Why hasn't the problem of high school dropouts been solved?

Why hasn't the problem of high school dropouts been solved? Topic: Why hasn't the problem of high school dropouts been solved?
June 16, 2019 / By Alisa
Question: I'm writing a proposal paper about preventing high school dropouts and I'd like to know your opinion on what our school systems could do about it, also why haven't they done anything yet? Thanks!!! (:
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Best Answers: Why hasn't the problem of high school dropouts been solved?

Ulrick Ulrick | 5 days ago
You have a good question, but most of the time the Dropouts are really suffering in their Home life. Most suffer from inadequate Parents and sometimes only one parent. They lack nice clean clothes, they lack a good Mother who does not give a rats azz. Then they have no money. No money for School activities or Lunch's Many are embarrassed because they have to get Free Lunch. Many times they are exposed to drugs, Weed, and Alcohol. Many students are addicted to Cigarettes. They can't endure the entire school day without a cigarette. Many kids get jobs because of severe Poverty and quit school to work. Many Mothers are addicted to Opeits. They lay in bed until noon. Many of the Students are on medications that make them sleep til noon. Many of the Dropouts suffer from Low self-esteem, because of the horrible home life. The Schools try to help, but sometimes the home life damage is so severe, that it is almost impossible for the Kid to hold his head up high. Many times the girls have no nice clothes and the list goes on and on.
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Ulrick Originally Answered: How come Global Warming hasn't solved this problem?
Ain't gonna happen, as Global Warming (now Climate Change) is nothing but a myth. The same "Scientists" screaming global warming are also the same ones who were yammering about global cooling during the 60s & 70s. Seems they want it both ways, but are unwilling to admit that their disaster in the making, is nothing more than a very long term cycle of warming and cooling that has gone on for millions of years.

Riordan Riordan
There is a good reason for that. Most of the time people drop out because people find it too stressful to deal with. Others are bullied into dropping. Some just find a job and quit school instead.
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Meshech Meshech
Its not just about the schools..... The parents are the main issue here..... What are "they" doing?.... Look - its like this - You can lead a horse to water - but you cant force it to drink..... The schools can only do so much - so it gets down to this.... If Johnny wants to drop out and his parents don't care then what can the schools do?.... Not much!.....
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Joshaphat Joshaphat
What's wrong with dropping out of high school? There are many other ways to be educated than going to school.
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Joshaphat Originally Answered: Is the problem with high school students that fact that they don't know they are HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?
Is is possible that the "problem" actually is that adults don't understand or care that while they are doing their jobs and dealing with all their issues...so are we? I get up at 5:30 in the morning, I walk the dogs, take out the trash, bring the laundry down and wake up the kids. Then I get the bus in time, not because it's the best time for me, but it's the best time for the adults in my life... Here goes...by your rules... I go to school an hour earlier than my younger brothers so that I get home an hour earlier...it's really 30 minutes earlier...than my brothers. Then, I take care of them until 6:30 when our parents come home. I feel like I'm doing the best I can, but in fact I am an unpaid babysitter for my younger siblings. When I have to stay up late to do my homework, I'm told lights out. When I wanted to play soccer and go out for the track team....NO, you can't stay after for practices...you have to get your brothers off the bus! Don't tell me about what I don't know about LIFE...I LIVE IT EVERY DAY!

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