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Is it natural if.? Topic: Is it natural if.?
June 25, 2019 / By Amaliya
Question: You were born in a country, move to another one but, in the end, want to move back to your birthplace? I was born in New Zealand, and moved to Australia when I was quite young. I love New Zealand and everytime I go back, I think of what a nice place it would be to live in. The thing is, I also love Australia (I live on the Gold Coast) and don't know what I would do if I moved away from this lovely city. If I were to move to NZ it would have to be Wellington. I love the place. But, I hear so many reports about how New Zealand is going downhill in terms of safety, job opputunities and the countries environmental problems. I don't know if NZ will be a good place to live when I finally leave high school. I wish to become an earth scientist (which is a big field in nz as there are earthquakes). What do you think? My farther (who lives in Sydney) would hate it if I moved to NZ because he is a 'true' Aussie haha. He doesn't like nz. What do you think? Thanks in advance :)
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Walker Walker | 7 days ago
Follow your heart. I was born in America, spent time in 48 states, also 5 Canadian provinces, and parts of Mexico. I've never been to Europe or Asia, but I spent considerable time in Australia. Now, my home is in NZ. From the first day I set foot in Godzone, it was home to me. I love it here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I feel truly blessed to have found my calling in such a beautiful country. I don't know if you're getting the Kiwi gloom and doom reports since OZ is so close to NZ, but guess what, things are tough all over. My friends in the States are suffering all types of hardships - crime is up, businesses are folding and people are losing their jobs. Banks are foreclosing on mortgages. Lots of American have no health care, because they have no health insurance. The USA is being raped for its natural resources... and what have been spared exploitation are spoiled by corporate greed. Don't even mention politics.... So compared to the USA, NZ truly is a paradise. Sure it isn't perfect, but if there is such as place I don't know of it. You are young and you are privileged, because you have time to explore and make choices and change your mind if you wish. It might upset your father but it is your life, after all. You should set your sights high and go after your dreams. If things don't pan out and it's not what you expect, then you certainly can always return to OZ. You might spend time in NZ and decide you miss the Gold Coast, and decide to return, who knows, you might get homesick. You might find living here is not as great as just visiting. It just depends on your priorities. One thing I know for sure is that you will never regret trying to achieve your dreams. Life is an adventure, and you should do what makes you happy. You don't want to look back at your life, when you are old and decrepit, and wish you had tried something. Don't live your life as others wish. As long as you are doing something positive and not hurting anyone, then no one should be critical. You can't live your life in the shadow of your parents. If you don't go after what you want just to avoid a conflict, then you will most likely regret your lack of action. I was very lucky to have wise parents - they told me there were two great gifts to give to your children - give them roots, and give them wings. They encouraged me to travel, to try new things. I changed my childhood career plans after a couple of years of studying because I found my true calling. So, sometimes things don't end up the way you envision them, and often the detours lead you right where you need to be. Now I have a career I love, in a beautiful land, with a wonderful Kiwi partner (a geologist). BTW, earth sciences are more than just about earthquakes. Check out the geology department at Otago! There are opportunities all over the world if you are keen to seek them out. Take a chance, spread your wings! Good luck and let us know when you are heading back to NZ.
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Rube Rube
Hey there. I live in Wellington, and I guess i have to admit that it's not as good as it used to be. I mean New Zealand is in recession but so are other countries. There has been increasing crimes, due to you know the economy's slow move. But it's still okay I guess. It's not that bad. I guess that there's more happening now. But it's not as bad as it sounds. One thing i can tell you, is that follow your heart, if you want to be an earth scientist, go for it. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. Well we're heading to Summer so the weather is getting warmer. But I certainly do wish you luck for the future. believe and make it happen! :)
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Morrissey Morrissey
I live in NZ and have done all my 47yrs. I love this country and will defend it to the end. Sure - we do have some problems but name me a country who doesnt!!! What I get really ticked off with is the people who leave NZ to make a better life for themselves in Aussy! They blame the country for their problems and not the fact that these people have got themselves into a rut - whether it be with debt or with their jobs. If you can make in Aussy - you can make it here too. You come back to NZ when your old enough and make your own mind up about it -dont let other people tell you what you should and shouldn't do.
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Keith Keith
its up to you. not your dad. if you want to move back to New Zealand then do it. especially if you want to be an earth scientist and is a big field in NZ. go for it. good luck! :]
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