Why did someone turn this answer in as a violation?

Why did someone turn this answer in as a violation? Topic: Why did someone turn this answer in as a violation?
June 16, 2019 / By Algoma
Question: Someone asked this: Why are there so many very poor people in Mexico. I answered this way. Why was it considered a violation? From "A history of Latinos in America" by Juan Gonzalez. Mexico and other parts of Latin America suffer from the most uneven distribution of wealth in its history. Before the 1980s, Latin Americans generally protected their domestic industries through heavy government ownership, high tariffs, and import substitution. Mexico pursued that policy from 1940 to 1980. It averaged annual growth rates of more than 6 percent, with manufacturing output and real wages for workers growing consistently. Then came the debt crisis. Mexico was gradually pressured by U.S.-controlled international financial institutions to adopt neoliberal free trade policies. This included selling public assets and increasing exports to pay its debt. The government sold off most of its state owned companies and privatized the banks. Instead of bringing prosperity, privatization deepened the chasm between the rich and the poor. New Mexican billionaires emerged, real wages plummeted and 200,000 Mexicans lost their jobs. The term free trade seems positive at first glance. Won't increased trade with the U.S. bring increased prosperity to Mexico? History shows that most major industrialized nations did not practice free trade during their early periods of economic growth, including the U.S. They used high tariffs to protect their domestic industries from foreign competition, as Mexico was doing before the free trade agreement. Only when countries such as England and the U.S. gained advantage over all other countries did they begin advocating free trade. Despite this historical record, neoliberal economists in the advanced industrial nations continue to praise the fall of tariffs and the growth of free trade in places such as Mexico. In reality, 2/3 of all the trade in the world is between multinational corporations, and one-third of it represents multinational trading with their own foreign subsidiaries. As a result, the largest private traders and employers in Mexico today are not Mexican firms but U.S. corporations. If free trade leads to greater prosperity, why has economic inequality soared and poverty deepened in virtually every Third World country that adopted neoliberal free trade policies? Source(s): Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez
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Tyrell Tyrell | 7 days ago
this is nearly the exact theme of my senior thesis last year and everything you said is true. probably some neoliberal, uneducated, schmuck who shops at Walmart and works for Exxon-Mobil turned you in.
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Tyrell Originally Answered: Why did I get a violation notice for my homework answer?
Your violation was probably for 'Abuse of the Q & A format' - not an answer to the question asked. The violation notice sometimes is specific if the reporters added more to their reports than just clicking a button ... Read the violation notice again, but don't bother appealing - you have no grounds, since you did not actually answer the question ... Yahoo! Answers does have a section specifically for Homework Help, so obviously it does not feel as if these sorts of questions are cheating. That section of Answers is very active, so many other users rely on the Answers site, whether the answers are accurate or not is their risk ...

Riel Riel
regrettably, i do no longer think of there's a manner. I even have had some solutions deleted(no longer virtually Islam) using fact somebody did no longer like my answer. It wasn't impolite, it wasn't racist, there became actually no reason to delete my answer. somebody in basic terms did no longer like the respond and that they made a grievance. I despatched an digital mail and appealed it asking why that they had deleted it. I have been given the comparable conventional reproduction and paste answer asserting they could look into it and not in any respect heard from them back approximately it. curiously Y/A does not have adequate human beings to look into each and every grievance so if somebody complains they only delete it without investigating it.
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Merritt Merritt
The trolls are loose in the land, and there is no rhyme or reason for their activity: they will flag the most innocuous question or answer, and with Yahoo's execrable system for dealing with such, you will get violations for no good reason. A group has been formed to try to get this fixed; see: [email protected] However, your answer does have a major error: trade creates value, and the claim that poverty has increased due to trade is simply not true.
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Jordi Jordi
In an economic model, maybe, rhsaunders, but in reality the neoliberal policies within which trade takes place DO create poverty. Someone didn't like your opinion so they reported you. Lame.
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Hamuel Hamuel
I would not take it personally. Different people have different views. I personally don't believe anything is wrong with the answer.
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Eddy Eddy
Because you're writing copyrighted material, and that's illegal. It wasn't me, but that is what it sounds like.
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Eddy Originally Answered: If my answer gets reported as a violation & I appeal, how will I know the result(s)?
Yes, they will send you an email telling they are sorry for removing your content in a day or so. This is a copy of the email they will send you. I got this one about two months ago. ______________________________ Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Answers. We have reviewed your appeal request. Upon review, we found that your content was not in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines, Yahoo! Community Guidelines or the Yahoo! Terms of Service. Your content has been reposted to Yahoo! Answers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Answers. Regards, Sophie Yahoo! Customer Care For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit: http://help.yahoo.com/

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