So what is the difference between Bush, Obama and Romney?

So what is the difference between Bush, Obama and Romney? Topic: So what is the difference between Bush, Obama and Romney?
June 16, 2019 / By Allissa
Question: At first glance former President Bush and President Obama seem like opposites when it comes to economic policy making. Talk of Bush as a free-marketeer and deregulator abounds as Obama’s reputation as a big spender and intervener grow stronger by the day. A closer look shows their economic policies have more in common than meets the eye. 5. They love to spend. Bush passed a $3 trillion budget for 2009. Obama posted a $3.5 trillion budget in 2010. Bush doubled the debt to almost $6 trillion and Obama’s plans would leave us with an IOU of an additional $8.5 trillion by 2020. 4. They shop at the same stores. Contrary to popular belief, defense and homeland security spending only made up about 40 percent of Bush’s new spending. He increased spending across most non-defense categories – like education, Medicare, Medicaid, income security and regional development – by four to six times the rate of inflation. In Obama’s first half year in office, as he demanded a departure from the “investment deficit” years under Bush, these budgets rose another 70 percent or 40 times the rate of inflation. 3. They dabble with stimulants. In 2001 and 2008, Bush spent billions on rebates to stimulate consumer spending. In 2009, Obama upped the ante with his $862 billion stimulus package. 2. They give sweetheart deals to failing corporations. Obama carried out Bush’s unpopular $700 billion bailout for failing corporations. Together, the presidents have bailed out over 600 businesses since Spring 2008. 1. They enjoy regulating in their free time. Once again contrary to popular belief, President Bush was the biggest regulator since Richard Nixon. Under his leadership in 2007, the number of pages of regulation added to the Federal Register reached an all-time high of 78,090 – a 21 percent increase from Bush’s first year. And spending on regulatory activities rose to $42 billion in 2009 – a 62 percent increase. Since taking office, Obama has proposed a large and sweeping increase in regulation that many worry could lead to another financial crisis in the future. Despite rhetoric that suggests the contrary, President Obama’s economic policies are strikingly more of the same failed policies that Bush tried before him. This is unfortunate because, as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman claims, the last decade has seen declining private-sector employment and declining median household income. http://www.bankruptingamerica.org/2010/0... Romney is even is closer to Obama than Bush. Does Rombacare mean anything to ya?
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Uziah Uziah | 2 days ago
They are essentially and the key word here is essentially the Same They were cut from the same cookie cutter. They have no leadership skills they are puppets to their masters. It's Machiavellian in the extreme. i.e. What's a factoid? A Liberal Euphemism
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Uziah Originally Answered: Who is/was a more honest politician. George "W" Bush or Mitt "W" Romney?
Well, Bush lied about WMD in Iraq and Romney is lying about WMD in Iran. They both said that tax breaks for the wealthy 1% creates jobs when they failed to create a single job in 14 years. In fact, they seemed to kill jobs big- lies there. Both say that massive bank deregulation is good for the economy when we know that is a big lie. Bush said that deficits don't matter- big lie. Romney says he is going to create 12 million jobs but plans to cut education, government jobs, encourage outsourcing, which will end millions of jobs- big lie. A few weeks ago, the republicans in congress voted down Obama's veteran's job bill which would have helped over 20,000 veterans find jobs. It only cost one billion dollars but the republicans voted that down yet supported the bill for three billion in oil subsidies for the Koch brothers. The Norquist republicans don't support the troops or their families but they are still promoting war because it is profitable for the capitalists. War is big business yet when Bush sent the troops into Iraq they were poorly equipped so who got that 7 trillion bucks Bush borrowed for China and our SS fund? What we know for a fact is that capitalists make really bad presidents and Romney is worse than Bush because he has no heart or soul. He dodged the draft but wants to send our troops into another war or two so he will have to enact the draft because no one wants to fight for a Coward in Chief.

Rohan Rohan
And notice how the "tea party" couldn't give two shits about spending until after Republicans lost seats in Congress and the White House. I don't expect anyone to change ANYTHING in Washington unless it was Ron Paul. He's the only one that would actually change anything, anybody else no change at all.
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Milburn Milburn
Hey Foghorn hope you are having a great summer but the answer is they stays in different parts of the United States.
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Justice Justice
that's the 3rd type of lie in politics, the "statistic", and it's probably the most insidious. after all, when intelligent people raise objections to a factoid, you all just hold up a statistic to buttress your argument. doesn't change the fact that it's not accurate. BTW, I would NEVER cite an idiot like Krugman to back my position up
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Harry Harry
Walrus Woman angry at you Walrus. Walrus answer questions all day and not catch fish for Walrus Woman and cubs. Walrus Woman want talk later tonight.
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Harry Originally Answered: Who is better, Obama or Romney?
-Romney would be the better choice for America. I was worried when I first saw Romney (although I am a republican), that he was going to be too far right on the political spectrum or an indesisive inconstant person, however after doing more research and watching the debates I feel that Romney would gives us a greater chance at fixing the infrastructure of America. -While Obama always promises that he is going to solve the U.S.'s major issues (jobs, debt, war, etc...) I do not believe Obama has not done enough for our country, and has not even brushed what he promised back in 2008. Don't get me wrong, i'm not not some crazy radicalist sitting in my basment ranting about obama being useless, however i'm not willing to overlook the fact that obama did not even come close to his goals. In a final effort to have some significance as a president, he developed the idea for Obama-care. While im sure it came from good intentions and want to make sure less fortunate people get medical coverage, I however can't support Obama-care untill it no longer poses a serious threat to the very people it's trying to help . While it would do some good for the poor in America for a little while, its fundamentally the government saying that everyone has to get the same exact coverage whether you want that plan or not. Obama-care will also partially destroy social security by taking a majority of its funds, the other funds not sucked out of social security would be "borrowed" (China) to cover its costs, which will add close to $340 billion (and estimated to increase) to the debt. While he promises to increase education (which is strongly needed), there is a fundemental problem with his logic. He campaigned to decrease un-employment, while the national un-employment average and poverty percentages are actually increasing under his presidency. A better educated nation is a fantastic thing, if 50% of those educated people cant find a job other than McDonalds, our country becomes incredibly ineffeciant. -Romney has proven to be a more efficiant leader during his time as goverener, and also the buisness experiance that Romney has gained would prove to be a monumental asset to our country (can someone please tell me why many people are frightened at the idea of a president knowing how to handle money our money effeciantly?). That being said, Romney is far from being a perfect, however I think he is substantionally more likely to accomplish his goals (due to the fact he has a plan rather than speaches . On the topic of Romneys veiws, I'm confused by the girl that posted that "Romney is against womens rights." Where has Romney ever stated that he planned to reduce womens rights in any of his speaches? He's obviously pro-life, but ive never seen him grow a hitler stache and promise to "put women back in the kitchen" or anything like that, so please don't go moving out of the country after watching MSNBC, read a few articles from un-biased websites, try to sort out the biased articles from those in the middle ground, and form your own well informed ideas. -In my opinion America cannot have another 4 years of hollow promises and unfufilled goals. That is why Romney is a better choice for president. What I think, however, is not very relevant as I am just some guy whose article you might have bothered to read. Whats really important is that you take the time to come up with your own opinion, not based solely on what your freinds or your parents think. The only way we are going to elect the best president for our country is if people bother to look up what a president has/or is really doing, instead of glancing for a little d or r under their name on the ballet.

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