What would you do in this situation if you had a teen age daughter ?

What would you do in this situation if you had a teen age daughter ? Topic: What would you do in this situation if you had a teen age daughter ?
June 26, 2019 / By Alivia
Question: a man calls the house and ask to talk to your 16 year old daughter and when you ask ''who is this'' ?..he says..''none of your business,just put her on the phone''.....and when you talk to your daughter she says it was her 29 year old boyfriend and for you not to worry about it.
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Uria Uria | 3 days ago
Anyone calling my house and telling me "None of your business" would have got thoroughly cussed out and told never to call my house again. It's YOUR house and it is YOUR business. Get his number off of the Caller-ID and report him to the police. And if a child living in my house ever told me "don't worry about it" she would lose every privilege she has. Go into her bedroom and take everything except her bed and clothes. Pack up the cell phone, computer, I-Pod, Playstation, TV, CDs, DVDs, everything but the basic essentials. Tell her when she learns some respect and remembers whose house she is living in she can start getting them back, one item at a time. For example she writes you a letter of apology, she gets one thing back. A couple of days later tell her that if she write an essay on the importance or respecting your parents, she gets another item back, etc.
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Uria Originally Answered: Should I let my bf babysit my teen daughter?
I would be a little leery about that... Does your daughter have any friends that she can stay with while you're away? I know that you may love and trust your bf, but if your daughter doesn't really know him, then it's not really fair to her to leave her with a near stranger (especially a man) while you go away. I would see if there's any other option before letting your bf stay with her. How long have you been with this bf? How much do you know about his background? Just some things to think about. Maybe let your daughter make a suggestion of her own and then talk it it with her. :)

Rocky Rocky
I would have hung up the phone when getting that response from him. As to her response, I'm not sure what I would have done, but I certainly would have thought the worse. She doesn't realize it, but the only thing a 29 year old wants with a 16 year old is sex. I'd keep the local police department's direct # on speed dial. Perhaps draw her the analogy of people having a relationship with 13 years difference like a 23 year old and a 10 year old.
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Michael Michael
Well if he would have talk to me like that, I would have said, "No" and then hung up phone. If my daughter was dating a 29 year old, we would have a long talk. Being that she will not date a 29 year old, as that is too old, its not right either- perverted on his part as she would still be a child, and he is rude and disrespectful.
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Jubal Jubal
I'd just have replied "given you want to talk to my underage daughter, it sure is my business". Is he even aware she's only 16? By the way he's talking to you, I'm guessing maybe not. I would worry about it. Not just about the age difference but because of his attitude. If he really loved her you'd think he'd work his *ss off trying to get in your good books given the situation. I think I would tell my daughter to break up with this guy and let him know she's underage and therefore it's illegal for him to be dating her.
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Harley Harley
I would take away her phone. I would figure out more about the guy, have my husband have a talk with him, and trust me, he'd never call again! I would NEVER let my teen age daughter date someone almost twice her age. I'm very lucy I don't have a teenage daughter..yet.
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Harley Originally Answered: HELP! My teen daughter doesn't help take care of the baby?
At 13 years old she shouldnt be sitting on the computer and ignoring family things, that is not her fault, it is how you raised her. You should think about that when raising your son. Also, give her five bucks to watch him while you make dinner. OR, since she is your daughter, and you make the rules, instead of having her play role of mommy, which she seems like she is absolutely not interested in, tell her she HAS to set the table, make dinner, clean the living room, do the dishes, etc. You are her mother, you shouldnt be asking a forum how to get your child to help out. You tell her to help you or to do chores or she can have no computer or other things taken away. Simple as that. My child will not get paid to do household chores, she should be helping out and she will be.

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