conformation critique (pix)?

conformation critique (pix)? Topic: conformation critique (pix)?
July 20, 2019 / By Amalea
Question: i asked this yesterday about my new mare but didn't have conformation pix, i got her to sort of square up yesterday and got some better pix. what are the good and bad qualities about her conformation? and what do you think she would be best at? (barrels, roping, wp, etc.) also how much do you think shes worth? i rode her yesterday and shes green broke. i took her on a trail, she didn't buck, tense, and walked right out when i asked her, her only problem was every now and then, (at very random times) she would freeze, start shaking, and rear a tiny bit, like maybe 4 inches off the ground. very tiny rear. i would talk to her, rub her neck, and she would calm down and walk right on. she saddled up fine, never flinched, tensed, or moved when the saddle pad and saddle were put on or tightened up, she put the bit right in her mouth with no problems like shes done it all her life. she is registered AQHA, 4 years old, you can see her pedigree on allbreed her name is Stars Golden Nugget http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184... http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184... http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184... http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184/perfectedcowgirl/HPIM1088.jpg http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184/perfectedcowgirl/HPIM1086.jpg o sorry, her name is Stars Gold Nugget she does need her feet done. ive only had her 2 days so havent had the chance to have the farrier out yet. also, she isnt completely squared up, its just the best i could get her to do. i have to work with her on it haha. amber- sorry the buckskin isnt for sale! shes my baby!! she does need her feet done. ive only had her 2 days so havent had the chance to have the farrier out yet. also, she isnt completely squared up, its just the best i could get her to do. i have to work with her on it thanks for all the answers so far. i know she has flaws but shes a great mare. i only paid $130 for her so im not complaining!!
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Wade Wade | 5 days ago
shes cute. I'm going to be very critical. please don't take offense, as i'm sure she's a great little filly, and sounds very sweet. I have not so perfect horses that are fantastic too! She is pigeon toed. This is caused from her knees being slightly crooked, pointing in. This could be a point for soreness for her, if she was worked everyday for a couple hours. Her chest is a little small (but that is just a personal preference of mine). Her muscle definition is ok at her chest, i would have liked to see her tie in a little deeper. Her shoulder is very steep, causing her neck to be a little strangely connected at the withers and chest. Her neck is the same length on top as the bottom, and it looks a little funny. It's also causing her back to be longer then desired, but not horrible. Her hip is ok, i would have liked to have seen a little bit bigger rear. Her back legs are ok. The stifle turns out slightly, making the hocks dip in. Her hocks are slightly behind her rear, but sometimes that makes their gaits more comfortable. She has nice feet, and her barrel is pretty. I would have liked to have seen a little steeper pastern, but sometimes that makes them uncomfortable to ride. I would say about a 1000$ horse. Not breeding stock. Not a roping horse, not a WP or reining horse due to her hocks being behind her. Probably barrels, trails or she would probably be ok with poles depending on how she changes leads. http://www.customcrome.com/frame_set.htm If you click on Custom Legend and look at his pictures, Theres a great looking horse.
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Wade Originally Answered: What do you think about this AQHA mares conformation(Conformation picture included!)?
Hmm, Shs high in the bum. She dosnt have a qh bum, more liek a thorughbred. Neck is a little thin, has a niceish head. Could have a rounder jaw. if you could have gotten her to stand square, it would have looked a bit better. easier to judge. She deffinetley does not have the best confirmation ever, but shes deffinetley not ugly. But im a quarter horse person, and she dosnt seem to have very many guarter horse traits. Although he personality might be different. And she would do good in anything. except maybe confirmation classes. like...high ones. but anything you want her to do, i think she would be good at. Shes tallish so she might be good at jumping. but judging onher breed, i would deffinetley do barrels and pole bending with her. Quarter horses are known for thier abilty to turn on a dime, and thoroghbreds are known for thier speed.. the perfect combination. Goodluck in all of your events and such! =D

Royle Royle
Wow, Those blue eyes sure a pretty! Definitely reverse jockey! He could be a really nice horse! Maybe he should be registered in the NBA instead of the NDBHA. I think you could get some good money for him if he was. Not so good conformation.. He looks like he's... Upside down... I think is the work I'm looking for..? You could still get some good money for him. Probably at least $12,500 minimum. You won't have a problem finding him a home! Hope this helps! =) -Fresh Paint- P.s. Anne, It is april fool's day.. Don't you have a calendar??? Get one. Oh and Peanut Palomino, Nice joke! LOVE IT!!!!! =D EDIT~ Oh my gosh! Yay! More like him! =D Can't wait! And 42 and 1/2 mares is a lot! The 1/2 makes it! =D
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Morley Morley
From looking at this mare even before you dig around in her pedigree you can see she has quite a bit if TB blood. Her lines would suggest that she would be best used for speed events. Overall she seems pretty well balanced. If it was my mare, I'd have a good farrier come out and take a look at her feet. From the way she stands it looks like she is putting more pressure out the outside of her hooves. This seems to me making her toe out a bit with her right front foot and from pic two it looks like both back feet toe in some. Chances are proper trimming will help this. When you clean her feet, is one side of the hoof wall wider than the other. If she is standing square, I would wonder why she doesn't have a nice straight line down from her hock to her fetlock. Overall a decent looking mare. Proper training and wet saddle pads should take care of her little starts and shakes. Sounds like she is just nervous right now.
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Kegan Kegan
in the 1st pic he looked a little lanky so I thought he would be good at wp, but looking at the others, he would definitely excel in gaming too.(If he has the speed and willingness) His conformation is good for a QH. Im not much of a fan of stock breeds...im a hunter girl. :) Also I think he would be worth about $1000 right now, although hes registered, hes green too.
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Kegan Originally Answered: My Horses Conformation?
This is a very pretty horse and there's nothing that should cause problems with most disciplines. She's a little "over at the knee" (http://www.equisearch.com/horses_care/he... ) which has little or no effect on performance. Without a front image, I can't see things like what you'd see on http://www.equisearch.com/horses_care/he... Rear legs look fine (http://www.equisearch.com/horses_care/he... ) The only point of the neck that's critical is where the head joins the neck, called the throatlatch. This helps make sure the horse has an easy time breathing in certain head positions. Unfortunately, we can't see this in your image. Have a look at (http://www.helium.com/items/660815-horse-anatomy-the-throatlatch and http://books.google.com/books?id=krD1bAEqypcC&pg=PA70&lpg=PA70&dq=throatlatch+conformation&source=bl&ots=k0Lz4s0bUB&sig=TU3-0mJLNQlVXcioH4mOtApmFak&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result#PPA72,M1 ) and check it against your horse. Here's a great overall conformation reference... http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Equine-conformation Now, conformation aside, this horse needs some significant work to develop overall muscling with an emphasis on hindquarter muscling. The first picture on http://www.temporaldoorway.com/stable/ourguys/lensman/2008latesummer/index.asp can give you a sense of what she might look like after conditioning. Well-muscled. this horse could do well in any discipline from a physical standpoint - but success is also based on temperament, sensitivity, feel, and, of course, training. I hope this helps!

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