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June 16, 2019 / By Alyx
Question: Hey Ya'll...my books are done and are ready to be published...what is like the best book publishing company that will pay us not make us pay them. Please reply with the most detail possible!
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Virgil Virgil | 3 days ago
As an experienced writer and published fantasy author, I suggest you find a good editor to clean up your manuscript and get it ready for submission to various agents. You'll have to research those, as there are no right answers when it comes to agents EXCEPT that you need one if you're a new author. Most major publishers these days won't even open unsolicited manuscripts unless you have previously published something OR you have a super strong query letter or an agent submitting for you. Publisher slush piles are in the thousands, so don't waste your time, postage or printing costs submitting direct. Once you have a finished, polished manuscript and an agent to handle it, you should be able to find a publisher sooner or later. Agents know the game and they know what the publishing houses are looking for. Trying it on your own is a long, tedious and often disappointing road to oblivion. For a copy of a good query letter, check some of my other answers here at Yahoo. Good luck with your book. Jon F. Baxley (Author, Editor, Ghostwriter and Proofreader) THE SCYTHIAN STONE (eBook only) THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY (eBook and hard cover) THE REGENTS OF RHUM (coming fall '07) (For a FREE copy of The Scythian Stone or a full color, four chapter illustrated demo of The Blackgloom Bounty, email me at [email protected]). My author blog: http://the-blackgloom-bounty.blogspot.co...
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Virgil Originally Answered: What is the best publishing company for me to go to?
If wanting to be published is your main reason for writing this book, stop. Now. It's not wrong to want to be published, but it's so unlikely, especially when you're 13, that if publication is your main aim, you'll probably end up disappointed at having wasted a couple of years or more chasing a dream that was never going to come true. Your question isn't really meaningful. All the commercial publishers are very choosy. I don't think anybody bothers to compile statistics on their acceptance rates. But any of them would be delighted to publish your book - *if* they thought they could make a decent profit from selling it to the public. They don't care how old you are. If they can tell from your writing that you're 13, you won't get published, because the average 13-year-old's writing is not of a publishable standard. Before you think about publishing again, concentrate on finishing the book. No publisher will buy it if it isn't in a state where they can sell it, or very close to such a state. Edit it at least a couple of times, to fix the obvious mistakes. Join a critique group, who will find most of the mistakes you missed. Then come back here and ask how you get a literary agent, whom you'll need if you want to be published by a major publisher. If you just want a few copies to give to your family and to people who don't believe you've written a book, look into using a print-on-demand service, like lulu.com. They'll print anything, but persuading people to buy it is your problem.
Virgil Originally Answered: What is the best publishing company for me to go to?
No publishing company will be less likely to reject you unless you self publish, but that costs money and your book doesn't end up in stores. If your book is good, they'll publish it, if not, they won't. Some may have different opinions, or be looking for something from a certain genre, but it's really impossible to say. It won't make any difference that you're 13. I'd suggest an agent, they'll help you find a publisher that will take it. However, may I make a suggestion? You're 13, you're young, why are you so anxious to get published? I mean, do you like writing? Then write, it's not "in vain" if you enjoy it, then it's like any other hobby. Write because you want to, not because you want to get published. Also, I just want to give you a tip. You do capitalize in your book, right?

Royale Royale
Depends on your "definition" of DONE. A lot of authors say they are finished (including myself), but many don't see the road ahead in terms of edits, lengthy revisions, and rewrites. Then of course, you have to research the publishing market thoroughly, while navigating the traps of "vanity press" publishing, and many other unsavory fellows who want nothing more than to screw you good, while making off with your money. And all of this takes YEARS to do and complete. Some facts: Mainstream publishers and agents won't charge you to publish with them. Those that do...? AVOID and RUN! Publishing on average can take anywhere from 20 to 40 years. (Speaking about the process of finding an agent or publisher from the 14.7 million wannabe writers worldwide.) 99% of all writers are rejected by both agent and publisher every year. 1% are accepted, but the chances of making it as a published author these days is relatively slim. 95% don't make it past their first year, 98% don't make it past their second. (The nature of publishing has made it so that not many published authors are retained after three tries.) Those that do are the lucky ones. However, the amount of money given by advances is slim. 96% make just enough to cover their advances. Very few actually make more to pay their basic needs. The majority of published authors are still working.
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Morgen Morgen
as an Author my advice amounts to one word. "Agent" most publishing companies wont accept unsolicited manuscripts. You need to find an agent rather than a publishing house. Im serious. Do yourself a favour.
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Morgen Originally Answered: Which self-publishing company do you recommend?
I have self-published three books with Xlibris. I can tell you that you do NOT have to spend $3000 dollars -- unless you want to do so! The company offers numerous basic plans at prices as inexpensive as perhaps $500, and then they offer add-ons at increased expense -- if you desire those. Check their website at http://www.xlibris.com to view their various options. I have been quite happy with my books, although I must concede that it is nearly impossible to become affluent through self-publishing, and many writers would advise you against going that route. However it is also very difficult for an unknown and unpublished prospective author to sell his or her novel to a "legitimate" publishing company, with numerous rejections generally resulting from such attempts. I wanted my trilogy to be published and wanted not to spend the time nor experience the frustration of being ignored, so I self-published, and I am definitely satisfied that I did. Originally, with my first novel, I registered the unpublished manuscript with the Library of Congress (not necessary), but, as a result, Xlibris contacted me, and I was delighted to learn that (unlike many "vanity" publishers) their prices were affordable and there were no requirements to purchase numerous copies of my books. They publish on-demand. Of course, they are in business to make money so are always sending me e-mails or phoning me to try to sell me other offerings, including marketing, but I just tell them that I'm not interested! If you make certain before you submit your manuscript that it is in publishable format with as few errors as possible, you can publish for a reasonable price and need not spend any more money after paying for the original package of your preference. I hope that the preceding is helpful! Good luck! Xlibris is an affiliate or imprint of Random House, not a scam!

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