Question for people who have been to a Taylor Swift concert and invited to the T-Party!?!?

Question for people who have been to a Taylor Swift concert and invited to the T-Party!?!? Topic: Question for people who have been to a Taylor Swift concert and invited to the T-Party!?!?
June 26, 2019 / By Alexia
Question: Hey! I'm going to my first Taylor Swift concert (also my first concert EVER) in about three weeks. I'm so excited. I'm going with my mom (my best friend) and we have bad set's (but I don't really care, my excitedness is getting in the way of me caring! ahah). But I was wondering if anyone from this blog has ever been invited into the t-party?? Cause that's our goal. We're writing lyrics on the same arm she does (lyrics to her song Permanent Marker), and the number 13 on the same hand she does. We're making sign's, custom t-shirts, and dying our hair really bright pink or blue or some other neon color. Well long story short, if anyone's been in the to the t-party I was wondering if they could give up a % of how likely our chances are!!??? THANKS!! (Or any hint's of how to get into the t-party??) Thanks again!!! (also, we'd be dancing and singing and freaking out like crazy too.. lol). (BUT THE WAY I'M PICKING A BEST ANSWER MYSELF, SO IF YOU POST CRAP ABOUT TAYLOR IS HORRIBLE YOU WILL NOT BE PICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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Tybalt Tybalt | 2 days ago
*Make signs and hold them in the concert or you could buy GLOW STICKS Put big letters on it and write something like, 'I'm your BIGGEST fan' or PLEASE pick me!!!!' make sure it is visible and make sure that it stands out cause lots of people will have signs. You could also use GLOW IN THE DARK paint *wear sparkly dress (blue,white, or pink) (her fave color is blue) and wear boots --it's optional or wear "T-party" shirt or other Taylor Swift shirts *put "13" on your hands and "I *You either going to curl your hair or get blonde wigs. *get up the front and be loud and crazy, she says shes picking the craziest fan? be crazy then but not creepy. Shout things like 'I LOVE YOU' and PICK ME' jump around and scream and yell. Look like you're having an amazing time. Her mom usually walks around the floor area looking for fans to give T-Party passes too. I think you have to look like you're having a lot of fun and that you're just having the best time of your life. If you see her, definitely approach her.
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Tybalt Originally Answered: What should I write on my Taylor Swift concert tshirt?
I like the its a love story baby just say yes or on the back you could write all of your favorite quotes from every song of hers that you like.

Rickey Rickey
Sorry I have never been to the t party, but I did go to her concert! They sell poster board lights so if your making signs you could put the lights on there. All I know is that people and I think taylor swifts mom look for people with the most spirit. And I think they look everywhere, so I dont think tour seats will affect you too much. You sound like two very spirited people and have three weeks to get ready. My mom told me k was going the day before so I didn't have much time . I went to the concert in Massachusetts at gillete stadium and It was pouring rain but she still stayed out. I am sorry for not have actually been there., but I know you will have fun and enjoy every mintue of it, because it goes my quick! Have. A great time! :) my favorite is haunted when she is hitting this big bell with a stick thingy. Well I have alot of favorite parts but ya. :)
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Merle Merle
I went to her concert in Buffalo, and it was AMAZING. One of my friends didn't get selected for the T-Party, but her group was in the top section and got selected to go to the sound booth, where Taylor performs a few songs! One of Taylor's publicist people picked them out. They had light up signs, custom shirts and were tweaking out. Haha. It's mainly just the luck of the draw. My brother took me for my birthday and he accidentally got the worst tickets like ever... Haha. We were on the very top row of the entire stadium, and I'm deathly afraid of heights.. BUT I still had an amazing time. Even if you don't get picked, you'll have an awesome time, no matter where your seats are. (:
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Jonty Jonty
I feel it is a well suggestion to mention it is your birthday. Dressing up and being wild and loopy will without doubt get you spotted. Also, it sounds as if her mother is constantly through the sound board and you'll provide your items to her and Taylor constantly will get them. They pick lovers from everywhere the group, in which your seats are does not particularly subject.
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Jonty Originally Answered: Taylor swift t-party?
Yes and here is some advice on how to get in the T-Party room. Andrea Finlay Swift (Taylor's mom) begins looking as soon as Taylor reaches the stage. However, she chooses people for the T-Party Room that look like super fans or people that are having the best time. Usually, she chooses people from the back area. If you would like to get in I suggest making a colorful sign with her lyrics on them with certain letters in one color that ends up spelling out T P A R T Y. I also suggest bringing a lot of glow sticks and practically covering your body in them. You should bring money to the concert to buy one of Taylor's shirts and then change into that shirt. You may want to bring a small gift to give to Taylor in the T-Party room. If your seats are torwards the front, you have a high chance of seeing Andrea. If you see Andrea you can ask her how you can get your gift to Taylor and she will most likely get you into the T-Party Room! :) Here are a few looks: Taylor's Natural Look- 1) To even skin tone, mix a dollop of moisturizer with a dollop of tinted moisturizer or foundation. To find your exact hue, test it on your jawline. Apply with a sponge. 2) With a small brush, "use a vanilla shadow all over your eyelids" says Taylor's make-up artist, then layer on a shimmering taupe. "Finish with a little bit of liner and mascara." 3) With fingertips, tap a sheer cream cheek color or cheek gel onto the apples of cheeks. Blend by working it in circles. (To find the apple: smile and look up, and it pops!) 4) Apply a sheer lip gloss with fingertips. "A soft peachy coral is one of my favorites for Taylor," Taylor's make-up artist says. "This is a beautiful everyday look for anyone!" -- Taylor's Glam Look: 1) After foundation, brush on a concealer-one shade lighter than your foundation-under eye circles. Blend into inner corners and along the inside bridge of your nose. 2) Apply pewter shadow. Sweep liquid eye liner from inner corner to outer edge, flicking your wrist to make a tail. "Add several coats of lengthening mascara," says Taylor's make-up artist (Lorrie Turk). 3) Brush on a rosy-bronze blush for a sculpted glow. Or alternatively, do what Lorrie Turk sometimes do with Swift: "Use nothing, and let your natural flush be the color." 4) "Finish the look with a rich wine lipstick," Turk says. Apply with a lip brush so it absorbs better. Be sure to paint the entire mouth, all the way to the inner corners. -- Or wear Covergirl Nature Luxe line because Taylor is the spokes model for it! :) I really hope I helped Source(s): I know absolutely everything about Taylor so if you have a Taylor Swift question, feel free to ask. :)

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