Why smoke, why start, why the addiction, and your general opinion.?

Why smoke, why start, why the addiction, and your general opinion.? Topic: Why smoke, why start, why the addiction, and your general opinion.?
June 16, 2019 / By Almah
Question: This is just for my personal curiosity. Please state if your a smoker, why do you smoke, why did you start, and how are you addicted, and your strongest opinion. If your non smoker just state so, and your strongest opinion about smoking. Please refrain from offensive statements directed to users. Also do you think smoking should be illegal in open public? Instead should be done so in designated area or personal space? Me: Non-Smoker I personally believe that smoking is a personal choice, just as anything else is. But I strongly believe that it should be illegal to do so in open public. The reason is because I cant even count the times, I've had people blow smoke which would blow on to me, due to wind. I've seen many people trow buds out their vehicles, while walking, and socializing. I can no longer enjoy sitting out side at local star bucks, due to a large amount of cigarette smoke. I cant stand the smell, It makes my nose itch really bad. There are just so many things which causes me to have this opinion. Please don't take this personal, its my opinion. I do find many people who get very defensive when I bring up such topics. Thank you
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Val Val | 7 days ago
Non smoker. I think people start smoking because it's an easy way to socialize. It gives you something in common with several people, and at a younger age makes you feel like a "rebel", which helps you bond with other smokers.
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I guess you might want to live a longer life and keep notes. I was a teen in the 60's. Quite a large number of people in some places dropped acid and for some, it was a bad trip. Maybe you just haven't had a large enough sample of people. One issue that I would have is one of reliability of source and purity of the drugs. You may be making it yourself, but if you do, how do you know the strength? How do you insure the repeatability? And are you saying that you will take responsibility for the outcomes of all your subjects? If someone drops acid at your place and does something destructive or dangerous, are you the one to pay for care and things like that? And what are the long term outcomes? Does repeated use over years yield the same pleasant effects? or are the receptors blocked and do not become released quickly? This might lead to a flatter life after repeated doses. Why are you the enlightened? Do you mean this in the sense of enlightenment of the use of acid? or do you mean that you have reached a superior enlightenment from the rest of us? If it is the latter, then perhaps you should actually explain life to us in a long form, like a book or a blog and show us the pathways. My friend did some of the early work with peyote and the molecules in it that are psychotrophic. Yet he himself did not claim enlightenment, but rather published the chemistry papers. Are you ready to publish on the chemistry of LSD? The rest of us are waiting to hear. Keep us posted.

Rolo Rolo
I used to smoke. I smoked for 42 years before I was able to kick it. I have been smoke free for 7 years now. I do not think it should be illegal to smoke in open public. Just maybe go a bit down wind of others. There should be designated smoking areas. Smoking outside should be okay. I say this because I can remember some of the tough times non smokers used to give me. How hard it was, to find an acceptable place to smoke. Some people seemed to think that it was perfectly fine for them to open up on me, tell me how nasty my habit was. Hey, folks, it's NOT a habit. It's an addiction. And should be treated as such. I kicked it, with the help of a wonderful support site, QuitNet.com.
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Milton Milton
Smoker for 28 years. I started because I was curious and then I liked it. I am one of those rare people who really enjoy the taste of a good cigarette. Of course I'm addicted to the nicotine too. It is similar to the way that I like my morning coffee. I love the taste and I like the caffeine kick too. I am addicted to caffeine too. I agree with the bans in government buildings. People don't have a choice whether to go there or not. I disagree with the bans in private businesses. A business owner should have the right to decide for him/herself whether to allow smoking. If they decide to allow it, they should be required to post very clearly on their door that they allow smoking so that customers can make an informed decision whether to go to that business or another one. I really hate being around drunks. They stink of alcohol and are a menace to society. Just because I don't like drunks, should I be able to force private business owners to stop selling alcohol? Or should I simply go to places that don't serve alcohol? As far as smoking on sidewalks? I live in a city. I cannot walk down a sidewalk without constantly breathing in the carbon monoxide from the cars on the streets. Carbon monoxide is a poison and is carcinogenic. The exhaust from cars is why we have smog alerts in the summer and we are advised to stay indoors if possible. Many types of trees and bushes cannot be grown in urban areas due to the air pollution. I am a gardener but I have to choose plants that will take the poor air quality. Now, when people stop polluting my air with their filthy cars, I will consider not smoking on the sidewalk. I don't care if people drive but they need to do it on their own property where I don't have to breathe their toxic fumes (doesn't that sound like how people talk when they talk about second hand smoke?) As far as littering, anyone who does it should be fined. I am totally against littering and I let people know it. Although I understand why some people throw their cigarettes out windows (many new cars no longer have an ashtray), that is no reason to litter. They can buy a portable ashtray and use it.
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Kae Kae
Well, it's already banned indoors, and they have to be several feet away from the doors outside to smoke. And you can't smoke while driving while children are in the vehicle now. I think banning it in parks or outdoors might be going a bit too far. I mean, where are they supposed to go, just stay at home? It's a bit unrealistic. That said, kicking an addiction is hard. Lots of smokers want to quit, just ask them, and many wish they never started.
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Kae Originally Answered: What's the best attitude to take towards life in general, in your personal opinion?
Since we've got only one life to live ( I suspect that there are no second chances ) , then it behooves us to make full use of our shortly allotted time here on earth by trying to live a worthy and meaningful life . Life is meant to be enjoyed because our purpose is to be happy as much as we can . Thus , it's not worthwhile to spend your life harboring negative and unhappy thoughts and attitudes which would only make you sad , miserable and unable to live effectively . Of course , life throws us " curved balls " that are seemingly insurmountable and make us duck with discouragement , hopelessness , despair and other negative feelings and reactions . These setbacks , disappointments, frustrations , and even failures that we undergo now and then need not immobilize or incapacitate us . The greatest power we have is to choose and we can opt , instead , to face life's storms squarely and bravely . If we would just hang in there and not give up but stick to it , we'll soon muster enough courage and determination to continue persisting until we have finally triumphed and overcome whatever challenges and difficulties that life has to offer . In other words , we ought to take a courageous and undaunted attitude towards life in general because with these attributes , we have the power to cope and deal with our problems and eventually be able to find or think of ways to solve them . Having conquered our difficulties , we become buoyed . Thus , life is not only full of problems , but it is also full of the overcoming of problems . And the joy is in the overcoming . If you' ll just imagine and feel the happy ending , then it will come to pass . The right attitude to take as regards problems is that they shall eventually pass away . They will not last . Your winter will thaw . There's the popular adage which states : " This , too , shall pass ." It's just like sailing a ship , which , when faced with a storm , enables its captain to become tougher, braver and wiser as a result of having to deal quickly in an emergency . And so , we cannot afford to take a nonchalant or indifferent attitude towards life because it is too precious to waste . In short , you have to put in a brave front against life's vicissitudes . Otherwise , you're through . Life is , thus , not always smooth sailing and you've got to accept that reality . However , whatever it takes is what we ought to do . Difficulties often fall away of themselves before the determination to overcome them . Bear in mind that adversity is the source of our strength . We become stronger , wiser , tougher , and morresourceful as a result of having to survive life's storms . And so , next time that we encounter more challenges , we are no longer afraid because we have proven to ourselves that we can be firm and resilient . John Milton , a great poet , once said , " Who best can suffer , best can do " And the German philosopher , Friedrich Nietzsche , once wrote : " What does not kill me makes me stronger ." He also said that " He who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow . " And so , we must be optimistic and hopeful that everything will turn out well in the end . Were it not for hope , the heart would break . And things turn out for the best to those who make the best out of how things turn out . To sum up , the best attitude we can take towards life is that life is not a bed of roses , and we ought to learn how to dance with the kind of music that it plays . Our problems are not meant to make us bitter , but BETTER . There is growth in adversity and struggle . And our life becomes meaningful only to the extent that we have derived fulfillment , satisfaction , joy and happiness while we live , and it is only possible to attain such level of achievement if we knew how to maintain a " fighting -spirit " attitude . It is not the size of the dog in the fight that counts , but the size of the FIGHT in the dog .

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