after obtaining a master of social work how long would it take to get a phd?

after obtaining a master of social work how long would it take to get a phd? Topic: after obtaining a master of social work how long would it take to get a phd?
June 16, 2019 / By Alyssa
Question: i was wondrin how long will it take me to obtain my phd and would i have time to have a job also!!!!
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Best Answers: after obtaining a master of social work how long would it take to get a phd?

Vince Vince | 1 day ago
If you are talking about a PhD in social work the range is 3 to 7+ years. In general you can finish the course work in 1.5 - 2 years. Most programs require you to take a comp exam - these vary some actually help you write your first three chapters of your dissertation - others are more a test of your course work. After your comp exam - the length of time depends on your dissertation topic, if you are working, and what else is going on in your life. If you choose a quick quantitative survey based design you can be done in a year. If you do a longitudinal or more extensive qualitative project it can be 2-3 years. The average that I've seen is 5 years. Tricks to getting done quickly. 1) Be singularly driven - that is know what you want to study BEFORE you enter your PhD - use EVERY required course to help you move your knowledge base related to your topic. Every assignment should be an excuse to be in the literature of your area. You want to have your literature review basically written (and Ideally your method section). 2) If at all possible resist the temptation to take a faculty job while you are ABD - this inevitably adds 2-3 years to the process. 3) Choose a GOOD doctoral chair - someone you respect, is respected by others and respects you. Be sure they share an interest in your topic and support your Hypothesis and other elements. 4) Unless you have a phenomenal paying job - look for a doctoral program that will fund your study (at least for the first two years). Look for schools doing research in your area and faculty there doing research in your area. DA
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Roy Roy
A PhD program is a research program - for the most part, the classwork part of your education is done, and the work that you'll do to achieve the doctorate is an application of all of that classroom work into the design, implementation, analysis, and communication of a substantial research project that advances the existing knowledge in your field. In some situations it is easily possible to work while pursuing the PhD, but those would be situations where you were working in that particular field, and using that opportunity to conduct research. For example, a student working towards a doctorate in education might be employed full-time in a laboratory teaching environment, where he/she could incorporate a promising new teaching method into the academic curriculum. It is possible that your social work major would allow that kind of opportunity. On the other hand, if you're asking "is the load non-taxing enough that I can work full-time as a receptionist in a doctor's office to help pay for school?", then the answer is probably no, unless this is a pretty relaxed program that you're going to pursue your PhD within. In a typical PhD program, the students work as teaching assistants, often moderating lab sections or teaching low-level undergraduate courses, while juggling lots of hours of active research, followed by meticulous data analysis and an absolutely exhausting schedule of dissertation writing, refining, correcting, editing, writing, refining, etc., etc. To answer your other question - it typically takes from 2 to 3 years to complete the requirements of a PhD program, once you have completed the master's degree. I hope that helped! Good luck!
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Mordred Mordred
Usually you have to write a dissertation and that depends on how long it takes you to write. I have a Masters in Social work and I believe that the class time to get a PHD is 2 years.
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Keegan Keegan
Yes and the great thing about a PhD is that they typically pay you to do your research. They can take anywhere from 2-4 years, even more if you really drag it out. The difference with a PhD program is that it is somewhat unstructured compared to traditional graduate and undergrad programs.
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Heck Heck
You can opt for M.phil in social work and after the completion of your M.phil, you can apply for the phd program. Also for any help in financial matters for your education and for other queries related to career, click on http://www.credila.com/index.html
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Heck Originally Answered: About work as kungfu master i USA?
The real problem for you is the requirements of the US immigration laws. There is nothing here in the US that would require you to have a license or even a certificate/document proving you are really an expert in whatever martial art you plan to teach. However, you will not get many students if you cannot reasonable show where and from whom you studied with. There are a few things you need to consider and hopefully do something about it: 1) Without any intent to insult you, you need to improve your English. I had to leave some schools because as much as I wanted to learn, I simply could not understand the instructor. I liked them and they probably are good in their styles, but if I can only understand one word in ten, it is not going to do me any good. While your English is not that bad, it would help you if you prove it further. 2) Most martial art teachers in the US are barely making enough to pay the bills. I had one teacher who was teaching at a loss in that he was paying over $500 each month out of his own money to keep the school going. He did it out of love for the art. Plus, in times of economic hardship many students quit to save money. If you are going to teach martial art, you NEED a job other than teaching martial art. 3) While Europe is facing hard economic times and things in the US are comparatively better, the difference is not that wonderful if you do not have a college education or some sort of background to get a decent job. Making minimum wage is not going to help you. EDIT: When I stated that there are no requirements to teach martial art, I meant it in the legal sense. That is, there is no state or federal laws. However, there are the different martial art affiliations/organizations in the US that will have their own requirements in that you cannot claim to be a member of their organization without proof of qualification. So it is a matter of the private sector governing its members. US immigration laws as I understand it does not limit you to one and only one profession. I don't know how it is done in Europe, but if you are here legally you can work in any number of jobs except maybe a very few state and federal positions which requires full citizenship and mostly because some may require a security clearance. I would have to respectfully disagree about get a martial art employer to sponsor you to be easier than an economics related job As I stated earlier, very few martial art schools here actually make the kind of money to employ fulltime someone other than the chief instructor. I really think you will have MORE and better luck using your economics degree. Have you thought about going to graduate school in the US for a Masters or Ph.D.? If your qualifications are good enough, you might even get a professorship or some sort of teaching position at an university and that would give you more time for training and teaching martial art.

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