Urgent! I hurt my foot BAD. Hospital?

Urgent! I hurt my foot BAD. Hospital? Topic: Urgent! I hurt my foot BAD. Hospital?
June 16, 2019 / By Alexis
Question: Okay so way earlier today around 3-4pm I slid down the stairs in my house and my foot fell under my bottom and I SLAMMED all my body weight onto my foot. It didn't really hurt at all, I actually laughed because my best friend watched me fall. Just about an hour or two ago though my I was laying in bed doing homework for about and hour and half and I tried to get up to get some water and my foot just started THROBBING with pain. It is a very sharp and swollen feeling pain and I can't move my toes, my foot, or my leg without it hurting. It even hurts now and I'm not even moving it! I called in my mom and she looked at it and told me to put it up (she's really delirious tired though and didn't pay much attention). I want to know if you think I should go to the hospital tonight or just wait it out until morning. I mean I can't move unless I hop on one foot and EVEN then it hurts bad still /: What do I do? What do you think happened?
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Tylar Tylar | 4 days ago
That sounds exactly like me. I hurt my leg during sport one time at school and afterwards at a friends house it started throbbing and I noticed a massive bruise and bump there :P Just keep it elevated with ice and all that. I never went to the hospital. It will probably last for a few days but it will ease pretty fast aswell :)
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Rickie Rickie
Well, I would first look at the foot, if it starts swelling then there could be a splitered bone in it or it is really badly sprained. I would wait it out untill morning just to make sure its not just twisted. Good luck
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Merlyn Merlyn
It sounds like you sprained it. If it starts to swell or bruise it'd go to the hospital now. Otherwise id just keep ice on it and elevate it. I would get it checked out tomorrow though.
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