What are some creative things to improve homework?

What are some creative things to improve homework? Topic: What are some creative things to improve homework?
June 16, 2019 / By Alexandra
Question: i wanna feel smart again! ... i mean not only by grades cause my grades kinda satisfied me this year (i was expecting for worse) i wanna feel smart again by impressing my teachers (that used to make me feel confident!) Pwetty pweeze! Tips on how to be more creative with your homework/research paper? thanks. ^^
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Turlough Turlough | 10 days ago
Aim for an A+ and don't be satisfied with anything else. Also, handing your work in early impresses teachers.
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Turlough Originally Answered: Will reading more often improve my attempts at creative writing?
If you read incessently, it might. Since you've already read anything, you've effectively polluted the rivers of influence, as far as being affected by another's style. But no man is an island unto himself, and there is nothing new under the sun... Read others' works. Be influenced by their contributions to our collective written work. Be influenced to contribute your own, unique and personal views, in unique and personal ways. You should interest yourself in absorbing the successful creative works of other authors, meld details of what makes them successes into your overall dialect. Try to determine what worked for them and how you can incorporate their merits into your storytelling.
Turlough Originally Answered: Will reading more often improve my attempts at creative writing?
It's always good to read. And reading more....will definitely help. But you should also read books, essays, articles, etc that help you understand what is going on in those books you're reading. One can read a good book and not quite understand what an author has done. So I definitely suggest reading books on creative writing. There are some great ones out there. If you are truly yourself, without posing or game-playing, your own style will emerge. Just read some books on creative writing. Learn the elements of storytelling and how to craft a good story. There are also some good FREE ezines out there such as Fiction Factor which help you understand the basics of creative writing. I would also recommend joining an online writers and/or critique group. Yahoo has a lot of those. Online Writing Workshop is good too, but you have to pay them $50 a month. A good investment. (They will let you have the first month free) I wouldn't really be too concerned with your style. Style happens naturally. As long as you're honest, your story should come out feeling real and there shouldn't be too much influence from any other writer.

Richie Richie
try writing in your best hand writing(easy to read) turn in work early (teacher like that) never slack on your school work if you can (teachers wont be impressed if you slack) try going for an A+ to make your work harder make sure your homework is not wrinkly (teachers hate that) and if its research paper look for unique information and make sure it is organized hopefully i could help you please rate me top contributers i love when people do that :)
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Meredith Meredith
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Meredith Originally Answered: How can I improve my english and creative writing skills for university?
Here are some tips for Improving English skills. Don't Be Shy Find a Conversation Group Watch Television Read Aloud Share

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