Does it annoy you when people use word shortcuts such as "brb" or "omg"?

Does it annoy you when people use word shortcuts such as "brb" or "omg"? Topic: Does it annoy you when people use word shortcuts such as "brb" or "omg"?
June 16, 2019 / By Alisia
Question: It annoys me. I especially hate it when people spells words wrong on purpose to make them either shorter or more "hip". It's draining the minds of our youth and tainting the english language. Some people can't even spell basic words such as "cool", "can", or "really" anymore. Many people have even lost the ability to determine which "there (their or they're)" to use in certain situations. I feel as though, generally, it encourages people to be just a little dumber. I'd like to know what you guys think, though.
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Best Answers: Does it annoy you when people use word shortcuts such as "brb" or "omg"?

Upton Upton | 9 days ago
It really only bothers me when they use it in the wrong situations. If someone wants to talk like an illiterate schmuck in personal emails or text messages then thats their problem. But when they use it in reports at work, in academic papers they submit to my classes, resumes, job applications or in official or semi official letters then I get frustrated. If you want to be taken as a mature, educated person then you have to come across as such in how you communicate.
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Robbie Robbie
I agree entirely. I can't understand how people expect to get their questions answered when I can hardly understand what they are asking. I really think it is a generational thing resulting from text messaging. People who text a lot get used to using those shortcuts and it becomes second nature to them. However, I think it shows a real attention deficit to not be able to use proper English in other situations.
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Micah Micah
Yeah i just use those because it is a lot shorter and faster to type but i just use Laugh Out Loud like LOL but you are soo right i will stop using short cuts because then i will get used to it and not be any smarter. Thanks for Posting!
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Joss Joss
well it doesn't annoy me when they use "omg" and "brb" and stuff like that. But it does annoy me when people use "their" for like "their coming tommorrow" for example. That really gets on my nerves. So yeah there's a lot of stupid people out there lol.
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Harding Harding
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Elada Elada
lol sorry, I am just laughing out loud! (see to much to write thats why we abbreviate everything)
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