What is an alternative cure for bad odor in the air pits?

What is an alternative cure for bad odor in the air pits? Topic: What is an alternative cure for bad odor in the air pits?
June 16, 2019 / By Alis
Question: We have a 12 year old foster child who reeks under the arms, washing and deodorant daily isnt helping. deniseino, that is exactly what she smells like.
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Ulric Ulric | 4 days ago
When armpits start to really stink it generally means that the lymph glands are not draining properly - and smelling like onions is exactly what that smells like. That smell is the glands trying to drain through the skin since it's usual route is blocked. Most commercial deodorant products are contributing factors in clogging these glands - and while using a stronger brand will seem to solve the problem, what it is actually doing is sealing the area (usually with aluminum) so that no smell gets out and clogging the other route for toxins to leave the lymph glands. I would consider stopping deodorant all together and using hot compresses on the armpit to help loosen and increase the circulation in the area - maybe put a couple drops of citrus or peppermint essential oils on the rag too. I personally would also start taking Lobelia (in liquid or capsule form) because it is great at helping the lymph drain. Another thing that will help is any kind of bouncing activity - jumping rope, jogging, mini tramp, walking etc. That bouncing motion in the body helps the lymph drain also. All natural clothing fibers (no polyester) might be helpful too - 100% cotton is often best. Here are the all natural products I use: Liquid Lobelia: http://www.mynsp.com/carole/products/gui... Tastes bad, but less so when my body needs it - not too bad with 1 squirt in a large glass of ice water Lobelia Capsules: http://www.mynsp.com/carole/products/gui... Taste is not an issue with these, but they can make you nauseaus if you take too many - I use max 1 in the morning and 1 at night after I have eaten something Peace!
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Rio Rio
First of all if your foster child actually reeks from body odor you need to communicate that to the agency, if you find it impossible to remedy. Have you tried an anti-perspirant applied after a daily bath. A daily bath should be mandatory for utmost personal hygiene . Also she is going through puberty so the thought strikes me as she may need to start shaving under her arms as this is when feminine personal hygiene comes in to place. Underarms breads bacteria due to the sweat glands and the location, therefore any dark, warm place is a haven for microorganisms. The best solution is a daily bath or daily shower in the morning , however, the underarm needs to be dryed well and then the anti-perspirant applied (to a clean shaven area if needed) and she should see good results. Sooooooo just teach her these good habits and be certain she follows through every morning. Good Luck!
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Mesech Mesech
Carole gave you an excellent answer and she is probably correct. You need to change her diet. No Soda's, lots of water, daily bowel movements, achidophillus, Lots fresh fruits and vegies. Very little juices as they are full of sugar and the frozen ones have fungus causing elements. Here is another website but this is probably going to get permission to do some of these things. Changing the ph of the body is most important. Put Ph stabilization into a search engine and read up on it.
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Josh Josh
A doctor can give you prescription anti-perspirant, which is a lot stronger than regular deordant. Also, take a shower at night and put deordant on while you sleep. In the morning, wipe off the old deordant and put on a fresh coat. While you`re sleeping your skin will absorb the deordant which could help.
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Hanley Hanley
I am going to give you a web site where you can buy shirts that help to regulate body temp. I am not sure if this will help, but my husband has over active sweat glands and can get all nasty and sweaty when just sitting and these clothes have really helped us. Good luck and I hope you are able to help the child soon.
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