Algebra nerds! I forgot how to do this problem please help!?

Algebra nerds! I forgot how to do this problem please help!? Topic: Algebra nerds! I forgot how to do this problem please help!?
June 16, 2019 / By Alyce
Question: The problem is: Write an equation of the line containing the points (3,1) and (2,-4) in slope intercept form. Would I use y=mx+b? I DO NOT WANT A DIRECT ANSWER! This doesn't help me any! Can you please walk me through how to do t his so i can use the formula on other problems? BTW: Being a nerd is awesome so don't be taken aback by being called one!
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Vern Vern | 3 days ago
First you find the slope. I think it run over rise. y1-y2/x1-x2 m=(1-(-4))/(3-2) m=5 once you find the slope you can choose either the (3,1) or the (2,-4) and plug it into the equation below this sentence. I chose (3,1). Where it say y1 that where you plug in the 1 and same for x1 you plug in 3. Then just work the problem out y – y1 = m(x – x1) y-1=5(x-3) y-1=5x-15 y=5x-14 or for this one if you pick (3,1) again you just plug in 1 for y and 3 for x and solve for b y=mx+b y=5x+b 1=5(3)+b 1=15+b -14=b y=5x-14
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Vern Originally Answered: Help me solve this algebra problem, my final is tomorrow and I forgot how to.?
Let n=number of nickels d = number of dimes 1) n+d= 32 (32-d=n) 2) 10d + 5n = 250 10d + 5(32-d) = 250 10d + 160-5d = 250 5d = 250-160 5d = 90 d=90/5 d= 18 If there are 18 dimes, then... n+d=32 n+18=32 n=32-18 n=14 I'm pretty sure that's the answer... sorry but its hard to explain hopefully you will gain understanding of how to solve questions like these from my example.. and good luck :D

Ronny Ronny
U . . c o u l d . . use y = m x + b ! This is the slope-intercept form. There are formulas to solve your problen directly, but U see for a beter answer. Do U remember the slope definition? m = ( y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) so we have m = ( -4 - 1 ) / ( 2 - 3 ) also m = (-5) / ( -1 ) ;; m = 5 we can say, the ecuation has the form y = 5 x + b Now we force the ecuation, so that the graph goes through one of the points (U can take any) x = 3 ; y = 1 and 1 = 5 * 3 + b so b = -14 The answer is y = 5 x - 14 We test with the another point x = 2 ;; y = - 4 - 4 = 5 * 2 - 14 hurray the "=" is TRUE ! U can use the same strategy when U have the slope and only one point. Cordialmente [email protected]
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Moise Moise
Yes, you can use y=mx+b, but you first need to find the gradient (m). The formula for gradient is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), which basically means that you have to substitute the two points into the formula. Like in this case, the answer would be (-4-1)/(2-3) = -5/-1 = 5, so the gradient (m) is 5. From here, you'll be able to form the equation, y=5x+b. However, you'll still need to find the value of b, the y-intercept. To do this, you just need to substitute in a value of y and x. For example, I'll use the points (3, 1) and substitute them in, therefore getting 1=5(3)+b = 15+b. Therefore, b=1-15 = -14. Therefore, the equation of the line is y=5x-14.
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Kasper Kasper
Yes you would want to use the form y = mx + b. This is slope intercept form. The first thing you want to find is the slope "m." The simplest way to do this is to use the equation: m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1); where y2 is the y value of the second coordinate, x2 is the x value of the second coordinate, y1 and x1 are the values of the first coordinate. Now that you have calculated the slope, you want to find the y-intercept "b." The only value you know is the slope, and to find b we must know some y or x. Any values from a coordinate (x,y) on a line can be used. Use one of the coordinates given and plug into the equation y = mx + b. If you use one of those two coordinates you know, the y and x value, as well as the slope are known, leaving only b. Now you know both the slope "m" and the y-intercept "b" so you just plug those two values into the slope intercept form, and you get: y = [calculated m value]x + [calculated b value]
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Difference of two squares states that a² − b² = (a−b)(a+b). 8) 4m² − 81 = (2m)² − 9² = (2m−9)(2m+9) Similarly for the rest.

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