HOMEWORK ! please help ?

HOMEWORK ! please help ? Topic: HOMEWORK ! please help ?
June 20, 2019 / By Alissa
Question: ok well i have this assessment where i have to write an argument with the question : " SHOULD A WHOLE CITY BE RELOCATED DUE TO THE THREAT OF A MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTION ? " what do you guys think ? why and why not ? i really need your help ; thanks :) xx
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Urban Urban | 1 day ago
First of all, I would probably do some research, I personally don't know too much about volcanoes and cities. But if people want to live in a place where there is a threat of a volcano erupting and they know that, then it's their choice if they want to live there or not. Generally, you can't avoid natural disasters, they are unpredictable and can happen at any time. Eg, no one knew there was going to be a tsunami like the one in Thailand in 2005 and to the extent of the damage. Do you think people should move just because something like that happened there and for everyone to avoid Thailand? I think not, because anything can happen, anywhere, anytime. If a city was built near a volcano, where would the people go? There may not be a volcano but there could be another natural disaster that happens. However cities have been totally wiped out due to volcanoes and yes some cities have been left abandoned because of them...
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Urban Originally Answered: HOMEWORK HELP! science homewrok please help! its pretty easy but i dont understand it. im dumb! HOMEWORK!?
Since the symbol is "Ar" it seems a pirate would make a good theme for your poster. For content, check on Wikipedia -- their page has lots of good poster type information.

Robert Robert
I think yes, you could bring in the example of pompeii where the entire island city was coated in lava because they wouldn't relocate when their volcano became active
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Micajah Micajah
Oh Goody!!! Arguements- Cons -leaving precious belongings (Can't Be Replaced) -city can just evacuate and then come back and live there again Pros -no trouble of moving again and again -If stay they get killed
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Jotham Jotham
depends on how major the threat is, - how many residents -where would they go? -how much would it cost to relocate
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Jotham Originally Answered: Why do users reply "Do ur own homework" if there's a HOMEWORK HELP section, under Education&Reference?
There is a BIG difference when someone asks for help and explains what they have already tried, or what part of a problem they don't understand or asks just for the general how do I get started on this problem. Anyone who answers one of these questions with "Do your own homework" is just point gaming. HOWEVER, someone who has obviously just copied the text from their ditto sheet and is asking 8 questions at once is obviously just looking for someone to DO their homework for them and isn't asking for help. The analogy is, when I sit down with my 8 year old, am I helping them arrive at the answer themselves, or am I pushing them aside and writing the answers down for them? My personal favorites are the ones where someone spent more time typing a question in here than opening up the calculator in windows or going to dictionary.com and doing it themselves. The other good ones are where someone (in highschool) types in 10 history questions that are all obviously short answer and hopes someone goes and does their research for them. I try to answer these in my best Dave Barry-ian fashion.

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