How can i redeem my self?

How can i redeem my self? Topic: How can i redeem my self?
June 20, 2019 / By Alvena
Question: In my english we had to write an essay about morals and ethics and i plagerised. My teacher desided not to get me in trouble because i told him the truth but i have to find a way to redeem myself. I was thinking a power point or re write the thing but i'm looking for more original ideas. Help?
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Vere Vere | 1 day ago
Oh the irony! What did your teacher offer you? I'm not sure what you are being taught about ethics and morals if there are no consequences to your actions. Rewrite the paper. On your own. Do you need a topic? How about "Why Ethics Matter: Losing and Gaining Trust".
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Ronald Ronald
interesting an essay about morals and ethics and you plagiarized. U might have been forgiven if it was about basket ball :-) learn from this experience, never ever do it again. discuss with your teacher and if he or she agreed u can re do it, work hard on it, all by yourself, provide proper references and stuff. Start building trust with the teacher, explain why u plagiarized but put extra pressure on yourself to perform without plagiarizing. as a rule: once u plagiarize, u will plagiarize again (and u may have been doing it in the past). same goes with lies. But Bush will tell u more about them (notice he was caught too).
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Moab Moab
what better way to redeem yourself, write an essay about how u plagerised be totally honest and this act in itself will pay high dividens towards your morals(key word morals) are u up for it. good luck in your journey!
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Kaolin Kaolin
Re-write, and this time 'fess up on what you did. No power point. That "fancy" approach tends to take away from the subject (writer and paper). Just re-write, plain and simple, and 'fess up, in full, and maybe what you "learned" from it. Make it real. NO bs. God Bless you.
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