment? If any one has any ideas it will help add to mine possibly. Thank you!! :)
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Tudor Tudor | 9 days ago
At our build last saturday members had differances about how to put the haryplank around the windows. Everyone discussed openly their view and the they did it the way I told them to. I love Team Building. Just going to a Habitat site and building by itself is not as good as an organized Corporate Team Building Exersize with proper planning and leadership. I recomend sending prospective employees to see how they work in a team prior to hiring them. Habitat for Humanity also offers a unique structured Team Building Day for corporate sponsors. The setting is a Habitat for Humanity construction site and the participants help build a home which, in and of itself, is a great team building experience. But in an addition, an individualized program can be conducted by Dr. Chris Fernandez (Ph. D. Organization Behavior, Case Western Reserve University) who currently teaches at Benedictine University in the field of Management and Organizational Behavior. The day’s program will focus on teambuilding, conflict management, giving and receiving feedback, team problem solving and decision-making. Prior to the build day, a representative from the company will have the opportunity to discuss current work place issues with Dr. Fernandez who will then use the information to focus the day’s activities. Upon arrival on site, the group will receive instruction from Dr. Fernandez. Throughout the day, the group will have the opportunity to put the presented concepts into actual use in building a Habitat house. At the end of the day, Dr. Fernandez will conduct a debriefing session where the group can review the concepts, focus on what worked and what didn’t, and specifically what learnings can be taken back to the work environment. Corporate Team Building Program Experiential Team Building …with a Social Conscience (Group Volunteer Opportunities for Corporations) Looking for ways to build the effectiveness of your organization? Improve Communication, Cooperation, and Camaraderie Interact with coworkers from all levels of the corporate hierarchy Strengthen Team Spirit and Morale Looking for ways to give back to the community? Provide the funds needed to continue building affordable homes in the Salt Lake Volunteer the time and expertise of your group members Experience the thrill of seeing the immediate results of your labor Work along side the future homeowners THE TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM The Team Building Program is a way for groups to take a day out of the office to work together as a team. The group will benefit from an informal team building experience, doing something they probably have never done before - build a home! The group will have to communicate, cooperate and get a job done. Leaders will emerge and lines of hierarchy will be broken down. No construction skills or tools are required. Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity will provide skilled construction staff to train the volunteers and supervise construction. All tools, food and building materials needed for the day will be provided.
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Tudor Originally Answered: how long does the application process for habitat for humanity take?
How it Works: When South Shore Habitat is just about ready to begin construction on a new home, the Family Selection Process begins. First, one or two Housing Application Meetings are held. Families interested in applying for the home must attend one of these meetings, since it is the only way to get an application for a home. Families then fill out the applications and turn them in at the specified location and time. Our Family Selection Committee reads through the applications and visits families at their homes to determine the families who meet our criteria, but also have the most need for the home. Finally, with help from the Board of Directors, one family is chosen. The selected family immediately starts their "sweat equity" hours. After completing the required number of hours, the family purchases the home at cost and pays a 20-year, zero-interest mortgage loan financed by Habitat for Humanity. The family pays monthly mortgage payments in addition to paying for property taxes, insurance, and home up-keep. South Shore Habitat for Humanity uses the principal payments to finance future home construction or renovations for other families with housing needs in the South Shore area. Who Can Apply: Families who can demonstrate a severe housing need, whose income is within Habitat guidelines, and who are willing to partner with South Shore Habitat for Humanity are encouraged to apply to purchase a home. Families will be chosen without respect to age, sex, sexual preference, disability, race, religion, or national origin. The Application: Prospective homeowners are required to attend a Housing Application Meeting in order to apply for a South Shore Habitat home. Applications are only available at these meetings. We do not have a waiting list and do not mail applications. For Housing Application Meeting information, please click here. At the Housing Application Meetings, prospective homeowners will receive a six-page application, which will ask for the following: Current Living Situation: Current living arrangements, sources of income, cost of rent, who currently lives with the prospective homeowners, who would live with the prospective homeowners in the Habitat home. Financial Information: Savings, pensions, investments, bankruptcies, tax liens, credit history, family budget worksheet, proof of income, latest Federal Tax Return or W2 forms. Employment Information: Current employer's information, job history, job title, income. Statement of Need: Prospective homeowners will be asked to write a short letter describing how South Shore Habitat can help their family with their housing situation. The Application Process: Application to Qualification takes approximately 6-8 weeks. After receiving an application at one of the Housing Application Meetings, prospective homeowners will be given about two weeks to fill it out. Applications must be returned on or before the specified date to South Shore Habitat (28 River Street, Braintree). About 2-3 weeks after applications are returned, the Family Selection Committee will call to arrange for a home visit to interview the applicants and to inspect the current housing situation. After completing all the necessary home visits, the Family Selection Committee will review and verify all the information on the applications and present several qualified families to the Board of Directors, who will make the final decision. All applicants will be notified verbally and in writing of the Board's decision. If families wish to apply for future Habitat homes, they must attend a new Housing Application Meeting and fill out an updated application.
Tudor Originally Answered: how long does the application process for habitat for humanity take?
I am a Habitat for humanity home owner. PLEASE take my advice DO NOT save yourself from stress.Save so you can purchase your own home. I have been going through a whole lot since I bought from them. They are a pack of liars sad it's low income families they take advantage of. PLEASE don't do it you will regret it.

Richard Richard
ever tried to pick up a wall by yourself? It's next to impossible, but put 12 people on it and suddenly;y it becomes easy. That's the point they are wanting to hear. Together things become easier. The problem with most offices is that you have a few people that think they know what they are doing, a few more that make sure those few know what to do, and a few more that actually do the work. It's the guy that swings the hammer that knows the most about nails, not the guy that looks good in a hardhat with a roll of blueprints in his hand. I
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Merari Merari
If you visit someplace like the Point of Light Foundation, you can find tons of articles on EVP (Enployee Volunteer Programs) that will help you provide some statistics to strengthen your presentation. Also Deloitte & Touche have produced some wonderful articles on coroprate volunteerism as well. Bear in mind, none of them are H4H specific, you'll have to take the bits and pieces you need to tailor to your presentation (using proper citations, of course! :)) You can also check out the Independent Sector - lots of good information there!!
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I don't want to rain on your parade but the cost for this thing will be much more than you think. Maybe two times what you expect.That is always the case. I have been involved in thousands of projects of various types and only once have I seen the project completed within budget. The more complex and demanding, the greater the cost over run. I suggest you scale down your project to fit something smaller like a pair of lab rats or gerbils. That will greatly reduce the costs. open up more options for the various items you will need but will still involve the same engineering requirements.

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