My dad always calls me crazy for reading astrology.?

My dad always calls me crazy for reading astrology.? Topic: My dad always calls me crazy for reading astrology.?
June 26, 2019 / By Alline
Question: Never mind that he was never there for me anyways, otherwise i wouldn't have grew up as such a "weirdo" trying to understand life through astrology. But when i got into this stuff i read my birth chart from a variety of sites they say things that are so true about me that not even people closest to me know about. its kind of shocking. Anyways, I'm trying to understand how people don't believe this stuff. Then again im still trying to find the truth on it and how people come up with these things. Why do people call this "rubbish" ? i don't want to be brainwashed but there's a reason why such things are true about people. Am i being naive?
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Uzal Uzal | 10 days ago
my dad put it down too but whatever, i got this hobby from my grandmother which is his mom, and he even got me an astrology book once so i dont care. astrology is one of those things that he wasnt able to touch or alter my belief in any way.. and he was mad critical about everything and tore a lot of stuff down.. (virgo.) so, idk i'm amazed that i'm even still here and never once considered the fact that he's called this rubbish. i wish i did that for other things! you dont have to believe in astrology if you dont want to or if you dont enjoy it. sometimes it might seem upsetting if you find a part of yourself you dont like or if you think that maybe youre not compatible with someone else, etcetc.. that might happen at first in the beginning but the whole point is to see through those things and get over it, eventually find a way to navigate the situation. astrology finds a way to give you those tools.. or at least maps them out so you can point and make reference to stuff you might otherwise meditate on and find answers to in other ways i suggest in time you get into the birthcharts and things if you havent already. keep an astro.com account and list your friends and others in there so you can access and study their chart, to help you learn and develop the insight. im not into making predictions as of yet and maybe i wont ever be. i just use it for personal stuff. and maybe it is weird? but its a hobby. if im wrong in the end then, whatever. it wouldve been a whole waste of time but thats about it maybe.
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Uzal Originally Answered: Astrology and twins (a bit of reading required)?
This is a good question. Is she an identical twin? Just because you both are born on the same day doesn't mean everything will be exactly the same. You have to remember that despite being born under the same roof she will have different experiences outside the home than you.

Rodney Rodney
If you think that astrology is accurate, you should be able to believe in it. It's one of our basic freedoms, and don't let anyone ever take that away from you :) Sure, a lot of people don't believe in astrology, and do call it rubbish believing that "no greater force is capable of controlling the universe" but then again, if people believe in it so strongly, others need to demonstrate more tolerance. Just like the way we should respect other people's religions. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to astrology, and a lot of people will view you as naive for believing in it. But isn't something you believe in strongly more important than one small way people will view you?
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Mike Mike
Well for me, I'd rather know than blindly believe. If you want really want truth, then you test it. The truth demands to be tested. Try make a list where astrology clearly does better than random chance. In other words plain guessing. Not asking for 100% or even 50%, just out perform randomness. I ask this often and never get one answer. If astrology is so great and powerful, why is belief required? Can't astrology's own evidence support it's claims? No believer is really interested in finding out the hows and whys astrology can work There is no science that can explain this. But there is science for why it can't work. See the first link. Certainly there is not any statistical evidence that will back the stereotyping astrology must do.
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Julyan Julyan
the one sure thing about astrology and psychic revelations is that you can either be right or wrong, when you are right ,yeah , you tell the world, and when you are wrong there is always an option of looking for an excuse it is like a 2 horse race , 50% chance either way read astrology and psychics, they generalise a lot , and you fall into that category almost 100%
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Harris Harris
that is really true, careful where u dig in though, i have a friend that got too close to the truth and got abducted, and returned like a drooling vegetable. and i myself lost 1 arm and both legs in the search of the truth.. which i know.. and cant share...
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Eldred Eldred
Parents want children to be just like them. And children may look at the parents realizing their not rich, then question: "Why TF am I listening to this?" ED: Poor ones thumbed me down.
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Eldred Originally Answered: Does this quote explain why believing in astrology has a link to going crazy?
Then don't be idle and let others be misinformed. Start by promoting critical thinking skills and rational explanations. “Inspect every piece of pseudoscience and you will find a security blanket, a thumb to suck, a skirt to hold.' It is astonishing, moreover, how many people are unable to understand that 'X is comforting' does not imply 'X is true." Isaac Asimov >Also, I really don't think Astrologers and people who follow Astrology have malevolent intentions. I think they just want to help people by using this thing that both parties believe in. As long as nobody is getting hurt and as long as it's being kept outside of the Science class, I don't have a problem with it.< "as long as these concepts are kept outside of the Science class" (Said twice) For everything else astrology's made up stereotyping is acceptable. Astrologers have no malevolent intentions? They're cons selling fantasies. No harm with intentionally misinforming? With anecdotes and lies? The purpose of astrology is to make money from those that are gullible. Just like tarot card, palm readers, and all types of divination. They all will spin the yarn of having a superior knowledge. It's still magical thinking and "Science Girl" is unwilling to offend her astrology friends. Nor take a stand against the discrimination. It's not about who the better argument, the scientific method works. Been There offers nothing but her say-so and refuses (like everyone) the burden of proof. SG is knows astrology is false but still defends people that commit fraud.

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